Restoration of Ka (aura)

“So, the primary determining factor for form of life and the life itself in any material structure is the energy frame, phantom, astral body, biofield, call it as you wish. Simply saying, it’s a ‘matrix’ of combination of certain energies. And depending on the state of this ‘energy matrix’ or Ka the physical state of this form of life depends directly. I hope it’s clear now.”

Nikolai Andreevich nodded together with seniour guys. Unlike them our young company exchanged puzzled looks caused by this information. Frankly saying, I also nodded. Though in fact I understood maybe only one third of what I had heard. It might have happened so because I was more concentrated with writing down of this dialogue than with its substance.

“Life, including our body as well, is a great work of infinite multitude of molecules which fundtion due to subtle energies,” Sensei went on telling. “As you know from chemistry lessons, for a molecule to start a reaction it always need energy, that is an inner impulse (ezoosmos) like a car needs energy to start moving,” Sensei pointed out towards the cards. “Even our light excitement is a result of interaction and certain splash of subtle energies and correspondingly the work of chemical elements of the body, that is molecules responsible for reaction of our body. The human is himself a generator of different kinds of energies and their corresponding fields. Distortions in energies will lead inevitably to distortions and chemical bugs of the physical body.

“Therefore the physical health of the human depends first of all on energy state of his body. The physical body plays protective role, it protects from mechanical damages, the so called rough contact. But the energy body, let’s say, protects from undesirable energy contact, intrusion and attacks of foreign energies. The same way as you take care of you body, for instance, you take shower, do morning exercices, different prophylaxis directed against diseases in order to maintain your body in healthy physical state, you should take care also of your energy body. Moreover, you should take care of it even more than of the physical body. Why? Because many diseases of the physical body are caused by fails in energy caused by the contacts with foreign energies.

“There exists a very effective meditation, known from the ancient times, which helps to maintain your physical and energy body in a healthy and harmonious state. This is the meditation for the restoration of your Ka and it is easy to practice for any person familiar with primary principles of meditation.”

“Primary principles? Do you mean a meditation of ’Lotus flower’?” asked Slava.

“’Lotus flower’, too,” Sensei nodded. “So, here it is. First, you sit into the lotus position. You get into the state of meditation as you usually do it: you calm down your thoughts, relax your legs, stomach, chest, hands, and head. You fully concentrate your attention on the performing of the meditation. And, now the meditation itself. You artificially evoke excitation in the depth of your pelvis, that is, in the lower branches of your vegetative system. Then you lift this wave of excitation through the internal part of coccyx, sacrum up to the spine, that is, to the lower parasympathetic ganglions and cauda equine of the spinal cord. Further on, the excitation goes up through sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the spine to the ancient structures of the cerebrum, which you’ve already heard about. While performing all this you imagine that this excitation goes like an electric current, from the positive charge to the negative. This so to say ‘electric’ wave activates ancient structures of the cerebrum, which, in its turn, causes the response of Ka. When stimulating ancient structures of the cerebrum, Ka becomes much easier to feel, that is, it becomes more tangible. So, further on, you spread this “electric” wave from your head all over your Ka shell. This shell usually encloses human’s body at a distance of 10 to 30 centimeters from the skin (some people might have it up to 50 centimeters). In such a way you keep on performing the meditation, that is, you keep sending new ‘electric waves’ from the lower branches of the vegetative system while increasing frequency and power of these ‘waves’, until your Ka shell becomes dense and uniform. It is important to achieve real physical feelings, so it will not be only your imagination or hallucination.

“If you do this meditation systematically, it will become for you a very effective aid in restoring your health and energy you have spent. You should do it at least twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. Also, it’s recommended to do it after visiting public places with high density of people, especially where material values dominate. These are markets, stores, public transport, places of mass events etc. Why? Because when a man is in the crowd, he constantly ’touches’ extraneous fields and others’ Ka. He does not only himself interferes private space of other people, the so called ‘Ka territory’, but he himself also becomes a subject to attack from other people, who don’t even realize it. Naturally, when such a contact happens and fields interact, especially in the places where material values are prior, it violates normal work of Ka and thus causes malfunction of the body. For example, a person goes to a market in a cheerful mood, but returns exhausted as if all his energy was ‘taken away’. Later he has headaches and breakdown. This is the result of interaction with others’ Ka. In order to restore body’s strength and normal work capacity individual’s Ka must be restored. This can be done either by natural self-regulation, that is, during night rest, or by more effective artificial way – during this meditation.”

“It’s quite interesting,” Nikolai Andreevich said. “May we try this meditation right now?”

“If you have such a desire, you are welcome!”

“Do we have have such a desire?” Eugene asked, surprised. “Sensei, it’s needless to ask such questions! I can’t wait to start it!”

Our entire group gladly supported the idea of Nikolai Andreevich. We sat into lotus position and started to do the meditation under Sensei’s guidance. At the beginning, I started to imagine how my imaginary wave lifts from the depth of pelvis up to the backbone. However, in reality, I felt nothing. But, because Sensei made an emphasis that the meditation must be clearly felt, I purposefully started to evoke a feeling of, as Sensei described, ‘some kind of light discharge of the ‘electric current’ inside the pelvis’. However, all my attempts were in vain again. At this time, Sensei said that those who don’t succeed should increase their concentration at that place. I did so and after few ineffective attempts I finally succeeded!

In the depth of my pelvis I felt a light tension. By the power of my will and muscles, I started to move this feeling of tension and excitement upwards. But, this small wave only somehow reached the coccyx and faded. I increased my concentration. Second time, I was creating the new wave of excitement more persistently. The results were much better, however, the feelings quickly vanished away. But, when I was trying the third time, I suddenly remembered, that during one of our previous spiritual lessons, we had been doing a meditation for the awakening of ‘Kuandalini snake’. So, the next wave I tried to lift with the same enthusiasm. And this wave moved up to the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’ so clearly that I physically, even with my skin, felt ‘shiver’ it left on its way. It was such a delightful feeling, as if some kind of Gate has opened! From the next wave, this ‘shiver’ spread all over my body, including legs and stomach. That is, the area of these physical feelings became larger. And, when this wave reached the head, I felt such a peaceful state of some kind of pleasure and drowse, that it caused me to relax even more and to plunge into a meditative state even deeper. And, at this moment, first time in my life, I suddenly felt my aura! And though I felt it only partly, anyway, I experienced the feeling of some kind of overall density and light pressure.

I continued to lift up the waves and spread them even more over my Ka. And, maybe because of the success I finally achieved, maybe because of such a pleasant, peaceful, and safe state, but I enjoyed evoking these waves and spreading them over my external Ka so much, that I did not have any desire to leave this state and finish the meditation. But, as it’s said, I had to. Nevertheless, even when I finished the meditation with all our group, this state of peace has not fully disappeared but rather changed into some feeling. It was so good, so great and so inspiring, that I, frankly, even lack words to describe it! Simply wonderful!

“That was cool!” Victor was first to share his impressions after this meditation.

“Aha!” Eugene echoed. “I feel as if my batteries were recharged!”

“Or rather as if they supplied us with big amount of electrical energy,” Nikolai Andreevich expressed his opinion. “It’s very interesting. I really feel as if I had a good rest…” And already addressing to Sensei he added, “I found it interesting that I immediately felt some gaps and nonhomogenicity of my field. And right after a few of such exercices with parasympathetic ganglion I noticed homogenicity and general excitation. As if my magnetic field intensified or how it is called… And what stroke me also was the fact that my consciousness began to fade out along with the general excitation. I felt so comfortable! It’s so stunning but I feel as if I became fifteen years younger!... Does this effect of brain work appear only in the state of meditation?”

“Of course,” Sensei answered. “Both psychics and energy function differently in meditation than in the normal state. Namely in this half-dozing state of meditation (note that it’s not a hypnosis, nor an auto-suggestion or any other state, I emphasize it again, it’s meditation) this effect of Ka manifestation appear, that means that ancient brain structures get excited with a certain energy through the inhibition of cerebral cortex (young structures of the brain). It’s the same as if you open a door to the control panel of your Ka with a key of the unknown origin…

“What is the main sense in it? The sleep is needed by a man in order to restore and balance namely his energy structure. Since our everyday life is a constant information, excitation, contacts to other people, animals etc. All of it effects in a certain way energy structures of a man. During the sleep when the body has a rest, they restore themselves, that is there happens something like a ‘recharge of accumulator’. That’s why the process of sleep is so important and it’s not recommended to decrease the time devoted to the nornal rest of the body.

“However, if during the sleep the body is ‘automatically’ recharged, this meditation leads to artificial, that is ‘manual’ recharge which can be regulated by the man himself. Moreover this ‘manula’ recharge is much more effective since it uses not reserve forces of the body but external sources.”

“External sources? What kind of sources are they?” Nikolai Andreevich asked.

“Hem,” Sensei smiled. “Those ones which are not known yet. Modern people use electicity without knowing for sure what it is in reality, so the same way these energies are used during thousands of years in meditations, without knowing what they are. And note it, it doesn’t hamper self-improvement…

“So, unlike automatical recharge from your own reserves, you have a possibility here to recharge manually from alternative external sources. Therefore this meditation enables quick and effective restoration of Ka, stabilization of a good and strong biofield. And that, in its turn, means strong health and good immunity… Since any pathogens like bacteria, viruses are also living organisms which have their polarity and function at certain frequency. But if you have a stong energy field, foreign energy will not penetrate through this powerful barrier. And there is nothing extraordinary. These are just laws of… let’s say it so, of the profound physics.

“Moreover, this meditation is very useful and effective when curing different diseases. In fact, it’s universal. To say it in terms of medicine, there almost no contra-indications to its use. Since it restores first of all the immunity and internal reserves of the organism as it influences its chemical structure through the energy. The main thing is the accurate concentration on meditation, materialization of feelings and regular practice. Everything is simple.”

“Does it help at posttraumatic diseases?” Nikolai Andreevich asked.

“Sure. It helps both at chronical and posttraumatic diseases. And it’s quite effective at infantile cerebral paralysis. It also helps well at hypertension, hypotonia, enables effective restoration of the body after strokes, infarctions, as vessels become to function normally. However the most important is that it restores well the immunity, relieves a stress and recreates. I would recommend it in particular not only for those who have some diseases but also for those who treat diseases, the physicians,” Sensei said addressing to Nikolai Andreevich, “That is to people who contact often patients. When a man is sick, his Ka is distorted. Unwillingly he distorts Ka of healthy man. That’s why the timely prophylaxis of Ka will be quite useful. As Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov used to say, ‘It’s easier to prevent a disease than to cure it’.”

extracts from the book by Anastasia Novykh «Sensei of Shambala», Book IV.

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