Alive conversation - pages 51-62

The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the texT: presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

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T: Meaning, when a person becomes a participant of these illusory games of consciousness, then both doubts and fears will be present in himself…

IM: Doubts, fears — all this always comes from the consciousness. After all, the consciousness does not perceive the spiritual. Why is it attracted to magic? This is what exceeds the limits of understanding of consciousness: ”right here it manifested itself, this way it happened” and so on. The real magic manifests itself in a completely different way, and it is practically unnoticeable to the consciousness. And the consciousness perceives it as natural processes. That is the real magic. But it is not worth paying attention to it. And fears and doubts — all this is from the mind, from consciousness, it must doubt. But you — do not live by it, live by the spiritual and that is it. When a person starts living by the spiritual, then literally all the fears, which are in the material world, disappear. Why? Because you perfectly comprehend that this is an illusion.

After all, you do not worry… Let’s say, you got up in the morning if you had a dream...Let’s say a person had a dream...He wakes up in the morning and experiences worries about this dream until he gets distracted. He got distracted — the dream lost its value. Well, the same with the life here, all this existence — it is only a temporary illusion, which passes very quickly. We can talk a lot about this, but in reality, this is comprehended only when you start living.

T: The system advertises very actively among people this attractiveness of magic, of course, on the basis of its own interests. However, many people while being under the influence of their consciousness, treat it very carelessly.

Zh: They simply do not understand all the destructiveness of magic, its severe consequences to them. Because this is a direct way to a subpersonality. This is an additional food for the system. People simply do not understand that even the temptation itself to possess or desire it — is just a direct way to hell...

IM: You have correctly noted, even the desire to possess magic abilities — it is already far from the spiritual. Why? Because the desire to possess magic abilities — it is already a secret desire to wield power. And only the consciousness always strives to wield power. Well, let’s say, the system through the consciousness. And then it arranges everything in order to have power over other people, meaning, over their consciousnesses. And it does everything in order to gain this power more and more, that is why it craves…

The system always strives, especially for the spiritual mysteries. What for? In order to prolong at least its existence. It is not in order to gain eternal life, although it strives for it and craves it because it comprehends the transience of time. Because the system is very smart, it perceives itself as 'I’, that is why it opposes itself to God. But, notice  that many people ask the question: “Why does the system… after all, as a rational being, it understands that it is mortal, but why does it continue to impose itself and oppose God instead of going for a reconciliation or something else and preserving life?” Well, first of all, it is an antipode, the system can never come to a reconciliation because it is created for this. That’s first. And secondly, how do people act? You see, a person having acquired at least a little of some kind of skill or even some little bit of power, continues to position himself and tell… exalt himself above others.

Here, we know many people in the movement -- people who, let’s say, can not even do an autogenic training, but they run and tell other people that they are already 'Bodhisattvas' and suchlike. Why? Because it is important for them to have other people think about them like this, consider them in such a way. And so, the system acts absolutely in the same manner. It foists on the Personality the perception of itself as God. And it creates, it shows, it cures diseases, it can even break all the laws formed by itself, manifest various metaphysical phenomena. But what for? In order to seem in the eyes of even such a useless being as a human, compared to the system, to seem like God. After all, people act in exactly the same way. Here is precisely the fractal repetition of the small from the big.

T: It’s interesting how stereotypically the consciousness acts. Right now, you, Igor Mikhailovich, mentioned people who extol themselves above others, but at that do not work on themselves… And the consciousness immediately focuses your attention, defines concretely some people who you know in your city, in your country. But other people, for example, who live in other countries, do not know about these people. And like this, it draws for everyone his own illusion from own pridefulness and some local opposition, made up by his same consciousness at that. Meaning, for one person — this is Petya, for another one — this is Vang, and for the third one, it will be, for example, John. The consciousness slips in its ready-made answer from pridefulness to everyone, that is what Zhanna spoke about.

However, if you get out of the state of narrowed consciousness, then you already see the situation on a global scale, where there is no room for your pridefulness. And the situation consists in the fact that you understand how the system in general stereotypically acts throughout the centuries. In such a way, through the people’s 'I wants' from pridefulness, through desire for power, it takes root in the introduced Teachings, in what is the single whole from the Spiritual World. And the system divides all this, divides the single whole into many things and turns into streams controlled by itself, religions with its authorities, with its commas and all its same thirst for power. Just as you have said, that everything is fractally repeated.

Meaning, what is the difference what kind of people do it?! At this moment they just serve the whims of their consciousness, meaning, execute the system’s will. But where are you at this moment? Today the system has one guides, tomorrow — the others, those, who really crave power and call themselves, for example, saints (in any case, they very much want other people to consider them as such). But the essence, on a global scale, is not in specific people, but in the system, in the way it acts.

When you know about this, you already understand and pay attention to your own consciousness, to your own reactions. Are you in the external? In the conflict? In the separation? Does the consciousness draw just another enemy for you? Or do you feel the Truth, see the manifestations of the system on a global scale and do not give in to its provocations? Here you ask yourself a question, who are you serving right now? Where is your attention right now? Do you feel the Spiritual world in yourself? What are you cultivating in yourself now?                                            

Zh: So, when consciousness dominates in you, what is cultivated in you at this moment? It is exactly pridefulness, megalomania, and thirst for power that are cultivated. And it turns out that you just put the power of your attention into these games of consciousness.

T: And it makes everyone obsessed with his own game. One — with the fanaticism of some religion, another — with magic, the third (who basically denies both religion and magic) becomes obsessed with science, for example, and so on.

IM: Satan is cunning: if you don't want God and don't want magic — well, here's science for you. Is that not a distraction? The main thing is that you invest your attention into the material and temporary. And as long as you are exploited, Satan is alive. When he raises you as an egoist, with a sense of pridefulness and superiority, then the more pride is in you, the more you are a slave. Any way you slice it, but it is so. The more you extol yourself in your thoughts and consider yourself above everyone, the lower than everyone you become because you really become a slave who is manipulated and controlled by Satan. When you revile someone — you are a slave. Well, this is natural.

T: Yes. And so, people's consciousnesses constantly criticize each other for some kind of external choice, for one more external separation. And people spend so much energy and nerves, quarrel, try to prove something to someone for half of their lives. As a result, this time passes, and something changes in the external, that same body ages, opportunities are lost. People feel at this moment that in fact, it is again a deception, again a disappointment. And as a result, it is empty inside, and people are unhappy.

IM: Quite right.  

Zh: But in reality, it is simple — do not serve the system.
IM: In fact, human consciousness, no matter how we extol it, it is very primitive. Well, if we compare it to modern technologies, it's like the first Pentium. It is simply that it has a self-association with some sort of freedom or an 'I' self-identification. It was given a bit of freedom and the right to choose — and that's all, it starts to be aggressive. But, still, this is an imaginary right of choice. In reality, the consciousness does not choose anything; these are all common programs. The Personality chooses out of those programs that the consciousness slips to it. But it slips to the Personality, again, in a pattern, according to the list, you might say. Everything is so trite and simple, nothing new.

T: Indeed, the same thing from century to century. One and the same thoughts in the consciousness of a human that tempt him, that manipulate him. And there are so many examples in literature, especially in religious literature, when the same phenomena were simply called by different names. In that same Zoroastrianism, they were simply called 'devas', in Islam, these same phenomena were called 'djinns', and in that same Christianity — 'devils' or 'demons of passion, pridefulness, and desires'.

IM: 'Demons' — they were simply called before. Now we can speak another language — the language of IT-technologies. We can call it programs. Why? Again, consciousness is, after all, a field structure. This is closer to understanding, easier for a modern person.

It is a field structure, common programs which, getting into our consciousness, are printed out (are opened), as in a computer, and start working. So, we looked at them, let's say, focused our attention or put in the power of our attention. We performed an action, we activated this program, and it starts to work, that's all... But imagine, how it could be explained to people before: 'devas' — some invisible beings that come and tempt you. Well, again, these are just words. Time will pass, it will be called differently. The point is that nothing changes, the essence stays this: you do not lead this process, you are being led. And there is no difference — whether with the help of some kind of a virus program or with the help of some kind of a 'deva' who tempts you. The main thing is that you are seduced. And if you are seduced, then you are a slave.

Zh: But having the knowledge, it is possible to live differently.

IM: You have to live differently. In general, in order to Live, you need to act differently. The consciousness must obey. Nothing changes because of this. You see, again we come back to the fact that many people do not understand: "How is it that I will control the consciousness? How will I be able to drive a car? Should I not think? " No, the car gets driven and so on. Life simply becomes more beautiful and interesting, because life begins there, in the Spiritual World, while being still in the body, and consciousness becomes easily ruled over and controlled.

It's like a computer. Let's say, you have become smarter, but your computer is old. Protection programs are old. And still, all sorts of viruses, all sorts of programs that you do not want, get into it. But this is a computer, it is not necessary for you to print out (activate) what it shows, right? For example, some picture came out that tempts you. You know perfectly well: you print it out, and the computer will now freeze for a long time. Well, why do you need to open it? You have closed it, put it away, and have gone back to work. Everything is easy and simple.

T: This is also an interesting poinT: it turns out that Personality has this freedom of choice which the system, in fact, can not affect. But lately, an action of the system has been observed in what? In that it simply suggests that a person believe that he does not have this freedom of choice.

Zh: Well, yes, and we just voiced a clear illustration of scientific experiments and conclusions that consciousness makes a decision much earlier than a person announces it... And this statement of scientists is now very actively promoted in the media. Well, and what conclusions will the consciousness of the average man make? What kind of thoughts will arise in him in general when he is presented with such one-sided information from the system, when the essence is not explained?

T: Thought arose…

IM: That you are a slave and you have no way out. As a matter of fact, indeed, let's observe, when did this process begin? Very recently, it has been claimed that the Spiritual world does not exist and it is just a relic of the past, just a rudiment of consciousness from the past delusions.

T: The system really began to somehow intensively alienate people from the comprehension of the Spiritual world... What has it been talking about in people's consciousness in the recent centuries? It turns out that people have been arguing within the framework of the worldview of the system of the Animal mind: "Matter is primary, and consciousness is secondary or is it vice versa?"

IM: Matter always seeks to dominate and impose its primacy, especially over the Spiritual World. It suggests, or rather, puts in people's consciousness that matter forms everything in this world and the whole world consists exclusively of matter.

Zh: Yes, and it can be said that a textbook on philosophy in any institution of higher education begins exactly with this, that supposedly "matter forms the unity of the world"... with all this high-flown philosophy from the consciousness: materialism, idealism, and the like. But, having passed the course of studies, people, as a rule, still don't understand this whole philosophy because it's coming from the mind. It just tries to touch on spiritual matters. But why does it happen this way? Because an ordinary game of the system is going on. From the consciousness, the simple is complicated manifold, the significance of what is empty is inflated, and complexity of perception appears in people. Because those who wrote this philosophy to the dictation of the consciousness, simply do not have an understanding of the essence of the spiritual. That's why there are endless arguments 'about the main thing' instead of practicing, and that's precisely why the simple becomes complicated. But this is not because people are bad. This is just the way the system tries to instill in the human's understanding that matter is supposedly primary. Instead of a person evolving spiritually, he just endlessly discusses this with these lofty categories.

T: It becomes this game from the system: "What will you believe me in? In dialectical materialism or idealism?" For the next generations, it will invent something else.
IM: Well, but of course... that is its function, to invent everything new…

T: But in all this, it will compare itself with the Spiritual world. But it turns out that its modus operandi is very stereotypical and recognizable. For example, as here: in both cases, the system was promoting itself, simply appropriating the qualities of the Spiritual World for itself. That's what you had said, that the system always seeks to become God for a person.

And here is such a simple example, while the qualities of the Spiritual world are that He is eternal and infinite, in materialism, the system imposes the same thing about itself, it says the same thing about matter which is, in fact, both mortal and finite. And then the system claims that supposedly in the world "there is nothing except different states of matter" and that "it is matter that forms the unity of the whole picture of the world". But in actual fact, since time immemorial, people knew that God is one and that the source of everything is the Spiritual World.
Zh: Yes, as if the system promotes itself through this; it devours attention due to the fact that it twists the information from the Spiritual Source, meaning, it's like a mocker. But all these twists that come from the system, they are very much felt. And they are felt as being empty, because when you really have practice in spiritual development, then you feel definitively, you know where it is the real thing coming from the spiritual, and where it is just something empty from the system.

T: Yes. Or here is another example, that the one who is living by the Spiritual world, he understands, that the initial stage of cognition of the Spiritual world — it is perception through feelings, it is perception through the deepest feelings. The system very primitively alters it to itself; it ties more to physical sensations. Like, “after the perception through feelings, there will be some sort of a higher level for you” … from the system — just some level of 'abstract-logical thinking' instead of perception through the deepest feelings, which consciousness simply does not understand.

And the same thing happens when looking at the perception of the world from the system, but already through the prism of idealism, where exactly an active role of the consciousness is emphasized, and it is asserted that consciousness designs the world, just some mysticism of consciousness is put on, in fact, just magic.

IM: The system always has two extremes, like on the swings: either iron logic from pridefulness, or panic fear, mysticism from the lack of knowledge. This is normal…

T: Yes, and so the system tries to draw some parallels comparing itself to the Spirit. And yet again, what is the emphasis put on? On the consciousness, on logic. For example, it is saying that “human consciousness is developing by overcoming the bodily shell as a self-cognition of the absolute spirit.”  The key point here is that it is human consciousness, but not the Personality as a Spirit. The whole idealism is built, one might say, on a new version of reasoning for the contemporaries, but on the basis of consciousness of the philosophers of ancient Greeks, Romans, exactly those, whom you have mentioned at the beginning of the programme, who had been searching for magic and not for the spiritual path.

For the system, the highest spiritual is always magic, because it is limited in this understanding. And, of course, the way into spiritual cognition is closed to it. And here, as you have noted correctly, it is impossible to cognize in practice the Spiritual world through the consciousness, through the empty talk in the head. Because it is possible, of course, only through the deepest perception through feelings.

Zh: But when you know these spiritual keys, then you start to understand already what the trick from the system is hidden in. All of the confusion and complexity  — it is simply a sign of the work of consciousness, these are games of the system. And inherently there is no spiritual, real practical knowledge here.

IM: Because the spiritual path — it is always simple, and from the consciousness, it is always complex and empty talk...

Zh: … a principle of the work of the system, of the consciousness.

T: And already going back to science, it simply becomes clear where such directives are from — from the system. If you go into science, then you have to agree at the level of your consciousness’s worldview precisely with the political directive of the past centuries — with materialism — with the fact, that “consciousness is a function of the brain, a reflection of objective world”. Otherwise, already starting from the XIX century, it became so and it is this way now, that nobody will let you into science with a different worldview. Why has such a political directive appeared at all?

IM: First of all, such a policy has appeared because in XIX century people came very close to such a notion as 'ether’. Ether on its own gave infinite free energy, which could have provided people with needed energy in any amount absolutely free of charge. But this in no way was in the interest of powerful people of this world. Because on what to earn money and how to hold people? This is one side. And the other side is that the very proof of the existence of something non-material, which creates matter, which gives energy — it is very close to the Spiritual World. Such a parallel. This is what has caused tension among the powerful people of this world, and that is why they have imposed a ban on this topic at all.

It is natural that the world’s elite, of course, has quickly closed it all down and gave system-related political directives, which took the civilization into such a maze of materialism, that still it is hard to get out of there. And, of course, as a result, it affected science, people’s welfare, the spiritual development, well, and other factors.

Here, on the one hand, one could say, how can such events influence the spiritual development? It would seem, what does free energy have to do with the spiritual development? Because, in reality, nothing prevents a person from developing spiritually. But again, what do we come up against? We come up against the consciousness. And just imagine a simple example, when science develops to such an extent in the field of physics that it proves that there exists Something transcendental, which creates this world, which gives this energy to the world. And it turns out that the structure of our universe is completely different from what we were taught in school or universities. It is much more complex and behind it stands that which people call the Spiritual World. And consciousness can not contradict it because it is the truth. Would this affect the spiritual development? Of course, it would drastically affect it.

It would bring all the people closer to the understanding that the Spiritual World, the world of God, exists. And if this is so, then this already excludes any doubt in the consciousness, because the existence of the Spiritual World would have been proven by science. It’s natural that people would have started to live by the spiritual laws, by the other laws, they would have gained spiritual freedom. And then, no matter who would tell them anything, well, how can such a society be controlled, society which is striving for the Spiritual World? Could such people be pushed into a competition of enrichment, hoarding or something else? No, they couldn’t. And to develop hatred of some people towards others, to impose on them a thought about personal superiority over others when all are equal before God? This wouldn’t have worked out. Naturally, it is this which has caused a lot of questions and fears within the so-called elite. That is why we are still using hydrocarbons…That is why as of today those, who call themselves 'scientists’, are afraid to even say a word about this topic and they pretend like this does not exist. Such is the system.

T: That is, assertions and directives from the system come again. Now it is simply not surprising why in scientific circles the scientists-atheists, who have already seen a lot, are trying hard to speak about their material views. The only question is whether they are theirs? So zealously they hold the ground of that same materialism, defend the consciousness: that the consciousness existed, that it was formed due to evolutionary growth, and that everything is material, and everything occurs in the mind and so on. While others, who are younger, just repeat after them without understanding the actual reason of the appearance of such, let us say, so-called ‘scientific view’. Because the system acts on preventing in people’s consciousness and unfortunately does not lose its ground so far.

IM: That is absolutely right. Let us face the truth...The Knowledge started to disseminate a bit. And many people began to speak about something different. And here, as it is said, with a wave of a magic wand, one fine day, the thoughts began to come into the heads of people engaged in studying neurophysiology, psychology and such like: “And how does our consciousness work? And why does it happen?” And here, note that Satan always has everything in counterbalance. The Knowledge has come — a justification has come. But the justification has come in something different.

T: It comes to such a justification from the system with its substitutions in response to the spiritual surge and the Knowledge, which came to this world.

IM: Yes. It means, that a person who begins right now to use what we spoke about (the process of observation on oneself), he will see that thoughts come. But those who run ahead of us, those same 'devas’ or programmes which work, they have already explained to him that: ”There is no way out. Yes, the thoughts come before you have thought. Yes, you do not control them”. Some scientists have encountered this phenomenon, have started to study it, and they say: “No, we will not go further because it smells like metaphysics and something lying beyond the bounds on the whole. Well, this cannot be.” And they even refuse to study it further. But, nevertheless, they confirm thaT: “Yes, there is such a phenomenon, that, it turns out, a person is ruled. But you can not change anything, because, it turns out that you do not have any will, you execute someone’s will, which comes from without.”

T: The scientists simply begin to have a fear, one might say, a fear to study further, a fear of losing their consciousness. As if there is a lack of understanding that a person will not part with his consciousness till the end of his life. The only question is whether the consciousness controls you or you as the Personality become free from the power of consciousness.

Zh: Yes, it turns out, that the consciousness simply fails to mention that the freedom of the Personality — it is Life in Spirit. Because it is exactly Life in Spirit that is incomprehensible for the consciousness, but for the spiritually evolving Personality it is natural — Life in Spirit.

IM: Of course. Well, you see again how interestingly and symmetrically all that works, even runs a bit ahead. As soon as the Knowledge was introduced, everything just started to develop — and right away the activities in this direction began. But why wasn't it before? And why wasn't it talked about before? Although, all this was spoken about in the religions of the past. And the Prophets talked about this. It is interesting…

T: Yes, but did people hear them? To be even more precise, who in them heard and reacted? After all, the consciousness, it all is built on pridefulness, for it, everything is separated, very fractional, irreconcilable.

Zh: Yes. And, unfortunately, this is how the consciousness of the slaves of the system fragments the Knowledge — the spiritual Knowledge which has been introduced — and interprets them in its own way, how the people's consciousness starts to change this Knowledge?! Indeed, we can observe this now; this is happening literally before our eyes. And by what lever is the system controlling in the people's heads? By pridefulness. And the slaves of the system do not notice this because the veil of pridefulness and their own importance is in their eyes.

T: Yes. And now there is an understanding, why the system... why consciousness, when spiritual knowledge is introduced, simply begins to tighten its screws both in religion and in science. It turns out, in order to then push people against each other based on this. And here's a good example of this, let's take such a science as primatology, meaning, the science of studying monkeys. Because, if one reads the history of its formation, all these difficulties that it faced and, moreover, difficulties, most of which are related precisely to the psychological perception by society of these results of studying and researching the biology of monkeys, the biology of a human, and the comparison of these data, it simply becomes clear why it happened this way, why people were so afraid of any identification of themselves with the primates and hindered the development of this science. Well, and of course, exactly the religious aspect played not the last part here. And to this day, there are quarrels about this.

And all this is because in society, unfortunately, the keys to spiritual knowledge have already been lost and there is an incomprehension by people of themselves, an incomprehension of their dual nature. Well, so, with the example of primatology, we can clearly understand how the system created a big problem out of nothing with the help of interpretation from the consciousness, and set the people who study this science and people who study religion, well, simply at loggerheads.

IM: That's absolutely right. Very few people know about this because very few people take an interest in this. But, in actual fact, the development of that same child and the development of a monkey up to a certain period — it is absolutely identical. There are interesting studies on this subject.

T: Yes. This is really so. And indeed, this fact was recorded by scientists, although the reason for this remains unknown to them, well, at least, until the release of this programme. But then people from different religious organizations have already begun to be outraged by the scientists: "Wait, but how is that?! And what about faith? After all, it is said in the Bible that God created man in his image and likeness." And what can scientists answer if they are also just ordinary people who are studying matter by their consciousness? They can only operate with facts and hypotheses... And then, on top of it, scientists have discovered in a chimpanzee precisely the ability to communicate verbally. And this also brought down a flurry of criticism of these experiments as a consequence, so to speak, of another ‘religious trauma’. Well, basically, the scythe clashed on stone*.

It is a conflict of views, interests and temperaments of two individuals where neither one wants to give in to another one.

And aggression towards each other began because consciousness reigns in people's heads. Consciousness has so confused and embittered people against each other, caught them on pridefulness, on fear, on ignorance... and even on terminology.

Here, even the word ‘preemates’ (primates), which in Latin means ‘first rank’, ‘first’, by which the scientists named a group of the most highly organized animals in biology. It turns out that this term was used in the church hierarchy. And it is no accident that in 2006, one of the ancient grand titles of the Pope under the general title ‘Patriarch of the West’ was officially removed from the papal titulature. In deciphering this title, there are a number of titles, among them the title ‘Primatus Italiae’. And this title indicates that the bishop of Rome is ‘the first among equals’ among the Italian bishops.

Consciousness is just making fun of people. It narrows people's perception to the point of conflict. Well, in general, if we simply look what is happening around the world: here, the titles are removed, overseas — they argue and organize ‘monkey trials’ in opposition to the hypotheses, that is, to fabrications of the consciousness. And in India, they have even created the cult of Hanuman — god of monkeys, god of physical strength and magic, and they honor him as a teacher of the sciences. At that, it is one of the most popular gods in Hinduism, and there is a large number of temples dedicated to it as well as altars with its image.

IM: Well, so you see how consciousness works.

Zh: Yes, consciousness makes trouble. After all, it does not understand the spiritual and distorts its essence all the time.

T: That's right. People just lack understanding and reconciliation. Now, if they all knew the answer to the question of what it really means that God created man in image and likeness, what the dual nature of a human is, how the consciousness sets one up, and why a monkey lives in each of us... Now, if they knew the answers to these questions, then there would be no questions either for religion or for science, which only studies matter, and nothing more.
And as for primatology, it's true that one can not argue with facts from the biology of the animal world. They even, on the contrary, open one's eyes to how consciousness works, how the system works in a standard way. And in actual fact, as you, Igor Mikhailovich, had told us before that based on examples from zoology, from those same disciplines of it as primatology, ethology, by studying observations of the behavior of animals, including humans, one can understand these schemes, these primitive patterns of the system, the way it works.

Well, and of course, frankly speaking, when I first encountered examination of this issue myself, for me it was like a tub of cold water over my head. Because it turns out that a person thinks that he is a body, that he is thoughts, he is emotions. He is proud of it. But, when faced already with primatology, you understand that it is exactly the monkey nature in you that believes so.



The video presents an interesting selection of scientific materials on primatology, indicating the biological relationship of the monkey and human, and a striking similarity: from DNA molecules to behavior. General primate-like features, intelligence, biological and physiological similarity, ability to learn sign language. A unique video collection of the similarity of the behavior of monkeys and humans: pridefulness, aggression, irritation, fear, depression, property accumulation, greed, lies, secret activity, 'economic relationships'. An experiment with monkeys and money, an experiment about a sense of fairness, an experiment "This is how things are done here." Historical references in various times that the human body originated from an animal. The designation of the symbol of monkey in various ancient civilizations.

So what is the difference between a human and a monkey after all, if his biology, emotions, and intellect have such an amazing similarity?

IM: Until the eighth day, a person in no way differs from an animal. A chimpanzee also has quite a well-developed Primary consciousness. The analogy is very close. And the children of a monkey and a human somewhere up to three years of age, up to five years old, they develop practically the same way. But then, the person starts to break away sharply. Why does this happen? Precisely because on the eighth day after birth, a person, like a vessel, is filled with a human Soul, and the Soul — it creates the Personality.
T: The Soul and the Personality are precisely the spiritual components of a person. And why a human became a Human, and why he was created in the image and likeness — because a part from the Spiritual World was in him.

IM: The Personality is exactly what the Human is in reality. It is who you are.


T: Igor Mikhailovich, people write a lot of letters exactly on the subject of how to control the consciousness in the daily life?

IM: So when a person poses the question: "How can I control my consciousness during the day?" — this question comes from the consciousness. That is, it can perform for you... So, the actors on stage will subordinate each other, act, and tell you that everything is fine.
When a person gets a little bit of a certain degree of freedom from consciousness, he realises that the Personality does not need power over consciousness. Understanding comes that this is something else. This is your computer. And when you leave, you will not take it with you, because it's old, big, and inconvenient. You do not need it.
T: For the Personality, it's important precisely to get out from under its influence, from under its power, but not rule over it. Right?

IM: Absolutely right. The first victory is to get out from under its control and to correctly distribute what we call the attention. Well, and in this case, the attention works like a lump of sugar in a circus or some other yummy treat when a bear rides a bicycle. Why does the bear ride a bicycle? He wants to eat. The same with consciousness, it starts to work for the Personality when the Personality needs because it wants to eat. And for it, the lump of sugar is our attention.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, another question is that...

IM: And there is also an interesting thing. It is clear that, no matter how our sound engineers clean our recording later, a lot of noise will remain. Have you noticed this, yes? No matter how many times we recorded these programmes, as soon as we touch on such obvious secrets of the system, nature immediately begins to rage: everything gets noisy, everything crashes. It's not enough that the light was turned off, there is also all this noise: from dogs to everything else. How interesting...

T: It's interesting that the consciousness really, one might say, resists and doesn’t allow to study itself ...

IM: Being inside the system, it's impossible to study the system. You must go beyond its limits; then you can study it.



Freedom of the Personality is Life in Spirit.


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