A conversation of the host - Tatiana with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov about God’s Love, how to attain and accumulate it. An experience of perception through feelings. What is Spiritual Grace? How to acquire it? Why do people lose it when falling into despair. How does consciousness start activating when a person approaches the Spiritual path? How to gain True life inside oneself? How, thanks to simple tools, to feel the reality of the Spiritual world and make a choice.

The programme "CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive."

The books by Anastasia Novykh give those primordial spiritual revelations and truths on the basis of which all the world religions were born and which have now been mostly lost in them. For that inner power, which is transmitted through her books, contributes to the spiritual awakening of a person, encourages him with the spirit of the Truth and inspires a person for the spiritual transformation of himself and the surrounding world. However, every reader can realize this for himself, if he opens his own spiritual depths within himself, having felt his true spiritual nature.

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