The popular initiative GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS ALLATRA unites kind-hearted business leaders who embrace it and build cooperation in their workforce on the basis of universal human values ​​- seven foundations of ALLATRA.


THE VALUE OF LIFE consists in SELF-FREEDOM. Only the appropriate SELF-MASTERING, the MERITAL-MORAL SELF-PERCEPTION, will lead people to the UNITY, CREATION and attainment of the SPIRITUAL WEALTH.

The Agreement "ALLATRA" is the foundation for the formation of a spiritually creative society by the workforce. This project opens up possibilities to communicate to the clearly thinking person in each collective the solution of every crisis situations. At the bottom of all crises - economic, political, social, climatic, ecological - lies the consuming format of the development of society, the lack of spiritual-moral orientations. Thanks to the activities of the participants and the partners of the Global Partnership Agreement "ALLATRA", the general public from the various countries shows great interest in this project.

Offer your CEO to get to know the project and, perhaps, you will save your colleagues and your company from the global crisis.


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