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The International Public Movement "ALLATRA" stands for the union of initiative and sincere people of goodwill from more than 140 countries of the world who strive to use their best qualities for the benefit of society.

The IPM "ALLATRA" connects people of different nationalities, different social status, different professions, outside of politics and religion.

Thanks to the initiative and selfless action of the active participants of the International Public Movement "ALLATRA", various creative projects and good ideas are realized all over the world. The goal is to promote conditions for people's creative potential and revive universal, human spiritual and moral values ​​everywhere, around the world.

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The program "Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitable dead to the eternally alive" awakens in people the spirit of research, the pursuit of deeper study of the PRIMORDIAL KNOWLEDGE. On this basis, as an initiative of the participants of the movement "ALLATRA", an international fundamental social research project "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" started. Read more...


ALLATRA TV is an international, freely accessible Internet TV, featuring up-to-date and interesting videos from various fields: psychology, science, good news, informative-analytical broadcasts, interviews with celebrities, benevolent humor, educational animated films, family programs and many more sincere and positive programs that promote humanity, goodness and unity in society. Read more...


The popular initiative GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS ALLATRA unites kind-hearted business leaders who embrace it and build cooperation in their workforce on the basis of universal human values ​​- seven foundations of ALLATRA. Read more...


During the presentation, the new-generation experimental apparat, that has no analogues in the world, was successfully tested. The scientific apparat "PYRAMID" offers far-reaching opportunities to explore the phenomena of consciousness and personality (as observers outside the body) and to generate the potential that evokes the supernatural abilities of man. Read more...

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