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The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the text: presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

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IM: Nothing changes... at least in the methods by which the system influences people through their consciousness. What did the Prophets face? First of all, an incomprehension by people, demanding from them magic and all sorts of miracles in this world to confirm that they are Prophets. Distrust, discontent, ridicule, all kinds of insults, up to an open confrontation, is what the Prophets had to endure not only from those in power but also from ordinary people. Consciousness does not differentiate by who is in power and who is not. It tunes everyone into one wavelength of the Animal Mind, first of all, to the consumer wavelength. And when the Prophet comes, then for the system this is a real threat and, therefore, it begins to resist in every possible way through all of its slaves. And slaves are not only the powerful people. There are many good people among those in power, too. But, unfortunately, among the so-called "ordinary people", there are a lot of slaves of the system.

In fact, all of this reveals the face of the system of the Animal mind, the way it works. The system of the Animal mind does not know and does not understand what the Spiritual World is, this is in the first place, that is why it opposes in every possible way. And for it, the Prophets are a threat to its total power over the Personality of a human. That is why it acts through the consciousness of people, through the pride imposed upon their Personality by such methods, making them aggressive and causing fear in them. And fear leads to direct confrontation.

Here again, fear... It would be interesting to note why a person is afraid of a Prophet or a Spiritual Being? After all, he is not in any danger. These are peace-loving beings. When faced with a Prophet or an Enlightened one (some spiritual person), people experience a genuine fear and anxiety while near these beings because consciousness is experiencing it, because this threatens the system. And consciousness activates its influence on the Personality precisely in the negative vein; it tries to drive them into a stall this way. Through consciousness, through pride, aggression and fear, precisely by the hands of the people themselves as its slaves, it tries to counteract any spiritual manifestations. First of all, to counteract what gives people real freedom from the shackles of the system.

T: Indeed, when you read the story of the life of the Prophets, you understand that absolutely nothing changes in these issues of the system's counteraction to spiritual outbreaks in the material world.

IM: Absolutely right. Take, for example, the prophet Muhammad. In his work, he encountered such manifestations many times, which the system activated through the minds of people around him, sometimes the closest people to him. This was reflected in various aggressive manifestations, discontent. A simple example. The powerful ones that ruled Mecca, what did they demand of him? First of all, they demanded of him a direct proof that he was a Prophet, such as "move the mountain, turn the rivers back". Everything as always: manifest the God's will here, in the three-dimensionality, "change or do something, prove to us that you are a Prophet." This is natural - that people require miracles of the Prophets ...

T: ... because this is the consciousness that rules over people and requires magic and endless miracles for itself.

IM: Yes, no matter how many miracles you show people, they will still doubt. They will question any miracle that the Prophet shows. This is really so. Because the demand for miracles comes, speaking the language of Islam, from Iblis, from the shaitan, that is, from the devil.

T: ... because it is pride and arrogance that caused the fall of Iblis.

IM: Yes, in the Qur'an, in the fifteenth sura, such a moment is described when Allah the Almighty told Iblis that you have power only over the misguided ones who follow you. All of them, in the future life, are doomed to hellish tormenting punishment with hot flaming fire. Again, what does it mean – a hot flaming fire that befalls a person after death? In modern terms, this is a state of subpersonality.

T: That is, even today in the holy scriptures, despite their numerous translations, grains of knowledge still remain... Very good words...

IM: But they are good only for those who understand their essence. Here again, I will digress a little ... How does a person interpret all of this? With consciousness, he perceives it as a fairy tale, no more and no less. Only one who has gained experience understands that this is not a fairy tale, but the truth. This is the problem.

T: As the saying goes: "No one is a prophet in his own land."

IM: Jesus did say to them: "A prophet is not without honour except in his own country... and in his own house". This is really so, this is a simple understanding. There was a man or a group of people who knew you. You grew up together. And then a revelation comes to you or descends upon you, and you become a Prophet. And what is a Prophet? A Prophet is the herald of God, he is the one who communicates the Truth sent from God. But people knew you, they grew up next to you. What will affect them in the first place? Will they listen to what you say? They will not. They will look at you and think: "How is that? He or she grew up with me, and now he speaks about God. "Is it not so? Envy. And what will engender it in them? Hatred. The hatred that will be engendered in them, above all, by their pride. Because it was not upon them that the revelation descended, but upon you. Therefore, there is no prophet in his own land. I would say like this: There is no prophet in this world for those who live by this world.

T: And, how did the system react to the appearance of Jesus Christ in the world? The same thing — aggression, starting with condemnation of the ruling priesthood and ending with persecution, their hatred of everything sacred. And what did the people ask of Jesus, having such a unique opportunity to ask for the Eternal? Magic again...

IM: Yes, something similar happened to Jesus. People asked Him for those same material benefits for themselves, health in the first place. And in general, it must be said that not only to Jesus... It is an established opinion that if a person is spiritually enlightened, then he must be perfectly healthy, happy, and rich in this three-dimensionality, and so on. And the concept of happiness, unfortunately, in the human understanding, this is not unity with the Spiritual World and not a real Life in real Freedom from three-dimensionality. The understanding of happiness for people is health, wealth, and power. First and foremost — power, a secret power. It's not just that you were chosen as a leader or something, but a secret power where you can secretly dictate to these leaders, and they fulfil "your will". But is it yours? That is the question.

T: Health, wealth, power, that is, all the attributes of consciousness in this three-dimensionality — that's all perishable and frail, all that is mortal and temporary.

IM: Yes, it turns out that all the material attributes of the system are imposed on people's consciousness. Why do many people seek to know the so-called quote unquote "spiritual knowledge"? In fact, they seek to learn magic, to possess some kind of hidden Divine power that will allow them to have power over other people... in three-dimensionality. But this directly contradicts the Spiritual World. In the Spiritual World, the concept of power does not exist. It is precisely freedom from all these three-dimensional problems there. Why? Because there is no evil there, no grief there, no envy. Happiness and freedom are there. It's hard for people to understand this, being enslaved by consciousness, because for a person who lives by the laws of this three-dimensional world, for him a real freedom is when he can do what he wants. For him, the real power is when he can secretly influence someone. That is, magic, that's ordinary magic. When people are afraid of him, when he is respected, when he is rich, independent. And he does not give a hoot that it lasts a very short period of time. Why? Because consciousness tells him: "But, you've achieved everything." Or, most often, the consciousness says: "You will study, you will learn this secret knowledge, magic, and you will own it." But, as a rule, it does not give this knowledge to people, it only promises it to them. Although the system gives many of its adepts both the earthly power and wealth, even health to some... But it takes more later.

T: In those days, as, by the way, now, wealth was and remains a source of pride in the world of people. And, apparently, that is why people in the grip of consciousness did not understand why the Prophet lives and does not ask for any earthly benefits from God for himself.

IM: This misunderstanding even more caused and still causes aggression and alienation in people, why do not prophets ask God, first of all, for any earthly benefits for themselves? And this raises doubts in their minds: "If you are a Prophet, if you have, speaking in the earthly language, a connection with God and can ask Him for anything you want, then why don’t you ask, first of all, for yourself? How can you give to someone if you do not take for yourself?" There is just an incomprehension by people because the Prophet does not give anything to anyone. He brings just Knowledge. People themselves take what they want. If they want to serve God - they serve God. They serve God for the sake of finding more and that which does not end. And when they begin, while praying to God, to ask, but to ask for earthly things, they do not pray to God, they pray to Satan. After all, you can not ask Eternity for something temporary. You can not ask Life for death, there is no such thing.

And any earthly request, material request, no matter how expensive it seems to people... I would like to examine this point… In ordinary human life, people have attachments. There are relatives, family, people who are near and dear to them. Well, and simply life. Especially when someone close becomes sick, people want to help, they start praying, asking God to give health to relatives, loved ones, dear to them people. They promise that they will pray to God and so forth. That means, there goes on negotiation with God. The negotiation about what? About health. After all, they do not ask God for immortality, for the salvation of the soul, as they say in religious language, for their relatives and friends. They ask for health. And health is an integral part of material benefits. Whom do they ask? Consciousness. And who tells them this? Consciousness. And to whom are they turning in such prayers? To the system. To the one who rules over this material world. To the one he belongs to.

After all, in almost all religions, one way or another, it is said that there is a Prince of this world. That is, here, in this three-dimensional world, there is its own  Prince who rules this world. And it is he who gives those material goods to people when they deserve it, that same health, but in exchange, he takes the Life. People do not understand this. Because many, once again, directed by consciousness, believe that: "Better to have thirty years of beautiful life than some kind of Eternity: maybe it exists, maybe not? Better to live here. And then whatever will be, will be."

People simply do not understand that thirty years, or a hundred years, is just an instant. A person will never get enough of life. And there is never enough health. It all passes. Everything is really simple and everything has been given.  You want to be healthy - take care of yourself, look after your health. You want to be rich - learn, work, and you will be, of course, you will. And this does not contradict any laws. If you want power, go into politics, gain this power. If you want, you will achieve. The question is in something else: you can not use magic to acquire some kind of earthly goods. Why? What is magic? Magic is, first of all, the expenditure of life forces, those forces that are given to you for the achievement of spiritual sacraments. And you use them in your desire and direct towards acquiring something tangible. Whatever material boon you acquire, it is still temporary. In this, there occurs a substitution. Well, what can you do, the system is strong. Nothing changes. As people have been people, so they remain. Rather, not people, but their consciousness. Since the system is one and the same. It seems that people are different, consciousnesses are different, but the system is one and the same. Let us take, speaking in modern terms, all kinds of gadgets: phones, tablets, laptops. They are different, but they have almost the same programs and when they go online, they go to the same Internet and get the same information. Well, it’s something like that... with the consciousnesses, with the system. But it is very important here that the operator understands which programs may be activated, and which ones are not needed, and that he will pay for it.

T: So many Prophets have come and, essentially, they all talked about the same Knowledge, about the path to the Spiritual World, what to overcome in ourselves, about duality, about the system, that the Prince of this world acts through the consciousness of the people themselves.

IM: And, in the first place, they talked about the need to learn not to trust your consciousness, not to think about this, do not hold on to pictures and the like. The Prophets really talked about this a lot. But what is the human's trouble? It is that, in reality, human consciousness does not need Prophets and does not need Knowledge. Or, if we generalize, then people do not need Prophets, they need djinns that fulfil their wishes. But here it would be more correct to say: not people, but human consciousness.
What is a human being? A human being is, first of all, a Personality, that is, one who is not controlled by consciousness, but one who controls his consciousness. And if a person is not able to control his emotions, his consciousness, he is within Satan's power. And, naturally, in that case, this person, first of all, collects stones. For what? To meet the Prophet with stones...

T: ...with stones of doubt, pride, the system's envy... That's what the Prophets faced... even from close ones, from brothers... a template phrase from consciousness to any splash from the Spiritual, "no matter how much you prove it to me, I still will not believe you."

IM: And who spoke with this brother's lips? It was exactly Satan speaking, that is, consciousness: "No matter how much you prove it to me, I will not accept it". Why? Because consciousness hates the world of God. And here lies the first, the very first reason why the human consciousness rejects all the Divine? Because the human consciousness is mortal. It's like your old computer, it's not eternal, eventually, you'll change it.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, it means, while the Prophet was living, the Knowledge that he brought to the world, essentially, was alive, not distorted, one can say, thanks to his... well... authority...

IM: No. It just was not distorted that quickly but it was distorted during his life. Again, if we take Muhammad, we talked about this, well, and anyone can familiarize themselves: during his lifetime, distortion of what he said had begun, and several people had already appeared who began to distort Islam during the life of Muhammad himself. And if we take Jesus, what kind of substitutions and changes took place in his lifetime? But the Prophets could tell people the Truth, they were here, in this world, and could at least defend it all a little. And why go far, why look at the great Prophets? Let's just take the book "AllatRa" and see what is happening now.

After all, how many people have emerged now, who interpret it from the mind simply in their own way. And what do they interpret this for? For their own benefit, to find what? Power over their own kind. They form some kind of closed groups. They say that they are some sort of authority in the ALLATRA movement or something else, they are the leaders of ALLATRA and all kinds of things. And people believe them, a person read the book, understood something, wants to learn more, and here an authority presents itself to him just in time, who sometimes did not even read this book "AllatRa", and the game begins. So, this is in modern life, when a person can take it, read, study, and start working. After all, this is what is written about, and is told. This is absolutely not difficult. One just wants to talk to the person.

And again, how many times people were told, how much was said that if you are looking for a spiritual path, then seek the spiritual path. And what do people need? Health, a solution to their problems, and to find out what will happen tomorrow. Well, nothing has changed.   

T: And what should people do to ensure that the same does not happen with "AllatRa" as what happened to Knowledge in those days?

IM: Well, this is the human choice: what they will choose will happen. Those who aspire to Life, nothing will stop them. And those who seek to serve the system, well, can you save the dead from death?

Zh: Now we see not only bad examples but also many good ones: both in the movement and among those people who are waking up. There are many more of them. And this brings more joy, that people hear, that people feel...

IM: And here is the key - it brings more joy. This brings joy. That's what it is for.

T: That means, they multiply inside themselves spiritual joy, by work on themselves, by their actions, their deeds.

IM: Right, they defend the positions of the Spiritual World in the material world, thereby they bring joy. And joy is like a light in the dark. And the more such lights turn on, the more darkness recedes, the more joy there is. You see how simple it all is.

Zh: It’s simple, very simple.

T: Like light and darkness... Because, through the darkness of consciousness, a denial of all that is Holy occurs, first and foremost, a denial of all that is Holy in yourself as a Personality. Well, and what can beget the dead? The dead is exactly what begets the dead.

IM: And the Living is exactly what begets the Living. It begets this inner spiritual Love. And this is very important.

Zh: It is very important... It is very important to find in yourself this Source, because it generates the boundlessness of the inner Life. It reveals the inexhaustible Source of happiness, of joy. It is infinite and boundless. And it gives Life to those who accept it at the deepest feeling. It gives Life to those who have already made their choice and live it every day.

IM: In the Bible, there is... in the Gospel of John, there is one time when Jesus asked a woman for a drink of earthly water. And he said to her that everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again, but one who drinks water that I will give him will never be thirsty, because the water that I will give him will become the source of water in him, flowing into life eternal.

These are profound words, they can only be understood with an open heart, as they say in religion. And if you approach it with the help of consciousness, then it is completely impossible to understand. Again we are reducing all this to what? To the fairy tale.
So can you trust the Prophet? With the help of consciousness – no, with the Spirit – yes. Personality does not need a confirmation, it knows who the Prophet is, because it feels this and reaches out. But consciousness gets in the way of the Personality that reaches out for the Prophet. Why? Again, because of pride and power. And it begins to tell the Personality: "Do not believe, chase away, take a stone and throw it at him, because he is the same as you, he is made of flesh and you are made of flesh. But the Spirit can not be seen. If he were a Prophet, he would give you everything you want, then you would have believed. And if he does not give it to you, but only tells you about what you do not know, then how can you believe him?" And the consciousness is always convincingly persuading the Personality that this is not so. "And what you feel," it says, "is a mistake, this is your hope. God is the one who gives you everything you ask for. He is like a parent." And really, try to argue against that. "When you ask your parents for water, will they give you, well, let's say, instead of water... a burning-hot lead? Of course not, these are parents. They love you. When you ask for food, will they give you stones? Of course not, these are parents, they will give you bread or what you ask for, so that you satiate your flesh. The same with God, you ask him for money - he will give it to you, because he loves you, if it’s a real God." This is how consciousness reasons.  

But the truth is that for the Spiritual World, the time of being here, the earthly and human one – it is the time of nonexistence, where a person chooses: to Live or to die, to be seduced or to become free. And everything carnal that comes from Iblis or the devil, as they say, or from the consciousness, it might be said from the Global mind (for atheists, to make them happy), all the emanating material desires that are dictated by the consciousness, they are temporary and do not bring anything forth. Even the desire to know God coming from the consciousness is always perverted, and it always makes a secret out of it. And they say: "Well, how can you reach God, meaning the Spiritual World? No matter how much you think about it, He will not come. And if you want to learn and come to know something - go, learn, and do. You want to build a house, study how it is built, go ahead and build. You can build a house. And can you, man, build the Spiritual World for yourself? You can not. Why? Because you do not know it. Since you don’t know it, it doesn’t exist." That's how the Personality falls into bondage and into slavery by common persuasions and, well, by seemingly logical explanations coming from its own consciousness. And here you should stop and think. But, if you are your own master, then why are you letting such thoughts go to your Personality? Why do you waste the power given to you by the Spirit for Life and Salvation on listening to fairy tales? Why do you long for evil and why do you perpetuate evil in this world? If you want to Live, then why are you striving for death? This is worth thinking about.











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