Exhibition of a painting "Agapit of Pechersk" by Anastasia Novykh

On January 16, 2011 in the city of Kiev, an exhibition was held (one day only) in the mansion of the famous patron of the XIX-XX centuries, a nobleman, State Councilor Semyon Mogilevtsev. A unique, mysterious, the only living picture in the world - picture by a writer and artist Anastasia Novykh "Agapit of Pechersk" was presented.

Агапит Печерский - картина Анастасии Новых

The portrait corresponds to the true appearance of Agapit of Pechersk, restored thanks to anthropological research of the relics of the Saint - plastic reconstruction of a person's appearance based on bone remains (according to M.M. Gerasimov's method), by a now famous researcher of ancient remains Sergey Nikitin (Moscow).

A landmark picture in a landmark place, in a landmark city! In one day, the exhibition was visited by more than 3000 people who came to Kiev specifically for this event. Many people experienced the extraordinary power emanating from the picture. The amazing phenomena of the face of Agapit itself were recorded with the help of photo and video equipment. This landmark exhibition caused so much interest and resonance in the society that many people from different cities and countries of the world had a tremendous desire to organize an international photo exhibition "Agapit of Pechersk. For unity and friendship!"

Today, in society it is becoming fashionable to be a spiritually-moral person, free from the imposed negative stereotypes of thinking. Obviously, people have missed kindness and unselfish help to others, missed real cultural holidays for the soul. Though a cultural revival of any country is the first step towards uniting people on the basis of universal human values.

The image of Agapit of Pechersk was able to awaken people's deep inner feelings in many parts of the globe. And hundreds of reviews from people from different countries and continents serve as proof of this. The unique, vivacious image of Agapit of Pechersk strengthens in person that which dominates in him. A person begins to change and this can not go unnoticed. Many people recognize something greater and start to change their lives.

Additional information can be found on the website dedicated to the exhibition: http://agapit.kiev.ua


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