Aphorisms and sayings of Sensei

From book Anastasia Novykh «Sensei of Shambala»:

  • Life is unpredictable, and anything might happen in it, even the most unbelievable, what you yourself cannot imagine.
  • A young body doesn’t exactly mean the age of the soul.
  • All great things are ridiculously simple, but it takes a lot of hard work to master them.
  • The human is a thinking creature.  His principal force of action lies in his thoughts.
  • The main thing is to have a great desire, and opportunities will come.
  • For every Vijai there is a Rajah.
  • Fear begotten by imagination sees danger even where there is no danger at all.
  • With healthy thoughts, there will be a sound mind, and with a sound mind there will be a sound body.
  • Any blow caused by you in rage will come back to you in the end.
  • The potential of a human is limited only by his imagination.
  • You should not wish ill for other people, even in your thoughts.  With the power of your thought, you are setting a trap for yourself, for your body and mind.  And the more you think about it, the stronger it keeps you, the tighter its loop becomes.
  • Become a friend to your enemy and forgive his deeds, for you are also imperfect.
  • Life is too short, and you should progress in glorifying your spiritual nature in your heart.
  • You should always improve yourself, for each minute of your life is precious.  You should use it as a divine gift for perfection of your soul.
  • If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.
  • There are no accidents.  An accident is only a natural consequence of our uncontrollable thoughts.
  • The quality of the instants lived is much more important than senseless years of existence.
  • Wisdom is a virtue of the soul and not of age.
  • Any action is first of all generated by our begotten thought.
  • The power of the word revives the power of thought, and the power of thought generates action.
  • The one who does good deeds with good intentions has no need to be sad about something missed, for he gets much more power for cognition of his soul than when being idle.
  • Science fiction is only an unrealized reality.
  • True, real faith arises from knowledge, and knowledge comes through a word, through persuasion of your mind in the validity of an occurring phenomenon.
  • It is necessary to respect another person’s aspiration to knowledge instead of immediately attacking him with bayonets of your own egocentrism.
  • To learn everything is impossible, but you should aspire to it.
  • The most valuable way is understanding God through your mind when true knowledge overcomes the animal nature and opens the gate of the subconsciousness with the help of the key of Love.
  • A fool will be given his due for understanding; for the clever one, it is silly not to understand.

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From book Anastasia Novykh «Sensei of Shambala. Book II»:

  • If you’re indulgent towards evil, you won’t notice how you become indifferent towards good. However, when punishing evil it is necessary to be able to stop at the proper time. Only this way you can avoid the danger, hiding within yourself. The vanquishing one does not pride himself, he does not violate, he does not exult. He vanquishes... himself in the first place. So, when punishing evil one should remember about good.
  • People often want to look with dignity not in the eyes of God, not before their own Conscience, but before other people. The entire reason of this evil hides in human desire. People value only what they want to see as valuable for themselves. And what they do not want to see as valuable for themselves, has no significance for them. Envy, hatred, embitterment grow not because of external stimulus, but they grow from the inner root of pride.
  • The whole world toils at causing as many desires for a human as possible to purchase something allegedly necessary for his becoming absolutely happy. The whole world trades in illusions. It’s weaved of lies, and its threads are bonded by envy. People themselves produce an illusion, feed it with impurity of their thoughts, and they live in this illusion, misapprehending it for the genuine reality.
  • Whatever power a human may have on the Earth, he will never be satisfied with it, because he will remain a slave of his own desires all the same. A true power is the power over one’s own self.
  • It is foolish to give a fish to a hungry man, for he would eat it up and get hungry again. To give him a fishing tackle and teach him to use, that is much wiser.
  • While there lives love in the soul, parting is impossible. The main thing is that you know you love that person. How can you lose him, if he is truly dear to your soul, if Memory and Love for him continue living within yourself...
  • Human is temporary. Death puts an end to old age and torments, setting free from the burden of existence. It’s a reward for loving souls. For, by and large, we don’t become different only because we die...
  • Every person doesn’t live in essence his real life. He picks an image he likes and plays a role, and usually even more than one at that. And he gets the feel of this role to such extent that he starts thinking it’s in truth his real life. Like any actor he stays unsatisfied with his role and dreams of a new one, where he would see himself more important. Whatever the person achieves, it seems to him that he hasn’t been performed his major role yet. He stays in his dreams all the time, amusing himself with these fairy-tales.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to quit dreaming and choose a role in this life worthy of the title of Human? To become the one you should be. So that when going to sleep, you would be peaceful that your conscience is pure. So that when dying, you would not be ashamed of your thoughts and deeds. So that even when standing before God, as Christians say, at Judgment of God, you would have something to say. So that your basket with good deeds would be full, and basket with bad ones would be empty. That’s what it is to be Human. For life’s too short. And it’s given to man in order for him to prove to God that he is worthy the title of Human...
  • Become yourself, your Essence. Life and death as one stream. The Essence moves within the stream. In its movement it acquires the eternal. No one can truly appreciate a storming stream, without entering its waters, for it is the future. No one can enter the same water twice, for it is the past. There is only the motion of the stream, for it is the present. Sooner or later any water reaches its source and becomes the source, returning to its primordial pureness.
  • Clothing are a merely a particle of the one process of creation and destruction. There is nothing as stupid as pleasing the whims of your clothing. Because it is the essence of your clothing that locks you up in the limits of its narrow space, estranging you from the world and plunging you into doubts and fears, engendered by that estrangement. It makes you continue living for the sake of its forms and external illusions, made for others by its appearance, embroiling yourself into greater concerns about it. Every form has its own rules. And the rules are merely a scope of contrasts.
  • Your clothing has limit. It gets worn out in time. Whereas you are free not to wear it. But having worn out one, you put on another. However, chasing the limitless without breaking the limit is ruinous.
  • There is no sense in chasing a lifeless dry bur, for it has no life in it. It is a lifeless thing, which has nothing to show itself with, but for its thorns. Lifeless defends lifeless. Lifeless will not become living because there is life, and living will not become lifeless because there is death. Both death and life depend on something, there is something that unites them.
  • Eulogizing those who see you just as prospective food is fatuous. You were fascinated with the flying height of the bird. You followed it thinking about your benefit. But the flying bird’s pursuits were quiet different. Though it flies high above the desert, it feeds on its victims. The bird that eats carrion doesn’t suffer from variations of its ‘dish’, for rot is its essence. You’ve deceived yourself. You’ve seen the reality, and your illusions disappeared. But your reality is an illusion too. The big bird was but a shadow before the essence of things. Things have a property to be born within the Formless and to return to the Base.
  • He who relies on the external can only conjecture. He who relies on the internal has credible knowledge. Body is decay. Its essence is dust. You could have acquired the Wisdom of eternity. Your single step was enough. But the fear your decay perishing was stronger. The decay ran away. You were left in anguish, for the Spirit always aspires to the eternity. The Wisdom of eternity cannot be perceived through power of decay, for it would turn it into nonsense. Running away from fear does not mean salvation. To kill the fear within is to obtain perfection. While perfection allows to make a step to the edge. For only at the edge can you perceive the source of Wisdom.
  • A phantom resembling Wisdom only seems to be Wisdom. Empty vanity is the beginning of discord. He, who wants to seem a Wiseman to boast before others, is rushing about alone, dreaming of fame. But his essence is emptiness in a shell of Ego. When knowledge comes from ignorance, there is no end for questions.
  • The sky and the Sun rule over changes. They are able to transform, so that every living thing follow its nature. The sky and the Sun multiply the full and destroy the empty. The desert rules motion in stillness. The desert is lifeless, but it can create mirages to deceive the living with its illusions. The desert destroys the full and fills the empty. Whereas grains of sand in its mass follow the moving of sands, therefore the elements determine its direction.
  • You’ve come to the place as given to you from birth. You were brought up among what was pleasing to your nature. You’ve reached maturity in what became your destiny. And you will leave for the place as given to you by death. Death is just a beginning of life. Life is just a successor of Death. Life’s coming cannot be rejected. Life’s leaving cannot be stopped.
  • A stranger’s trace isn’t similar to that of your own. Traces appear where they are left, but they aren’t those who leave them. Following another’s trace your were chasing external images, not knowing their inner essence. But everyone tracks such path for himself, that answers his authentic purposes. The desert covers all traces with its sands in time, lest a new Wayfarer should repeat mistakes of the previous one. That is why own experience is important. In order to become a Human one should track his own path.
  • Human foot takes up little space in the endless Desert. Nevertheless, it can step where nobody has ever trodden. By stepping where nobody has ever trodden, Human is able to go farther and obtain greater. Knowledge of his mind is not vast, but Human, entrusting to the Unknown, is able to reach the One, Who created him.
  • He can be perceived, but He cannot be passed on. He can be reached, but He cannot be apprehended. He can be Loved, but He cannot be embraced. He can be understood in the Beginning, but He cannot be cognized to the End. For He is the One, Who created everything. For He is the One, Creating with His Will.
  • Gold indeed is litter for soul and temptation for thoughts. It is filth, which many thirst for, but which in truth is a shadowy delusion. The true value for a monk is in sincere prayer for his soul. It is not satiety of a belly and health of a body that one needs to be concerned about. For whatever food you eat, sooner or later you will be hungry. And whatever health you’ve got, sooner or later your flesh will die. While the soul is eternal. And only it is worthy of a true concern.
  • It doesn't befit to disturb God with anything except for salvation of your own soul. Ask not for your body or for your health; it is not the belly of yours you should concern yourself with – all this is empty decay, insatiable in desires. For there is no petition more deserving, than a petition for salvation of your own soul.
  • There is nothing impossible for a wishful soul.
  • Brief are human days at the crossroads of times. For sorrowful are their deeds before the face of God. Every human instant is already on the scale. And there is no concern for souls more important than the craving for finding salvation.  It is not in the outside faith, but in the inner faith that the key to the Gate is. Only a sightless man, blinded with dust, can fail to see it.
  • Dare, human, verily I say, as you are not to avoid death, so you are not to avoid the Judgment of God.


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