Practice «Love and Gratitude» from the book by Anastasia Novykh Sensei IV

“Sensei, throw me to this ocean of turbulent elements of my Animal nature a little straw to catch! As my Buyan isle was washed away together with a palace and a squirrel with golden nuts. I don’t care about the palace, but Sensei, help to save at least a squirrel!”

We couldn’t stop laughing hearing these sincere confession of the guy. Sensei uttered with a smile, “Well, I feel pity about the animal. Alright, let’s help it. We will throw it a straw, maybe it will become a Human with the time.” And having considered for a while, he uttered slowly, “You say, a staw… There is one.” And he added more seriously, “this meditation also belongs to the Lotus ones. It’s very helpful and effective in such cases. And the main thing, it’s easy for every “drowning” man in the ocean of the Animal nature. It’s like this. First, as usual, you concentrate on the solar plexus, show there a lotus flower and concentrate all your love on its growing, that is, you practice the meditation of Lotus flower. When you more or less calm down your thoughts and concentrate on positive side, you start imagining that your body consists of many little balls, or atoms, or cells, in general, as many as you have imagination. It’s very important to see the structure of your body, to visualize each cell. Having seen all this conglomeration of cells you take each ball or cell, as you wish, and visually write on it, as if writing carefully each letter, a very strong spiritual formula which consists of two simple words, “Love and Gratitude”. The language, you are writing these words on, does not matter, because that’s the essence which is important. This formula works the same way as the Grail. Since Love and Gratitude are the only two things that a human being is able to give God.

Thus during this meditation, you gradually fill billions of your cells with these inscriptions, and as a result your thoughts are concentrated on this powerful formula and improve both your physical and spiritual health. The cell, on which you leave such an inscription, will forever stay under the protection of this effective and strong formula, like under protection of a talisman or tamga. When you fill yourself with this formula, you don’t only cleanse yourself from the dirt of negative thoughts, but you also reveal the inner light coming from these cells. It’s as if you light up a lot of tiny light bulbs, and it becomes so bright inside of you that even shadows disappear… It’s important also that you concentrate during this meditation only on these words and switch off all the other, irrelevant thoughts.        

“Irrelevant?!” Ruslan said, either answering himself, or asking Sensei… though, Sensei was talking directly to Eugene.

“Of course. When we are just thinking about something, even then a few thoughts simultaneously teem in us, jumping from one subject to another. During the meditation this process is surely decelerated but we all are different. Sometimes, because of poor concentration, it happens that uncontrolled thoughts emerge in the background. So, while meditating, you can unwittingly switch to thinking about something else. But, exactly in this meditation it is extremely important to purposefully concentrate, without any needless thoughts.”

“Got it,” said Eugene contentedly. “So, I have simply to properly concentrate and imagine.”

Ruslan shrugged his shoulders, probably being not fully able to catch the essence of the meditation, “Hmmm… Is everything so simple? Use your imagination, that’s all?”

Sensei replied, “Though, at first glance, this meditation may seem too simple and kind of naïve, as Ruslan says “use your imagination, that’s all”, but… it is far from being simple… Because apart from the influence of this powerful formula, a person also involves the power of his thought. And, the power of the thought serves as a stimulus to realize the program defined by an individual. Results of this program are later reflected both in his physical and spiritual health. As the majority of people are constantly tuned to the wave of their animal nature, a large quantity of their both psychological and physical problems are, first of all, the results of their negative thoughts. This meditation is good not only for those people who want to establish an internal order, but also for those who already suffer from different illnesses. Because almost 80% of the illness depends on mind. The more a person thinks about the illness, the more he suffers from it.”

“That’s right,” agreed our psychotherapist. “Sometimes it happens that a person imagines his disease so well, that he can not get rid of it just because he routed in himself the thought that exactly in his case this illness is incurable. At this point, Sensei, I absolutely agree with you. For people who experience problems with their nerves, this meditation will be indeed much a better cure that all the modern pills altogether. Because drug therapy is incapable of curing human thought. Drug therapy is good only as an emergency for the body.” He made a short pause and continued, “Indeed, human brain still remains a quite mysterious substance and is far from being explored.” And, with a smile, he added. “It’s amazing that even in the very ancient times people, in certain questions, knew a little bit more then present-day mankind.”

“And you can not even imagine how significant, in reality, was this “a little bit”!” – Sensei specified. 

Extracts from the book by Anastasia Novykh «Sensei of Shambala», Book IV.

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