Alive conversation - pages 62-73

The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the texT: presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

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T: Igor Mikhailovich, this Knowledge, which You revealed about the system, the Knowledge from the Observer outside the system — it is of great value. And in view of this, you realise how the system deflects away the attention of the human civilization to its labyrinths, moving humanity further and further away from the main purpose of the existence - from the spiritual development. There is a simple example from the mentioned primatology when people, believing that the most valuable qualities in them are mind and intellect, without examining the nature of the origin of their own thoughts, tried to teach a monkey to think. But it has not advanced further than the nature of primate, meaning, the primitive intelligence. And now the attempts are being made to teach a machine to think, meaning, to create such a self-educating artificial intelligence, such a mind, which would imitate mental processes of a human and would simulate intellectual behaviour, one might say, that would even surpass a human.

Some scientists pin high hopes on that time when it will be created. Whether it is good or bad - everything, of course, depends on what will dominate in the society: either a spiritual component of people or as now - algorithms of the system of the Animal mind in people’s heads.

IM: If you want to know what the system is thinking about, look closely what you are thinking about. Everything is simple.

Zh: Just to be honest with yourself.

IM: That is right. Here, it is said: “Artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence…” But what is our consciousness? Our consciousness is exactly that same artificial intelligence. That, for which our scientists strive —  it has been already created long ago.
Why is our intelligence artificial? Because this world has not exactly originated the way, as, for example, modern astrophysics tells us: that it originated from the point, a Big Bang occurred, matter was formed and suchlike. In actual fact, everything is far simpler and more complicated. It is more complicated for the understanding of modern science. But it is simpler because, in reality, everything is simpler.

T: Yes, modern astrophysics as well as, by the way, physics, are, as people say, in big ambush, I mean that they are more at the stage of questions than answers. And here are a lot of unsolved, so-called “great problems”: starting with the questions of the cosmology of the early Universe, of the Universe expansion, those same problems of entropy increment, irreversibility, and “time arrow” and ending with questions of different interpretation and incomprehension of many processes of quantum mechanics. Well, for example, till now there is still no answer to the notorious question: “Where will the electron fall?”
Well, and, of course, the list of “the great problems” of physics includes a question about the connection between physics and biology, the so-called reductionism problem, meaning, the reduction of the laws of biology to the combination of the laws of physics. Generally, in human consciousness, there is a desire to explain life and the germ of life on the basis of precise formulas of physics. And here it is interesting exactly which main questions are highlighted — these are the questions about the origin of life and the appearance of consciousness. And all this brings to the idea of the creation of ‘artificial intelligence’ and creation of ‘life in vitro’.

So, there are more than enough questions both in physics and astrophysics. But the answers to them are extremely stingy at this stage of the science advancement.

IM: That is absolutely right. If we touched on a question of astrophysics, then, I think, it is impossible not to say that the scientists, while studying the microwave background (which appeared, as they assume, after the Big Bang), already come to such conclusions and advance hypotheses that our Universe is holographic, that this world might be one big hologram. And that our three-dimensional vision, that which people call “the reality”, in actual fact — it is just an illusion. Why? Well, because all the thoughts, information, those pictures, which are thought to be perceived by the brain of our body, although, as a matter of fact, as we have already talked about, it is not the brain, it is our consciousness — it perceives all these thoughts in two-dimensionality. Meaning, all the pictures which are in our head,— they are two-dimensional. And only when the Personality pays attention to them or gives them the power of its attention (or as it was said before — it focuses on something), then they are perceived by consciousness as three-dimensional ones.

That is, if any person traces how the thoughts come to him, well, in reality, from the position of the Primary consciousness, then he will see that there are no thoughts as such in words or in something else. It is only when a dialogue is conducted, when, as we have already said, the actors are spinning in the head, then both words and disputes go on in our heads. But they are two-dimensional. It is enough to pay attention, to exert the power of one’s own attention — it is as if we hovered a cursor, let’s say, and printed out, meaning, we activated some picture, and at once it acquires a three-dimensionality in our heads.  

T: In all of this lies the main answer to the questions of those same neurobiologists and mathematicians, and physicists, actually, all those who study exactly these questions: ”How does the thought arise and work? Why is there no difference for the brain between reality and fantasy? Why do we live as if in a computer simulation and exactly in this perception of time and space?”
Here are the questions about two-dimensionality, about three-dimensionality…

Zh: ...And why in our everyday three-dimensional perception exactly that, let us say, “blindness to global changes”, which the system makes in a person, appears. After all, it, as a matter of fact, deceives him and redirects his same vital forces to its own additional food...

T: Meaning, in all this, there is also a basis for understanding why the thought is material.

IM: The question is in something else.This whole world is illusory; it is really illusory. When we perceive by our consciousness that which we see as solid, in real fact (we have already talked about it more than once), delving deeper, we see a huge distance between atoms, and atoms also consist of finer particles. And it all is not that hard. But when we touch it, for example, that same stone or the table — it is hard to us. Our consciousness perceives it as a hard, solid object. It is hard but in three-dimensionality. If we consider it from the position of the higher, seventh dimension (but only the Personality can do it, the consciousness already cannot do it, but we will also talk about that a bit more), then, it turns out that a table — it does not exist at all. Why? Because the Personality — it is the Spirit, it is not a body. But the consciousness — it is a part tied to the material body, and it can perceive matter only as matter. For the consciousness, even the idea of what ‘the Personality’ is, ‘the Personality as the Spirit’ or ‘a Human is actually the Spirit’ — it is not perceived by the consciousness. The consciousness cannot logically explain it. It can compare: here is a cup standing on a table, and the table — it is hard, this is ceramics, this is wood, here the consciousness has a comparison. But it cannot compare that which it does not know.

Because of this, there was a great deal of incomprehension among people what the Spiritual World is, hence there are many various interpretations and lots of distortions on this subject. For example, about the creation of that same human. If we take the Bible...To this day, the Bible is interpreted in different ways. Meaning, it turns out that, when proceeding from the canons of the Scripture, God has created a human twice. Well, and this is where it becomes confusing, we will talk about this also.

T: Yes, the first chapter of the book of Genesis gives surprises…

Zh: Yes, and what kind...

T: Igor Mikhailovich, but why is the system, as of today, starting to gradually reveal some secret pages of information about its microcosm in this three-dimensionality of it? And why do people come across a two-dimensional phenomenon, a three-dimensional one, and the like?

IM: In reality, it does not reveal anything. It has  been always known. If we look carefully at ancient religions —, we recalled Zoroastrianism today — these understandings about the nature of that same thought, about the typical programs of the system, about the true nature of a human appear even there. We have already talked about this topic at one time.

T: Yes, indeed, there are a lot of interesting moments in Zoroastrian texts about which You had told us earlier. For example, it indicates specifically there that Ahriman (meaning, Satan in Christianity) — it is "concentration on evil thought, uttering of evil words, committing some sort of evil deeds, the religion of witchcraft, engaging in heresy, the path of deception"...

Zh: ...And evil thoughts are called the "evil spirits", that's exactly Ahriman's helpers — the "devas".

IM: Yes, and the key here is precisely the focus of a person's attention on an evil thought, meaning, additional food of the system, a person's conscious choice toward the Animal nature.

T: There are also mentions that Ahriman attacks God’s creations like a troublesome fly. But in fact, the thoughts that are spinning in a person throughout the day, they are really like a swarm of flies; when you do not want to listen to them, yet they are buzzing persistently.
IM: Well, but of course, because it's a program like that same advertising on the Internet. But basically, where is the advertising itself copied from? From the patterns of consciousness. Everything is fractal…

T: ...It is interesting that Zoroastrianism also describes the attributes of the system, that enemy of a human that is hidden in the form of consciousness... Ahriman does not want people to recognise him, otherwise they simply won't follow him. And so he tries, in every possible way, to hide his true intentions from them, he feeds on human irritability, communicates with spiteful and vindictive people. And so, most often, he deceives people exactly with doubts and greed. He sends blindness, deafness and enmity down on them.

IM: Yes, spiritual blindness and deafness — this is what we see everywhere in modern civilization.

T: Here, his purpose is indicated clearly: that Ahriman's goal is to cause a quarrel between people and Ormuzd (meaning, the God of Good in Zoroastrianism) and to make them his friends. Basically, intrigues of the system of the Animal mind are enumerated.

Zh: ...There are some interesting moments there that indicate that at one time, this yet another religion had formed out of the remnants of the teaching about the Spiritual world.
T: That's absolutely right. And there are echoes of such knowledge there as the endless time that has existed from the beginning (called 'zurvan' in Zoroastrianism); knowledge about the existence of the Spiritual world, which was referred to as 'menog', meaning, that which in translation meant 'invisible' or, literally 'spiritual'; the knowledge that God dwells in the realm of 'infinite light', that He is All-Seeing, that He is All-Knowing. And also about the fact that God has created a human twice, about the spiritual searches, about after-death fate, about the Court on the Chinvat bridge, and a lot of other information. So Zoroastrianism — it is the first millennium BC. And this is already updated tracing paper of the ancient teachings because this religion was formed out of the more ancient teachings and religions of the Indo-Iranians and the Aryans.

Zh: Everything is there, only the keys of spiritual understanding have been lost. Consciousness has erased for people the most important thing with time, translations, well, and of course, interpretations from the mind.
T: Meaning, all this knowledge has existed since ancient times. Seek and you shall find.

IM: Absolutely right. There is a reality that is beyond the limits of matter, and there is a temporary world, filled with illusions. But here again arises the perception from the consciousness, when people perceive this world with the help of consciousness, they start to have such a discord, a non-perception, a lack of understanding that consciousness, for example, can be mortal, while a person is immortal, meaning, as a Personality. "Well, how is that if I'm the consciousness," if a person associates himself with the consciousness, then the "consciousness must be immortal." And from here, there are many such interpretations.

And this paradox, of course, drives many to such a religious dead-end when people themselves can not explain to themselves with the help of their consciousness. But this pushes them to different ways of searching for paths to the Spiritual World. They feel this need from inside, but they rely on a broken crutch — on the consciousness. They accumulate various instruments from different religions, from different sects, different interpretations, but, it turns out, they sit and wait like the Awaiter.

While they know and are inwardly striving for God, but their consciousness keeps them in place. And it tells them: "You already know everything, well, where are you to go, human? After all, you already know everything: you have already learned both the Bible and the Koran, and many and many other things, and Buddhism, and the Vedas, you have learned everything, even know Kabbalah by heart. Well, you are already an enlightened person, a spiritualized one, you can argue with any imam and convince him of your righteousness, where the comma should properly be." The whole trick is in this.
You know where it should be, you communicate with yourself on this subject and with others, only you have not gotten closer to God even by one millimetre. Why? Because an empty talk is going on.
T: Yes, it turns out that the system produces only knowledge theorists, and not practitioners.
IM: Why does such a paradoxical situation arise: people talk a lot about God and really strive for God, but they talk and then do not do it? Because the system is set up this way. Just now, we have touched on artificial intelligence, and there is such an illustrative example... Fellows have conducted an experiment. They took bots... Bots — it's artificial intelligence, it's something that communicates with people sometimes via the computer, and some people think that it's also people. They accumulate intellect and respond in a stereotypical manner to certain questions. So, they took two bots... (People can find this example on the Internet, can watch, it's quite interesting). Two bots that  have been communicating with people for many years, they have had a million conversations each. So, these bots smartened up, they became so clever and enlightened, almost like people. And when they were brought together for the sake of the experiment — what will the two bots talk about, so they talked a while as usual, as people who are not well acquainted, and then one bot suggested to the other bot: "So let's talk about God." And here is the key point. For many, this can slip by as obvious. But here is a small key  to understanding how the system works. And the system works this way, the consciousness of people works like this for everyone: "So, let's talk about God!"

Meaning, not: "Let us go, get closer to the Spiritual World, let us make an effort to cognize God." No, the system sets up the Personality so that it sits and listens to the artists talking about God in front of it. By the artists, I mean in our understanding - consciousness. Meaning, this scene of your conversation with yourself or with someone else... Although, what's the difference?!  Here, for a better understanding, I will clarify once again, it will not be extraneous: that the consciousness of each person — it is individual, but it is a part of the whole system, part of what many call the Absolute, the Supermind or the Higher Mind and the like. But this in no way, shape, or form pertains to the Spiritual World, to God.

So, it turns out that we, even while communicating with each other at the level of consciousness, it's the same as if the system plays chess with itself. This is where it comes from... We have already said that even when two people argue, they have not yet begun to argue, they have not yet met, but the outcome of their dispute has been long predetermined. It's the same as when you play chess with yourself, well, anyway, if you're for black, the black will win. Well, how can you checkmate yourself with white? It is the same here.
In this is the whole point, in this is the whole illusion, I would say, of deceit. It is concealed in the fact that a person would sit like the Awaiter* (the one who waits), and wait for God to come to him and say: "Okay, come with me to paradise. Because you are good. Look, you've read everything. You know everything, and you strive for Me internally, you have already earned it." That is what the system tells the person. But not just come, but "you will come back in the body"...

T: You will resurrect in the body…
IM: ...Yes, you will resurrect in the body there... and you will have a lot of material happiness and blessings, and everything good. After all, this is paradise, and in paradise, there must be everything.

T: Here the system discloses through the consciousness of people everything that it dreams of itself, about that same own immortality. It is from here that a person has such material desires from consciousness as dreams of resurrection in the body and about material paradise... By the way, people often ask what "paradise" is.

IM: There are different mentions of paradise in different religions. But paradise is an associative rendering. Why, once again, to the dictation of consciousness, some people in their time, while creating a religion, injected in all seriousness, and then, in all seriousness, the consciousness of other people clings to and believes, that after death, after a certain period of time, people will resurrect in bodies with their consciousness in some kind of material space. And there they will live forever...

T: With animals...

IM: Of course, with various animals, where there will be peace and quiet. But, and then again logic gets involved, if this is paradise — there should be no killing. Therefore, the lion will nibble on a carrot while sitting alongside a rabbit by the river and will enjoy the view of a pike and a carp swimming in an embrace. Well then, how are plants worse? Well, it is not allowed to eat a rabbit, that's murder. And it turns out that a carrot doesn’t want to live or what? Carrot is also a spiritualized particle. Somehow, that's not turning out right. No matter how you slice it, everything comes down to one eating the other. But what kind of a paradise is this if one eats the other? That's not right.

Why do even people who have served their entire lives in high positions in various religions, why do they doubt the existence of paradise? Because they made up such things from the consciousness for themselves that their own consciousness doesn't want to believe it. And why? Because they feel something different.

T: Yes, the world of God can only be felt by the deepest feelings. The deepest feelings go far beyond the boundaries of six dimensions. While the system is limited to only six dimensions.
IM: The world of God —  it is a different world. It is beyond the limits of any dimensions. It is boundless. And a dimension is a dimension because it can be measured.



The world of God —  it is a different world.
It is beyond the limits of any dimensions.


T: You have interestingly pointed out, Igor Mikhailovich, that we live in a spiritualized world... People very often confuse and mix two different in meaning concepts: spiritualized and soul-filled.

IM: Here is also a phenomenon. Let's take, for example, religious legends. When God was creating a human, He created both plants and animals, everything that is spiritualized. Something that is alive is meant by the word ‘spiritualized’. Everything that is alive — it lives due to the Spirit, not to the Soul.

And many confuse... People argue: "Does a dog have a Soul or not?" Well, the dog doesn't have a Soul and it can not have. The fact that it is a spiritualized creature, naturally, it could not live if it were not spiritualized. Even any little plant, any small microbe, it lives due to the fact that it is spiritualized.  

And now I would suggest that people conduct such a mental experiment, make their consciousnesses work a little for the Personality, for themselves. Just imagine, let's take... well, whatever you want. Let's take, for example, as in an anecdote, a fish or a flea: if there were fur on the fish, then there would be fleas on it. Let's take a flea, an elephant, and a human. And now we look — they are completely different. But if we break them down into particles and even go beyond the quanta, then we will see only the movement of energies, from which certain field structures or wave structures are formed, as we can call them, which already carry information. And already from them, the primary building blocks of the universe are formed, from which all sorts of quarks are formed, then more — atoms. From these atoms, molecules are formed, from which the body is assembled. And here the difference has already started.

Meaning, that's exactly the assembly of molecules, mind you, molecules (it's already god knows what kind of a connection), on the one hand, an elephant is already forming out of them, thanks to certain information; on the other hand — a flea, and then again — a human. But the human differs favourably from all of them. How? There is a Soul in him. And naturally, due to the fact that there is a Soul, there is a Personality — there is the fact that at one time, God created human as an immaterial being, meaning, without a body. Well, we will return to this, this is also an interesting point, but a little later.

So it turns out that neither a flea nor an elephant have a Soul, and they don't have a Personality. But they have certain, let's say, consciousnesses. Even with that same flea, it has certain survival skills. It has certain reflexes, how to exist. After all, it does not jump onto a tree and does not try to bite through it? No, it doesn't. It jumps onto a dog, on a person, or even on someone else and feeds on blood — this is its need. And where does the need come from? Again, from the consciousness.

Thank God, nowadays, many people already talk about it, that both fish and birds have quite a pronounced consciousness. They can use tools for survival and the like... That's really true, and a bird can use a stick to pick out a worm somewhere, in fact, it's already usage of a tool. Some fish also use certain tools to procure food or to create for themselves better conditions for the wintering, or something else. It's not just some kind of genetic memory that makes them move. It's a kind of consciousness; some have a bigger one, some — smaller. But animals have no Soul.

Drawing a parallel between living beings, we can conclude that the human body doesn’t differ, let's say, at the molecular level, from the body of that same flea or that same elephant. Meaning, the same elements, but in a different sequence, in a different quantity. But now we will go back along the chain: to atoms, from atoms to particles to quantum states, then we will go beyond the quantum limit, and we will get where the waves are, that which we call energies — the motion of waves according to certain information put in them, which are transformed into these or those particles.

And if we go a little bit further, then we will see the primary energy, what is called "spirit" in the religions. It's hard to express what it is, even in modern language. And before, it was even more difficult. Therefore, let's take it as a definition, let's assume, certain powers or, more simply, Allat — the powers coming from God, meaning, the primary state, that which arises. This is where it already begins to form.

And this power (Allat) — it gives life to the body of a human, the body of a flea, of the elephant, and of that same grass. And it turns out that everything that lives — it is spiritualized. But this does not mean the presence of a Soul. Why? Because the Soul — it is something different. I would compare it with, speaking in modern terms, the Soul — it is something like a portal, it's something that is directly and always connected with the Spiritual World. This is something through which the Personality can contact Boundlessness and Infinity. This is something thanks to which the Personality can really perceive the Spiritual World.

T: That is, based on all this, it turns out that the primordial nature of everything around, including a human being —  it is different, meaning, not how our consciousness habitually perceives it. And the consciousness imposes on us belief and perception of the world already in narrowed, limited even in three-dimensionality, frameworks, meaning, through tactile sensations, vision, hearing and so on.

IM: The system itself is interested in the Personality concentrating attention on three-dimensional objects. Meaning, it does not show a person in the consciousness that of which they consist in their essence… Even we were just now conducting a mental experiment, and we were forcing ourselves to think about it. But yet again, when looking at this same cup, when looking at each other, we do not see molecules. We have not been granted the ability to behold all this with earthly vision. And for us in three-dimensionality: here we have a shape, we have images, and we touch the table with our hands — it is hard, we touch the cup — it is hard. In this is the phenomenon of all this three-dimensionality, that, being in the system, it is extremely difficult to study the system.
Why do people often encounter, when they study the system while being in it — they  encounter troubles for themselves, to put it mildly? The system will never allow to study itself by using its very part (consciousness). And artificial intelligence, well, we had started with it, it will never be created in that way, which certain people dream about. Why? The system will not allow creating a clone of itself. It will control… Yes, it is possible to create a very smart artificial intelligence, which will know much and will pretend to be consciousness, like a person. It will be able to outplay one in chess, but this already exists today. It will be able to calculate, compute a lot… But it will never be spiritualized…

T: … Meaning, an alive, free and independent object, because it will be in the system and under the control of the system.

IM: Yes. Here one more question arises, of course, about the ninth day… But if we touch upon it, then we will have to go far beyond the quantum limit and to talk about things, which were closed to masses since the beginning of time. Well, I think it will be interesting for people. That is why, if you  wish, we can raise this question.

T: Great, that would be interesting. But first, I would like to sum things up: so, the system conceals that this world —  it is a world of illusion…

IM: A world of illusion and deception, created artificially by the system itself. This is what it conceals…

T: Igor Mikhailovich, and if a Personality is free…

IM: If a Personality is free in its perception of the Spiritual World, then no system can influence it. A true reality, —  it is one —  it is the Spiritual World. And everything else — it is temporarily existing. Everything that exists temporarily — it can not be real, meaning, it exists at a specific point, under specific conditions and only for a specific fragment of time, no more.

Why do I say a fragment and not a period? Because for us, time is passing. It has its beginning and its end. And we have a perception of time point. And if we look from the Spiritual World, then time — it is like a line and any fragment can be viewed.

Zh: Yes… from God’s reality… Perception through the deepest feelings — it is exactly this, which gives a completeness of perception of the True reality and it is exactly this that gives an understanding of why this whole temporary world exists.

IM: This whole world — it exists for a certain purpose, naturally, and its purpose is actually simple.

That which is told about chaos and whatever else, there is no chaos — everything is put in order. And first of all, it is put in order by the system itself. God does not interfere in this process, that’s for sure. Yes, the world is created by Him, but there is a system in it — it is that small antithesis, which is trying, let’s say it this way, to impose on people an opinion about itself, that it is god.

There is an interesting moment here. Let’s look at, say, those same atheists, who are saying “I do not believe in God.” But, naturally, it is their consciousness saying that. And the Personality is in such a disadvantageous, trapped position, that it can not even resist on its own behalf…

T: But, at the same time, they claim that “I believe in the Absolute, I believe in the Higher intelligence,” meaning, “I believe in the system,” “I believe in the devil” or “I serve the devil.” It would be simpler and more accurate to say “I am a slave of god, who is nothing else but the devil.” That is, they echo their consciousness, or, as people already say now, they “open their mouth only by the will of consciousness, only by the will of the system.” Yet again this game from the system in “I believe-I don’t believe.”

IM: Here we are touching on the issue of belief… Why do people say “Do you believe in God or don’t you?” After all, a person, who really cognizes God, but does not believe… Let’s dig a little deeper. If we look into the core of this question, the concept of ‘believe in God’ did not exist. There were “You know God,” “I know or I am cognizing God.” Meaning, people who know God are those whom we now call Saints, in such an understanding. They are in contact with the Spiritual World; they live by the Spiritual World. They are already immortal. Their body can be killed, but they can not be killed, they are unreachable for the very system because they are already Alive.

And a person who is “on the path to God” or is “cognizing God,” if we translate it into the modern language, then the one cognizing God — it is a person who strives for God, feels that He exists… After all, any person feels, even the most devout atheist, if he thinks about it, if he conducts a banal mental experiment on himself, then he will see that he has several consciousnesses, and there is one who is observing the consciousness, and there is one who is observing the one who is observing the consciousness. This is not a wordplay; this is the reality.

And it is precisely the one who is observing the observer — the consciousness — he is exactly the one who can feel that greatness of the Spiritual World, which emanates along that “silver thread” (we have once told about it when talking about the Soul). And the Soul —  this is already a part of the Spiritual World, meaning, a part of God.

T: You are now telling, Igor Mikhailovich, very important understandings. And, of course, this can be a wordplay only for those who have not studied the most important questions of that same modern scientific philosophy, people who have no idea about those problems, which are brought up in ontology, in gnoseology, in philosophical anthropology. And it turns out that during the whole programme now, you have, in fact, been answering the main question: “How is  the attainment of the Truth possible?” And it couldn't be clearer… But, in fact, the main goal of science, as well as, by the way, of religion, is exactly the cognition of the Truth of its first principle.

Everything is so simple… But human consciousness holds the attention of the Personality on constant doubts, it demands proof, but proof, once again, precisely within the limits of three-dimensionality, and it forces to be afraid of the future and to blindly believe with a lack of understanding even in those same religions…

IM: However… consciousness imposes something else… It does exactly say that “You should be believing, but not Knowing.” You are taught how to believe in God, but you are not taught how to cognize. Consciousness actively supports this. The paradox is that it very actively supports exactly all religions, all methods, all skills, which lead to belief, which make people go to some holy places or something else, to overcome, to fight, to strive, but all this — in three-dimensionality.

But if we look, if we just cast the three-dimensionality aside and look from the position of the seventh dimension, then we will see that a person does not move in the spiritual sense. It turns out that he is the Awaiter — sitting and waiting for someone to come to him. They will not come. God’s doors are always open, but people close them in front of themselves. And, as I have already said, God loves only those who love Him. And He knows only those whom He loves.

T: Yes…

IM: When a person is really developing spiritually and not standing still, then sooner or later an understanding comes to him that this world — it, let’s say, reflects as if in a mirror the Spiritual World, only with a change of signs and its essence. And the system fractally copies these mirror reflections from itself, like, let’s say, some play of shadows from a candle. Meaning, everything is exactly the opposite: here is fire and here is darkness. Sooner or later, understanding comes to a person that it is precisely in this play of shadows that the whole essence and deception of the system itself, all of its illusiveness is embedded.

But when a person understands deeper, when he starts to perceive through feelings and to see already with the spiritual sight, I mean, to perceive the Spiritual World and to see with the spiritual sight, then an understanding of the essence of all this illusory world comes to him, that these are only shadows from the mirrors of a septon, nothing more, all this material anxiety. That, which people call life, is nothing but emptiness.

If we look at a period of time… For many people, it is unclear, why emptiness? “After all, I do live, I exist. I have occupied a certain space. I am.” Yes, we exist, but only from our own perspective. And if we look from a perspective of at least one billion years, then has a person lived or not?

If we look from a perspective of at least one galaxy, has this person existed or not? Because a galaxy is huge, there are billions of planets in it. And an earthly person lives only on one deserted, very distant little planet, in a small space. Everything depends on which side you are observing from.

When a person liberates himself spiritually, he becomes an Angel. He is recognised by the whole Boundless Spiritual World. It is impossible not to notice him. And here lies the paradox (it is  a paradox only for matter): that a small, tiny, unnoticeable little person, who exists only for a short period of time, when gaining Life, when getting free from the slavery of that very system, he becomes  an Angel, who brings joy to the whole Spiritual World, endless number of the same ones. But he comes not as a slave; he comes as an equal. That is the point.

Slavery and evil exist only here because here exists that which is called death. Everything starts from here. And exactly here are unity and struggle of opposites, a desire for power, for greed, for everything else. And even the best person, the sweetest person, the kindest person who you know, if you get into his head — the same thoughts come to him as to you, and he wants the same as you do. Well, the only difference is that you want tea and he wants coffee. You dream about a Mercedes and he dreams about a Volga* (Russian car), or he does not need a Volga, he wants a zebra for himself, what difference does it make.

The point is not in things and not in their names. The point is that everyone seeks (I mean everyone who lives according to the dictation of one’s own consciousness or all the slaves of the devil), they seek one thing — to get settled better in this three-dimensional little world and dream about That World. Meaning, to sit and dream and believe that it will come. But no matter how much you believe, it will not come, unless you go to it yourself. If you want God’s Love — learn to Love, and you will receive it. For the one who Loves can not be rejected, because he already is.



If you want God’s Love —  learn  to Love.

For the one who Loves can not be rejected, because he already is.


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