Alive conversation - pages 40-51

The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the text: presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

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T: Igor Mikhailovich, what don’t people see? What is happening to them on a global scale?

IM: That is a good question: ”What don’t people see?” People do not see everything. In real fact, if we consider a person as a Personality, as a viewer, who is present in the theatre of life, then the person does not see  the most important thing. People do not see that they are the Personality. And people do not see and do not understand that they can really become immortal. They do not see and do not understand the elementary — what they are here for, the simplest question — in what is the meaning of their existence.
What do they put their trust in? In something usual: what they have got accustomed to since childhood, what they have been taught. However, what have they been taught? To be smart, to listen to consciousness, to be crafty, to live, to survive. To live and to survive where? Here is the right directive: to survive. But again, to live — it is right. And to live well is right, too. But to live where? Eternal life is substituted for temporary existence. And what is happening to a person? He is like a blind man. And what his consciousness shows him...That is right; it shows him: “Here is a tree”. A person came up, touched it — a tree. “Here is a stone”. A person came up, touched it, yes, it is a stone. He can lift it; it is heavy. And the consciousness says: ”Can you really argue about this? And the science confirms it. And you are talking about some spiritual matters.”

But who confirms? And through what is it confirmed? Through consciousness. And what is consciousness? And to a person, it exactly seems that the consciousness — it is he. But is he? And here is the greatest mystery and the greatest weakness of the one who is called the devil or the system. The weakness is in this.

Many people claim that the power of Satan lies precisely in the fact that he was able to prove that he does not exist. However, every person, who has embarked on the Spiritual path, who has started to cognize all the complexities of this path, all of its simplicity and beauty, then the first thing he sees is that his consciousness — it is not his and it does not serve him. And the consciousness — that is the dictator, that is a part of the system which manipulates him and makes out of him as a free Personality, a slave. That is the point.

However, in order for a person to see it, he should, first of all, thirst for inner freedom. Not want, not desire, but thirst for. It must be a need for him. And only when a person feels this need, then he can overcome this path. But if he “wants” and “desires”, then all the “I want and I desire” still come through the consciousness. When he passes all his experience of “the spiritual path” (we will call it, so in quotation marks) through his consciousness, will he be able to get anywhere?

You have also floundered in this. So, how was it? Is it possible to achieve anything through the consciousness? Nothing. Because it will do everything so that you do not advance. Why? Because, again, the laws of matter are: “rule and dominate”, “possess, at least temporarily, but possess, it is much better than not to possess anything, here in the material world.

Zh: Yes, and if the consciousness loses its power over the Personality, then it will simply not be able to survive. And here is such a moment, it is very important to understand it, that even after a person becomes spiritually free within his lifetime, the consciousness still remains with him in the complex set with the body. But at the same time, when you really gain this inner freedom, when you really feel the Spiritual world and live by it every day, it becomes an integral part of your life. And, of course, it becomes very easy to control your consciousness. It is clear that the consciousness still continues its aggression towards you as a Personality, is still trying by such patterns to impose its programs. However, the Personality, it already understands this, what the Truth lies in. And that is the point. It should be mentioned that the consciousness attacks much less because this process becomes disadvantageous, unprofitable for the consciousness.
And when the body lives out its earthly days, then a free Personality which has already attained a spiritual liberation within the lifetime of a body, it just goes to its Own Home, it returns to the Spiritual world. And the consciousness stops its existence forever. And that is exactly why, when a Personality aspires, when it feels these inner urges, when it really responds to the inner call, to the Love of the soul , to the feelings coming from the Soul, that is exactly why, when you become spiritually free, the consciousness knows about it, and it is very much afraid of physical death of the body because this process for it as the physical body - it is just death.

IM: In the literal sense, yes. This part of the system, which is called person’s consciousness, it stops its existence in reality after the death of the body of the spiritually liberated person. But it also loses power over a person, when a person spiritually liberates himself within his lifetime, meaning he becomes free -  the meaning of freedom lies in this. He is free! That means, he controls his consciousness.
Any person can say: ”I control my consciousness. This is my consciousness. I do whatever I want.” We have spoken about this a lot. Here, sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything it shows and tells you. And then read and look: was it you who wanted this? Did you order these thoughts? Did you order these desires? And why is all this happening?

T: That is a very good practical advice when the consciousness tries to burden you with three-dimensionality, it very much helps to get out of the state of narrowing of  attention and realise who you are. I am writing for myself as you said, as you advised: everything as it is, just for myself, without exaggerations, without any statements from logic. Otherwise, as you noted correctly before, when you know that someone will read this, then consciousness actively starts to embellish the text so that no one will think anything bad about you, more specifically, about your consciousness. That is, there is no honesty as when you write it just for yourself, as it is said, for the experiment purity.

And when I am honestly writing down like this everything that is spinning in my thoughts, and then I read it all to myself, then it’s clearly visible that consciousness is foisting on you some kind of delirium of a sick animal: a manual of deceit, lie, and slander of your consciousness. A fragmented advertisement of the egoism of the consciousness mixed with some obsessive emotional worries, an underestimation of your significance, one and the same fragments from the past intermixed with bits of everyday information. Well, it is just some kind of a mess. And in all this, the plots are changed, but the essence is the same... Basically, delirium which is stereotypically repeated  day after day. Just a monkey show. And modern psychology -- it is far from solving these problems…

IM: Yes, you can try to prove from the psychology, neurophysiology, and other sciences’ perspective why it is happening exactly this way, why the consciousness produced that... its patterns. And all of the psychology is built on patterns of consciousness, well, that's to make it clear. They learn these patterns and learn the techniques of manipulation with the help of other patterns over those patterns. So, once again that same stick, only with the other end.



From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive.



Zh: In everyday life in three-dimensionality, the Personality always hears its consciousness. The Personality does not hear its consciousness only when it is completely enslaved by the consciousness. And then, for you, the consciousness is supposedly who you are.

T: Yes, it means, a person being already in the state that you are describing now, he is unshakably sure that he is what is called consciousness.

IM: That is exactly right.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, here is also such an interesting moment that, in fact, the system can not influence the freedom of choice of a person. But what does it do? It (IM: it distracts) is trying to make you believe that…

IM: It distracts. And what is an instillation?  Instillation is an imposition. Imposition of an image, a picture. This is the urge of desire. This is again a play on what? On selfishness, first of all. This is an individualization of an individual, let's say, of an already existing one. That is: "It's you! You are singled out. You are like,well, how is that... And everything must spin for you; it should spin around you”. Well, let it spin. And for how long? And time runs so fast that you look, and it’s already over, it has stopped spinning. What about tomorrow? But you do not have tomorrow. The point is in this. But it is well understood from a position when you have not only tomorrow, but you have an Eternity ahead, then every day is understandable for you, that this is nothing.

And for a mortal human who lives by consciousness... (Again, I emphasize, the mortal one. Why mortal? Because he is indeed mortal). For him, every day is life. Consciousness clings to each day, and it tries to make it more hectic,eventful. But here some will say: "How come hectic and eventful if I didn’t do anything?" It is precisely in idleness, in whining, in apathy – that is exactly a wild manifestation of the consciousness.

Here a person, as it is said, has a decline of strength, he is not in the mood, or he is depressed. What is depression when you get down to it? Can a depression exist at all? No, it can not. And what is depression? It is a part of selfishness or one of the forms of manipulation by the person himself. Consciousness simply dictates to him, and at this time, he has extremely negative emotional feelings.

T: A position of victim …

IM: A position of victim ... Where does the person invest his attention? Constantly into his resentment. Into his whining. What will happen to this person? It's like from a cow that is poorly fed but constantly milked from morning till night; every drop is squeezed out: the body had not had time to generate milk, but it has already been squeezed out. Well, these are precisely those depressive states or, on the contrary, extremely cheerful ones - it's just manipulation. But is there something true behind this? No. Emptiness. Meaning, if you look at the essence, it is empty.

And what is a real happiness, a real life here from the position of again spiritual life when a person comes into contact with the Truth? This ... Again, can there be such an understanding as a depression? It is ridiculous. Can there be even a bad mood? It is ridiculous. Yes, the body can look tired, sad, but what is happening to a person inside?

Zh: Yes, there you live by the Spirit. Well, the body is tired, but the Spirit gives rise to joy inside.
IM: Why the Holy Spirit? Because it's fun with him, Holy, Holiday. Holiday Spirit, that's how you can  call it because it's always a Holiday. What could be better? Nothing. Is there anything that can replace at least one instant there with anything earthly? Nothing. Therefore, when a person actually in reality came into contact with that world, he no longer does foolish things. He is already trying, even if sideways, even if through the consciousness, but he is climbing towards this. When he came in contact not with some reflection, let's say, with shadows from that state, although it's also wonderful, but when, I mean, already in reality... then it's impossible to replace with anything at all.

Zh: Yes, even a practical example, when you are very tired physically, maybe you didn’t get a lot of sleep and spent a whole day engaged in some kind of physical exertion (IM: But this is a problem of the body...), and at some point, you realise that it doesn't distract you in any way from what is inside. You, on the contrary, seem to intensify these feelings...

T: You're glad that the body is busy, that the brain is busy and does not interfere with the Personality (IM: to Live) in the Spiritual World.

Zh: You use even sickness for the benefit of your spiritual state. But, let's suppose, the body is concerned about its health. But you understand that you are not a body…

IM: The body is concerned about health, rest, but you aren’t concerned about this.

T: Yes, a rest from pride and a commemorative photograph for your selfishness - it does not bother you anymore because it's all an illusion of yesterday.  

IM: When the Personality perceives what it has to perceive - the Spiritual World, it becomes free of these illusions. It is clear that it grows, it explores the world. But, in any case, it begins to see the world as it is. And three-dimensionality is not the most interesting dimensionality for cognition, let's just say, I mean for the spiritual Personality. Because it is precisely the power of attention that is already shifted in the ratio of 70% to 30% for that which does not concern the material world.



The video narrates how the system uses the media to increase the influence of consciousness on the Personality. Manipulation, deception, hidden psychological tactics of control and manipulation, the power of words, phrases and promises, the seduction of opponents and making a profit, the psychology of the crowd, the magic of sales, the marvel of manipulating the interlocutor without his knowledge, the psychological strategy of unintended impulse buy — it is this and much more that turns a human into a slave of consciousness and awakens everything vile in him.

But can it be different? It can. Information that encourages a human to work on himself, to study the system. It gives an understanding of how the Personality differs from the consciousness, how to become free of the slavery of consciousness and gain freedom, how to Live by the Spirit. It narrates about the experience and practice from the spiritual history of mankind. The best examples of Spiritual Love, the opinion of people from around the world about the need to live by the deepest feelings, the importance of Life by the Spiritual world. All this information creates conditions for the Human to become free and happy.The choice is up to a Human!


IM: What has the modern science come to? Those who are interested can find all this information themselves (now there is a free access to many studies) and make sure on their own that people who begin to study how consciousness works and what it is, they come to the understanding that it is not a person who controls consciousness but the consciousness is, in fact, something alien that manipulates and controls him.

Zh: Moreover, it also draws an illusion specifically for a particular Personality. (IM: Of course, for sure). That means, a person sees only 10%, and the remaining 90% as science claims today... that the brain perceives 10%...

IM: Consciousness, not a brain. (Zh: Yes, consciousness...) The brain perceives what consciousness gives to it, and again, to the extent of its functionality, no more. And the consciousness — yes, it is the main manipulator. Most of the information just passes by the Personality. It does not reach the Personality at all.

Zh: This is so ... By the way, another important point from the practical experience of the consciousness cognition:  consciousness presents information to the Personality already as a ready-made answer, meaning, absolutely not supported by the facts. And it always tries to insert; it tries to palm off some kind of a ready-made conclusion onto the Personality. But the consciousness is afraid of facts and of practice.

IM: Yes, that's right. Again, let’s take the artist on the stage. What do we see? The fact that he acts on the stage and plays some kind of role. But the whole life of the artist remains off-stage... Well, everything is fractally repeated in this material world... An interesting example, but we will not mention the surnames. One fellow played the role of King Solomon in the theatre. He played his role so convincingly that many people admired his acting and perceived the actor as wise as King Solomon himself. And in life — a banal alcoholic. Here is the justice.

T: The king ...

IM: So much for the king. But people subconsciously perceived him almost as Solomon himself.

T: Yes, consciousness trips up a person when he lives by material standards. And it just plays with him like a cat with a mouse. The result of this game, in fact, is already known. And everything, of course, is based on the human pride...

IM: What is also rather interesting and convincing is that the consciousness is just playing with us... Many people study the brain and try to find consciousness in it. But the brain is already a consequence, not the cause. And here is a simple example. When a person sees some kind of action in reality, then, if to examine his brain at the same time on the MRI equipment, certain neurons are stimulated in him. And if a person simply imagines some action, then the same neurons are stimulated. That means, consciousness does not distinguish one illusion from another. This is also an important point. Why? Because what happens in the human consciousness is a reality for the Personality.

Zh: This is a very sad point here because if the Personality is not spiritually free, then only one reality exists for it, which the Primary consciousness shows to it.

IM: Absolutely right... For example, a dream. We have already talked about this, that during a dream, a person feels himself as in reality. He feels both the hardness of hard material and the softness of the soft one, and he feels water as water, and fire as fire. However, this is an illusion.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is another interesting point, but this is already closer to freedom of choice, that since the 1970s, experiments have been actively conducted in order to study whether a person has freedom of choice or not. And recently, the position is actively promoted that the brain makes a decision before the person carries out certain actions or is aware of this decision.

IM: But this is really so. A person's consciousness makes a decision much earlier than it presents the result to a Personality, and, accordingly, a Personality can realise this. That means, it happens that in a dispute... for example, you and I started to argue about something, the result is already known to our consciousnesses, but we still continue to argue. They have already decided long ago who will win. And how can it be otherwise, if your consciousness, my consciousness, and the consciousnesses of all who will hear us if they want — it is a part of one single whole. It's like playing chess with yourself: no matter how wise you are, no matter how you try to deceive yourself, you will still win, but you will also lose.

T: Yes, checkmate... You might say, "The perfect mate"...

IM: The paradox lies in the fact that the outcome of this dispute is known in advance. Known not to both who dispute. They are just pawns in the game of the system. They both emit emotions, they both worry, invest the power of their attention into certain words, and are caught by certain emotions. But in the end, the system has already predicted the outcome of this dispute.

T: Yes, and the outcome of such a game is obvious and irreversible if your attention is in the game.

IM: Yes. The person indeed has a freedom of choice. But this choice is not carried out in the consciousness, and it’s definitely not in the brain. People just fail to comprehend that a person is, first and foremost, a Personality. A Personality is an immaterial structure. And the power of attention which is precisely what the Personality invests as an immaterial structure, is in the Spirit, and not in matter. In order to become absolutely free and live happily, truly happy, and really gain freedom, one just needs to invest this power of attention precisely into developing the perception through feelings, and to direct it towards spiritual development. But not to invest it in unnecessary thoughts, into those illusory pictures that consciousness foists on you. And certainly not into any unnecessary emotions, imposed by the consciousness. It is simply necessary to save and invest reasonably like funds. Then you will find that boundless that you are striving for but only when you really, truly strive for it.



From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive.


Zh: Recently, scientists have started to make loud statements by publishing in mass media their assumptions about the fact that a person is presumably not only devoid of his choice, but that he is also devoid of a will. This is happening for a reason…

IM: In reality, a person can not have a will. A person can be a conductor of a will. As long as he is divided, he is not a single whole. And a part can not have the power of the whole. That’s the point. And a will is a manifestation of the whole.

What is the point? A person can conduct either the will from the system (from the devil) or the will from the Spiritual World. But he, as a Personality, can choose what to accept. He does have the freedom of choice. But consciousness sometimes simply bewilders. A simple example. You are walking quietly, thinking about something spiritual or saying a prayer, and all of a sudden, a dog barks at you from behind. What reaction will you have? Won’t you invest attention in it? Of course, you will, definitely. This is an exaggeration; I’m just explaining.

T: Even now it turns out that consciousness of some viewers can cling to the dog and say that “you see, you do not have a freedom of choice”. Though we are talking here about banal three-dimensionality.

IM: Unwittingly, you will be putting the power of your attention into the preservation of your body. It’s the law of preservation of life. And consciousness must react to the fact that the dog had barked at you. It’s normal, and it’s natural. The question is where have you been?
If at this moment, you, as a Personality, are in a state of perceiving the Spiritual World through feelings, then anyway your consciousness will react, anyway you will pay attention. But it will not bring you, as a Personality, out and back under the control of your consciousness.
It’s not like in a computer game, no, not at all. Not the way they draw a matrix or something else. It’s like an observation from the inside at the external. Or from the side at the external. Why? Because you will see it all as a whole. You will react normally, but it will not be able to take you out of that state and force you back into the slavery of consciousness if you really live by the Spiritual World.

But when a person does not have this experience, the consciousness will tell him the opposite, that no matter how you sit in your meditation, no matter how you perform a prayer, if something happens, it will definitely work. Consciousness will start working, of course. Such is its function. It has to react and maintain its existence.

T: That is why it says “engage in the spiritual, but not live by it.”

IM: You can engage in sports or something else, but you should live by the spiritual. Until a person realises this, consciousness will tell him all the time “Go do some physical exercises, go pray, do some meditations or spiritual practice.” It does not matter how it will be called. But a person will engage in something and not Live. And the difference is big. Engaging in something is possible by means of the physical body, it is doing something with the help of consciousness… But you must Live by the Spirit.

Zh: Yes, because the spiritual is not a hobby, it is a main inner need. You need it more than everything earthly taken together. And without it, it’s simply hell, but not an existence.

IM: And here is the main point - why does consciousness push people to engage in something spiritual? You should Live by the Spiritual, not just engage in it. Why does this happen? Because the consciousness, it does not perceive the Spiritual World. It does not know how to live by the Spiritual World. That is why the consciousness pushes people to spend their time and their power (the power of attention, first of all) to try to become spiritual, to shift their attention from one point to another. People who are under control of the consciousness are always in a state of search: they are always searching for some religion, some magic or something else…

T: … for something new.

IM: Certainly.  They are interested in newness. It is this newness that consciousness is chasing. That is, consciousness drives people to go from one cult to another, from one religious community to another. Meaning, consciousness is constantly searching, searching for magic, first of all for itself, and secondly, for distracting people from the true path.

T: And if a person lives by the spiritual?

IM: But if a person lives by the spiritual, then consciousness… it works, it functions, it barks as that same dog does, but it does not distract.

T: That is, the system creates conditions: situations, illusions, provocations. And all this is done to distract person’s attention from what is most important. And that situation which has now formed in the scientific field… that cork, that plug in studying consciousness. And everything in this three-dimensionality is connected with consciousness: starting with the person’s thoughts and ending with confrontations and wars between people, which are designated as, and I emphasize this, “a deep conflict of consciousness”.

Zh: Yes, and what does this deep conflict lie in? In that which Igor Mikhailovich has talked about, that consciousness, first of all, opposes the Spiritual World, any surges of the Personality that is striving to live inside itself by the Spiritual World. The system tries to do everything so that the Personality does not gain this inner freedom and remains in the slavery of aggression and fear.

T: Yes, and that’s why the knowledge about that same consciousness is very important. And scientists, while studying the consciousness, complain that to answer the question “what is consciousness”, one needs exactly to go beyond the limits of standard scientific methods. Since the difficulties in their studies occur already at the stage of formulating of the question itself “why does consciousness exist?” Researchers even have such a term as “the hard problem of consciousness”.

Zh: Yes, there is such a thing.

T: Yes, within the scientific community, this problem is an important subject of research both in a modern philosophy of consciousness, and in psychology, and in neuroscience, and in that same quantum physics. Scientists are developing various theories of consciousness, studying the possibilities, including those of introspection, meaning, of a self-observation.

But the problem is that they are mostly conducting theoretical research, that is, they study by means of consciousness, so to say, “sections” of that very consciousness and they make conclusions through their own consciousness, at that remaining the slaves of the system, the slaves of the consciousness in their lives… It has even been noted that the moment they go deeper into the problems of consciousness, then their own health gets affected and these people start to get sick. But, in fact, the consciousness itself plays this role of a universal plug in the study of the system.

IM: The system is against a person being able to study the system. Meaning, people who have tried to study consciousness scientifically through their own consciousness have always come to a dead end. And those who came a bit closer simply lost their health, and many of them forever — those who were too persistent, and some — just for the time while they were conducting that study. And a lot of scientists have gone through this.

Just as they were getting close to something interesting, the whole group got sick, and as soon as experiments stopped - they recovered. And the more persistent they became, the more severe the illnesses became. This is a fact which has been recorded, and there were, by the way, many of such groups.

And a lot of those who have encountered such manifestations, they simply gave up their research. Why? Because metaphysics start, the inexplicable. And a lot of modern neurophysiologists, scientists in other fields, who are really studying consciousness, how it works, how it functions — they understand well that they are facing some kind of paranormal, metaphysical manifestations and they are afraid to even talk about it. But who in them is afraid? Again, that same consciousness: “What will people think about them? They will lose their scholarly status”.

T:  That is, the consciousness offers them to invest attention into its programs of fear and doubts.

IM: Yes. A lot of people have lost their health; many had lost their lives also when they tried to study consciousness with the help of their consciousness. Well, this is the same as a mutiny on a ship: the ship is huge, and here a couple of sailors decided to cause trouble, let’s say it this way. Well, naturally they were either suppressed or thrown overboard according to the laws of that time.

T: So, the system will not allow one to study it?

IM: The system, naturally, will not allow one to study it if the Consciousness and not the Personality dominates in a person. The system can be studied and should be studied only from the position of Personality as a Spiritual Observer, meaning, the dominance of the Spiritual nature in a person and not of the  Secondary consciousness of the material nature which originates from the system or from the one who in religions is called the devil. A simple question: can the devil show the way to paradise? Of course not. He can show a way into his cauldron, but not to paradise.

The system, in reality, is easy to study for the one who becomes a part of the Spiritual World. He does not even really have to study it. Everything is clearly visible; you don’t even have to strain yourself. However, the one who is trying to study the system while being controlled by the system itself through one’s consciousness as a part of the system, well... it won’t lead to anything good, that’s for sure. It’s impossible.

This was spoken about in one way or another at different times by wise people, by those, who have been called the Sages of humanity, who were really cognising the Spiritual World and were working hard on studying their consciousness as a part of the system. Sooner or later, they came to an understanding that they were not a part of the system, but a part of the Spiritual World. And then all secrets of this small and worthless three-dimensional world were revealed to them, a world in which there are, in fact, no secrets at all.

The biggest secret of this world is in the fact that the devil exists and that the devil is an inseparable part of every person. And in reality, everything lies only in the choice of who you serve. A person is unable not to serve. Even when he does not do anything at all, trying not to think about anything, and not to move — he is serving the devil. Inactivity, especially in a Spiritual aspect, is serving the devil. And serving God - it  is serving God. It is developing in oneself a perception through feelings. It is that which fills you with True Love and makes you Immortal. Meaning, it is Life. It can’t be any other way.

T: Yes, so it turns out that a question is only in what you live by inside of you in every day, what you fill yourself with. Either by the Spirit, by gratitude, by God's Love, or you live by pride, by striving to possess power over someone, any power in order to just seem, in order to be considered someone… But again, in the system.

IM: The system rules in three-dimensionality. But the consciousness of every person duplicates a part of the system. The system, or the devil, it always strives to become God, or at least to be considered as such. The system understands, it is aware of the fact that it’s nothing, it cannot be equal, and cannot possess those capabilities and abilities that the Spiritual World has. But it tries to impose at least such an impression on the Personalities who listen to it. Again, through what? Through its part — through consciousness. But even this part, consciousness, being a part of the whole, it has an individuality, and it always aims to oppose itself to everything. That is, again, this paradox is due to multiple fragmentations, division. It divides even a single whole. But still, it remains controlled by one consciousness or by that which we call the system. There is nothing confusing here. Here everything is exact; everything is always in its place. The system will never let any of its parts have power over the system itself.

T: So, a person following a spiritual path should, in fact, realise that…

IM: A person who is striving, who has something inner, true, unchanged… I will say it this way, a person, first of all, needs to sort himself out: does he need to follow the spiritual path? If he wants to play – let him play. If he wants to be thought of this way – well, let them think, let them have fun. But if a person truly desires it, if this is really his choice, then he needs to understand there is nothing simpler than the spiritual path. There is nothing closer than the Spiritual World. It is always with you; it is always near, that is why you must simply use your attention rationally. That’s all. It is very simple.

T: Meaning, one needs to live by it and not to play to an audience.

IM: Yes. If a person is only saying it in words, that this is his necessity, he is trying to feel something simply as an experiment, well, as some sort of game, just so that others think of him as a spiritual person. He spends hours in prayers or meditations together with other people, a performance for an audience is going on. Meaning, he is trying in three-dimensionality to create an impression about himself in the face of the consciousness of other people, a certain impression about himself, but in reality, he does not work on himself, does not live by feelings, and this can be felt very well… He is simply playing. He does not even study in an elementary way how his consciousness works, and how it controls him, and who pushes him to these actions. He does not understand this but simply plays such a game from the system, then naturally, he will not get anywhere, playing an illusion. So he will get lost in this illusion, and naturally, will remain there until he becomes, again, just that same illusion himself.
In such cases, these kinds of people always have doubts, fears… well, the usual patterns of the consciousness. Regardless of the outer play for an audience, these people, in reality, are doubting everything, and first of all, doubting God and everything connected with the Spiritual World, that is why they are playing. But they are pushed to this by their pride. And pride is a part of the consciousness which tightly binds the Personality, speaking figuratively, by hand and foot, and makes it do that which is beneficial to the system.



IM: The first thing is studying yourself. And everybody goes through this; it will not work any other way. Until you realise that your consciousness is actually playing cruel tricks on you and shows you much of that which you thought was real but it is actually not – well, it's just a fight for your attention. Until you realise this, you will not understand more.

What is this world? It's just an illusion; it's the shadows of the crooked mirrors of the septon. There is a certain force that generates everything, it all becomes distorted and eventually turns into a wave, this wave becomes matter, and therefore, we are all an illusion. But you and I feel each other; here I am, my hands, the table and everything else. For us, this is important. But who feels, how does he feel, why does he feel? And what is behind this?   

The fact is that there is something else which created all matter and that which is Life itself... After all, if we remove what we call the Holy Spirit or God's manifestation - indeed, everything will disappear. Thanks to this light inside the septon, its mirrors reflect and create the illusion. After all, they reflect the inner light, they create matter. If we take a look at what matter really is: matter is an illusion. But the denser this illusion is, the more material it becomes. And matter perceives matter as matter.

Mind you, even a dream ... Let's take a simple thing, the work of the mind. Note, in a dream, we feel everything as real, there is no difference to us between here and there. In rare cases, we realise that it is a dream. Well, but this way it is all real. Here again, from the position of an observer or viewer, we see this theatre of actions; for us, the solid is solid, the material is material, we hear smells, tastes, life passes absolutely realistically for us ... it is the same illusion here. How is it different? Well, I would say, by its duration. And also, it differs radically that in this illusion we have an opportunity to gain Life.

Joy can be different. There can be joy from the consciousness, from the acquisition of something, but it is fleeting. That is why the joy of unification through feelings with the Spiritual World, it does not run out; it does not stop. It always exists, every moment is new. It is an infinity of new sensations, of perceptions through feelings. It is a vibrant life; it is filled with Life. A life filled with Life, you can not call it anything else. And in the material world - a short-term illusion.

If a person, having come to this world, did not come out of it Alive, then he simply wasted his life. That's why you must study your consciousness. But there is one small phenomenon here: when a person studies his consciousness, it becomes appalled, the consciousness becomes appalled. But when the Personality realises that it is a Personality, it experiences incredible happiness. Why does this happen? Because in these moments, each of them comes into contact with the one who created them.



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