Programme Participants: Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Zhanna, Tatyana.

The answers to main questions asked by atheists, believers, priests, and people who aspire to find the path of true immortality. Black and White. What is true immortality and how to attain it during one's life without intermediaries? Peculiarities of consciousness' work, its tricks and filters on the spiritual path. Consciousness' branding in the system's incubator. How to become free from the shackles of the system and gain spiritual Love and true happiness.

The programme features the movie "Atlantis. The Elite in Search of Immortality". The TRUTH about the origin of the elite in contemporary society and their search for immortality. The elite are El's servants. The story of archaic highly developed civilization Atlantis, mentioned in the world's literary heritage of Sumeria, Babylon, and Hellas as well as in the myths of different peoples of the world. Highly developed technologies, fight for power, climatic weapons, nuclear war of the antiquity, megaliths, unique technologies of prolonging life beyond the limit of the species, immortality in the body for the chosen ones. Facts and evidence. How has the ideology of Atlantians' descendants affect the modern outlook of the humanity? The history of plot development of the world elite. SHARP AND RAPID CHANGE OF THE CLIMATE. The last threshold.

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