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The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh.

Alive conversation - pages 96-107

IM: We have spoken about this more than once, that consciousness as a part of the system, it always imposes, it is active, it forces, it compels, it tempts. But the Spiritual World — it simply is. It is enough for a person to calm down, to move away from thoughts, and he realises that he can observe his thoughts. And the one who observes — this is precisely a Personality. And when he starts, as a Personality, from the position of this observer, to put the power of attention into the Spiritual World, meaning, into perception through feelings of that which is beyond the verge of this three-dimensionality, then he starts seeing even better how the thoughts try to control him, how they manipulate him.

Alive conversation - pages 85-96

A human as a Personality is initially without sin. T: Igor Mikhailovich, people often ask the following questions and get confused with the answers, for example, "What is “I”?", or "If my “I” is not connected with the body, then how can I hear?", or "How can I hear myself?", or "How can “I” observe the state of its own consciousness?" Or another question "How to discern inside oneself: where am I as a Personality and for the Personality as a Spirit - where is my consciousness?" In general, "How does consciousness work?", "What is the life of the Personality as a Spirit?" and many other questions. It is just that people have a lack of understanding of these questions.

Alive conversation - pages 73-85

T: Igor Mikhailovich, for many people, quite an important question is what does it mean "God created a human in His image and likeness"? IM: Interesting question. Many are concerned with what it means – in image and likeness. For a deeper understanding, I think it is better to touch a little bit upon, for example, the Bible, the Old Testament, the book of Genesis, its first chapter, where it talks about how after the separation of Light from Darkness, after the creation of the world, God decided to create a human.

Alive conversation - pages 62-73

IM: If you want to know what the system is thinking about, look closely what you are thinking about. Everything is simple. Zh: Just to be honest with yourself. IM: That is right. Here, it is said: “Artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence…” But what is our consciousness? Our consciousness is exactly that same artificial intelligence.

Alive conversation - pages 51-62

IM: Doubts, fears — all this always comes from the consciousness. After all, the consciousness does not perceive the spiritual. Why is it attracted to magic? This is what exceeds the limits of understanding of consciousness: ”right here it manifested itself, this way it happened” and so on. The real magic manifests itself in a completely different way, and it is practically unnoticeable to the consciousness. And the consciousness perceives it as natural processes. That is the real magic. But it is not worth paying attention to it. And fears and doubts — all this is from the mind, from consciousness, it must doubt. But you — do not live by it, live by the spiritual and that is it. When a person starts living by the spiritual, then literally all the fears, which are in the material world, disappear. Why? Because you perfectly comprehend that this is an illusion.  

Alive conversation - pages 40-51

That is a good question: ”What don’t people see?” People do not see everything. In real fact, if we consider a person as a Personality, as a viewer, who is present in the theatre of life, then the person does not see  the most important thing. People do not see that they are the Personality. And people do not see and do not understand that they can really become immortal. They do not see and do not understand the elementary — what they are here for, the simplest question — in what is the meaning of their existence.

Alive conversation - pages 28-40

A spiritual vision is just a vision of reality. However, right now, trying to explain that, I can easily confuse people. Because the consciousness (imagination, a hallucination of the consciousness), always draws in usual forms: in those which we can imagine for ourselves, which we see.

Alive conversation - pages 17-28

In general, in spiritual practices of different religions, special attention is paid to the topic of getting rid of illusory images. That is, in Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism as well as in more ancient religions, it was emphasized that there must be no images, meaning three-dimensional ones, especially in spiritual practices.

Alive conversation - pages 11-17

...Who opposes? Consciousness opposes. We have already discussed that consciousness is always opposing everything that is connected with the other world, meaning with the Divine World. Why? Because the way there is closed for the consciousness and this is scary for it, that's why such problems arise.

Alive conversation - pages 5-10

Nothing changes... at least in the methods by which the system influences people through their consciousness. What did the Prophets face? First of all, an incomprehension by people, demanding from them magic and all sorts of miracles in this world to confirm that they are Prophets.

Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive

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