Human DEFLECTS A LASER BEAM! Future CAN BE CHANGED (English Subtitles)

The release of the documentary film “Human breaks the laws of physics” has created an enormous interest and become one of the most in-demand films on our YouTube channel. The scientific and experimental PYRAMID apparatus, which allows conducting supernatural experiments, was demonstrated and successfully tested. The presentation was made by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. This is equipment of the next generation that has no analogues in the world and opens up enormous possibilities for studying the phenomena of consciousness and the Personality.  

Can a person deflect a laser beam with the power of attention? What were the predictions of famous clairvoyants of the past (Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, the Black Spider…) based on, and what devices were used by some of them? Who can change the future, and how can it be changed? In this video, Igor Mikhailovich Danilov shares other opportunities that working with this unique PYRAMID apparatus open.

Watch the programme: "Human breaks the laws of physics. Supernatural experiment "PYRAMID" (English Subtitles)

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