Alive conversation - pages 155-166

The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the text presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

08:34:48 - 09:20:40

T: Igor Mikhailovich, in order to facilitate precisely a person’s understanding of himself, understanding of his states: how does consciousness perceive itself, and how does Personality perceive itself?

IM: Human consciousness always perceives itself precisely as a limited Self, as something isolated. Say, how does a person perceive himself – I? I, my own self… That’s all. And it is so capsulated, closed. Whereas, when a Personality perceives itself, it perceives itself as boundlessness and a part of the whole. This is also an interesting point.

T: After all, a person does want to be spiritual. He strives for this…

IM: In actual fact, every person strives for the Spiritual World. It’s an inner aspiration. But most often, consciousness blocks, erases, gives false guidance and ways. And thus it proves to the Personality that the Spiritual World doesn’t exist. It, as they say, covers the forest in front of one’s eyes with a tree. It diverts the entire attention, “Look! Focus on the tree, observe the tree.” And behind this tree, when you are keeping it in front of your face and fix your eyes on it only, you don’t see the forest which is around you. This is how consciousness works. With the illusion of its three-dimensional existence, it covers the boundlessness and versatility of the infinite God’s World.

T: Still, how can one shift the focus of attention, how can one wake up from this illusion?

IM: Observe consciousness, and you will understand that you are not consciousness. Put the power of your attention into that place where it is warm, nice and joyful. Seek this joy inside, after all, it’s there. At that, the permanent source of this joy in a human being, in the human energy structure, is nothing other than the Soul.

This is like, on a frosty day, you are standing in front of a wide-open door into a room where it is very warm. You feel this warmth coming from inside the room, where it is joyful, cheerful in that room, there is a bright light, and it’s very warm. While you are in the darkness and in the frost. Well, it’s impossible to mistake.

T: You will arrive there anyway.

IM: If you want to.

T: So, a Personality has only spiritual experience and practice. It is able, owing to its unique perception, to understand the primordial truth globally, to distinguish the good from the bad, to make a choice. And this considerably differs from the artificial work of consciousness, from incessant analysis from the mind, when consciousness is making a mountain out of a molehill…

IM: It is human consciousness that is constantly analysing. It takes a molehill and makes a mountain out of it, approaching it from different sides. But at the same time, it is studying the mountain by touch while blindfolded. Personality doesn’t act this way. Personality has a holistic perception. It just knows what a mountain is, well, and it knows what a molehill is. This is an all-encompassing knowledge, but it’s unattainable by consciousness. And here’s a simple phenomenon, it is described by very many people in human history, by those who have attained this knowledge: a person knows, but has great difficulty in expressing all this in words. Why? Because consciousness refuses even to shape this Knowledge as an elementary set of words which a person possesses.

There’s this little nuance: consciousness will never perceive a human being as Personality. It will always resist and will always burden one. Personality – it is perception through feelings (and it is absolutely different from perception of oneself with consciousness).

When a person perceives himself as an individual, meaning, when he becomes a free Personality, the first thing he does is he ceases to lie to himself and invent all sorts of stories. He doesn’t mess around with consciousness.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is also such a question we frequently encounter: what is true unity, and what is unity in the human society? Once you said that what people call unity in the modern world, that it is, in fact, reconciliation.

IM: People often talk about the need of uniting, and so on. But true unity in this world is impossible without spiritual development. Why? Because consciousness divides. The first thing it does – it encapsulates a person and singles him out for himself. All this is taking place at the level of consciousness, of perception by Personality of what consciousness is telling it, namely, “You are alone. You, you, and you.”

At that, unification – it is unification of the community of interests, let’s say so, of a certain circle of people, but no more. Whereas, true unity may take place only at the spiritual level. Personality, when it achieves perception of the Spiritual World, it already feels people of the same kind who perceive That World. And that is where unification is taking place.

Why? Because the Personality needs nothing in this world. It has no material interests. Whereas, consciousness always has plenty of them. And so, whichever way we look at this, and no matter what somebody says, there are always interests. Let’s take populists, right? Well, a person seems to aspire to see all people living happily, tells everybody about this, that he is striving for this. He is fighting for their rights. But in actual fact, what is he thinking about, what is he suffering for, what is he fighting for? Here, several factors come into play: either personal profit or self-popularization. He just wants others to think well of him, to admire him, meaning, this is trite satisfaction of egoism, and nothing else. Isn’t this so? It is. And does the Personality need this? No, it doesn’t. Why? Because in this world, we don’t even know… Well, to tell the truth, frankly speaking, if you live in a nine-story house, most likely, you don’t know all the neighbours who use the same front door as you do. Whereas, Personality – it perceives everybody in infinity, when it is there. And here’s exactly the paradox: there are no strangers there, everybody there is close ones, there’s family there. Everything there is native and near.

Zh: Ye-eah.  

T: When the real feeling begins, then there begins…

Zh: …such Grace…

T: …yes, an enormous power of God.

IM: Certainly, grace comes when feelings come, precisely perception through feelings. Whereas, consciousness always divides and separates people. It endows somebody with that which he doesn’t, in fact, have. Why? Again, it’s the fight for power, for domination. Here, as a matter of fact, it’s hatred which is generated. Naturally, since there is hatred, this means there is rejection or censure, or envy. Personality does not possess the qualities of either envy or censure, nothing. Here, again, they say that God cannot censure. He either perceives or does not perceive. Black and white. Acceptable or unacceptable. The alive or the dead. Everything is simple.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is also a question regarding religions. Like, consciousness presents to very many people that unification in the lower strata is possible only when all religions unite at the level of the upper strata. Is this possible?

IM: The thing is that we have already discussed: unification of religions is actually impossible. Everything that prevails in religions – it is not the Spirit, it is consciousness, first and foremost – that which rules over all religions. Why? No matter how paradoxical this might be, but it is an organisation. And organisations defend their personal interests, still, the fight for power is taking place. Those who fight for power  are ready to unite with anybody if they submit to them, and each one thinks this way. In actual fact, this is impossible.

It’s a different matter whether unification of people in service to the Lord, genuine service to the Spiritual World, is possible. It is necessary, not just possible. This is an issue of survival of such a genus as the human one. Whether it is needed or not, this should not even be discussed. But is it possible or impossible? Of course, it is possible. But here’s the choice of people. Are they able to overcome Satan in themselves, to withdraw from internal dirt, from slander, and to embark on the Spiritual path, on the path of the Truth? The system, naturally, doesn’t want this. Whereas, human Personalities, human souls – they do want this. Is this possible? It is possible, if they start wanting it. But religions – no, they cannot. Similarly, can all businesses in the world unite? Well, if some dictator comes and takes the entire business for himself – of course, it will unite. Same with religions.

T: As practice shows, unification of people in genuine service to the Spiritual World is already taking place. And that enormous wave of practical interest of people from various countries, the wave of interest in that Knowledge presented through the AllatRa book and through the programmes with your participation, the wave that is now going on across the world, it is exactly an evidence of this. At that, not just people of different nationalities and different social statuses find points of contact based on the universal Grain of Truth, but also monks, priests of different religions and denominations – the people who at one time chose for themselves the path of genuine service to the Lord.

IM: The Knowledge set forth in that very AllatRa book, it unites people. And, indeed, as of today, very many not only priests, but also monks from various religions, secretly from their administration, no matter how paradoxical it is, they are practicing, and cognizing, and very many of them have achieved good results. But, residing in the system, in an organisation, they cannot declare this openly.

As a matter of fact, what’s the difference which way you are going towards God? The main thing is for you to arrive. And spiritually developed people… After all, not everyone joins religious organisations just in order to satisfy their laziness and megalomania. In actual fact, very many people go there to seek God, they are propelled exactly by the Spiritual component. And, having seen the Truth, no matter where they see it and in what they see it, they grasp at it.

Therefore, today, indeed, a vast movement, so far hidden, is already starting across the world. But it is only hidden for the time being among religious ministers, monks who engage exactly in studying themselves by means of that very knowledge set forth in the AllatRa book. Thank God, there are already many people with whom it is possible to talk without opening one’s mouth, which is very valuable…

T: …in the language of the deepest feelings, which is understandable without words.

IM: Yes. At that, once upon a time there was a single language, and it was easier. This is confirmed again by those very signs. Here we have talked about Allat or about that very AllatRa sign.

T: Well, yes, these are actually the most ancient signs which are found all over the world, on almost all the continents.

IM: This indicates that there was one common language, and people understood each other, they knew this. And ultimately, when people are engaged in spiritual development, they get to the point when they start to understand each other in that one language, thanks to which they can communicate with the Spiritual World. There is no other language. This is the language of feelings, a sincere one. This is why it’s not that language which the system or our consciousness speaks which is important. The inner language is much more important. But again, in order to communicate in that language, it is necessary to, first and foremost, learn to communicate with the Spiritual World.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, many people express their wishes to be a part of a spiritual community, to develop together with like-minded individuals...

IM: It is natural that all people would like to be in a spiritually developed community, among those people who live by the spiritual. But if you want to be in such a community, then first, start with yourself. Become a spiritually free person. And gradually the community will change. Because the power, it will either reject Satan’s servants or it will rip the human soul out of his nasty paws. So, you’re like a magnet: you will either attract the like or will push away the opposite. But your community will develop as it should be if you work on yourself.

T: People who are just beginning to study themselves and to perceive through the deepest feelings, also note the opposition from consciousness, when at a certain point in time, imperceptibly, a jump-over from perception through the deepest feelings to consciousness happens.

IM: A person loses perception through feelings and switches over to consciousness when his bridge is narrow. And so, these fluctuations and drawing of attention - he endows the mortal with value. So, no matter what we do, but what can be more important than Life, more important than God? Well, what does Ahriman or the devil have that’s so important that it’s more important than God has, than being with God?! Nothing. You see, we are in three-dimensionality, this is the devil’s world. Consciousness - it is the devil’s tool. But our Soul - that’s the door to the Spiritual World, and the Personality is the light emanating through this door. And so we, being this light that’s radiating through the Soul, what can the darkness possibly offer us that we would, like that light, close the door, reject our True essence and God, reject God’s world, and went wandering around in the darkness? Well, can you explain this? Nothing. Different colours? But they are illusory. What else? Nothing at all. Therefore, everything can be done without breaking this connection with the Spiritual World. One not should, but must do this. What can be more important?

T: Here is one of the most important questions of those who made  the decision to follow the spiritual path: how to really Live in the day, how to Live as the Personality?

IM: It’s true, many people ask how to Live by the Personality rather than by consciousness in the course of the day? Everything is simple. Abide in the Spirit. Be inseparable from the Spirit. And you will always Live by the Personality and with the Spiritual World. Or simply put, you will be Living. Just Live.



Abide in the Spirit.

Be inseparable from the Spirit.


IM: People who are trying to understand with consciousness, or to be more precise, learn via consciousness how consciousness works, run into the difficulty of studying the brain, and consciousness is as if hidden in this brain. But the brain, as we’ve already said, is a material structure, while consciousness is not matter as such.

T: Well, yes, and so it turns out that it just doesn’t go beyond understanding of three-dimensionality and visible matter. Some kind of stupor just sets in… stupor from consciousness. There are limits, and science is afraid to cross over this Rubicon. Today, more and more scientists are coming to an understanding that consciousness is immaterial, and it is not located in the brain. But the very word “immaterial” - today it sounds like a stigma of the word “unscientific”. That’s why scientists are afraid of crossing this line, beyond which, as they think, metaphysics and the supernatural begin.

IM: For a better understanding in the modern world, we should probably turn to quantum mechanics - that’s the only thing that, as of today, at least somehow explains the fact that there’s something supernatural, I would put it that way. Science, unfortunately, hasn’t yet come to understanding that there’s something beyond matter. But, in any case, quantum mechanics is already getting close to this and gives an experimentally confirmed explanation of the fact that there is something beyond the limits of physics that’s familiar to us.

If we speak about quantum mechanics, then probably, we should start a little bit with history of quantum mechanics: what quantum mechanics is, how it has emerged, and what difficulties it has faced. Well, basically, people can learn from any textbook how it emerged, as of today, much is written there about it. But here, I would like to touch on those points that are at least somewhat known to people today, precisely that which borders between understanding and lack of understanding.

Speaking of quantum mechanics, we should emphasize that all matter is subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, starting with galaxies and ending with a teardrop on a baby’s cheek, because all matter is made up of tiny particles. If we delve deeper into the world of matter, delve beyond the atomic, then the subatomic limit, we will see that there are… tiny particles. We have already talked about this more than once, that all matter is made up of tiny particles, practically indivisible, as it is thought as of today, but in actual fact, they are divisible. We will try to explain this a little.

These very particles make up every atom in this world. The laws governing these particles at the quantum level differ greatly from those laws that people are accustomed to in their daily life. Meaning, a stone which is thrown up falls down, and so forth. Well, and all kinds of interactions which take place at the micro-level - those have been more or less studied.

Let’s take, for example, quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement as such assumes that two particles can get tangled up with each other if they are located close to each other. Meaning, when appearing at the same time, located close to each other, they have a certain correlation with each other. In that case, their properties become interconnected. Meaning, if these particles are separated and sent, for example, to different corners of the Universe, these particles will still remain inseparably connected, and they will continue interacting with each other, and without loss of time at that. There will be no energy correlations between them, which may be noticed, I mean…

T: …meaning, correlations that can be recorded.

IM: Yes. But they are still going to be more or less connected to each others, and their spins, meaning, their turns, will remain different from each other. And if, for example, a spin of one particle turns to the left, then the other one will be turning to the right. If we change the spin, meaning, the turn of one particle, this will immediately automatically reflect on the other particle, no matter at what distance they are located from each other. At that, it will happen instantly, without loss of time, despite enormous distances between them, which violates all laws of physics that modern physics operates with. That’s why, for example, Albert Einstein called such a correlation between entangled particles supernatural, well, and naturally, immediately began to deny it.

However, a Dutch physicist Niels Bohr, along with like-minded colleagues, on the contrary, asserted that this wonderful interconnection did exist. Even though, in spite of this assertion, he was unable to prove the existence of such interconnection experimentally. This was more of a theoretical work-in-progress. But then again, even theoretically, Bohr explained this correlation very creatively, using the example of two rotating wheels. Well, so that to make it more clear, let us explain his example. Let’s take, for instance, two wheels that are painted with stripes of different colours (red and blue), with a set arrow. Bohr explained that if these wheels were taken to opposite ends of the Universe and spun out, then if upon stopping the wheels, a red colour comes up on one of them, then on the other, the blue will come up that very instant. Naturally, such declarations by Bohr about this instant correlation of entangled particles ruined the theory which had brought so much fame to Einstein. To which the latter reacted quite badly. And to refute Bohr’s theory, he put forward his own, such a completely material one, which eliminated any kind of magic - a theory about some kind of an alleged interconnection of entangled particles.

Einstein explained their correlation by means of a pair of gloves by giving the most commonplace simple example. He explained that if we go and place the gloves into two small boxes, for example, or two small drawers. We don’t know which glove is in which box. We keep one box, while, for example, we send the other one to the other side of the world. When we open the box, we see that we have, for instance, the right glove. This automatically means that the left glove will be in the other box which we have sent to the other side of the world. Well, this he explained well enough. But he forgot to mention that quantum physics also presumes the presence of another fact: the glove which will be far from us must also be turned inside out (not only the left one, but also inside out). And if we take the one that we have and start turning it inside out, then at the same time the other glove (the one on the other side of the world) will also begin to turn inside out. But this would ruin the well-formed material model of Einstein himself, which he built and which explained everything so easily, that’s why he kept quiet about it.

T: Yes, pridefulness is still alive and well in people.

IM: This widely promoted explanation of his basically completely satisfied the community of people who were interested in physics and physicists who agreed with him. But Einstein’s glove theory which only pointed at the fact that entangled particles are initially different and that’s all, didn’t satisfy true scientists-physicists, since it didn’t explain their correlation, which, strictly speaking, Einstein and his group deliberately kept quiet because they also couldn’t rebuff all of this.

T: They kept it quiet, this means they did know something…

IM: Theoretically, they certainly understood that this is so, but this would have again suggested that there exists some other connection, and this would have called Einstein’s words into question. At that, having admitted that this connection does exist, this would have called into question his theory which had been put forward, well, so to say, in contrast to the ether theory. And since something like that exists, hence there is ether, too. Since there is ether, this means free energy exists as well, and so Tesla was right. And if Tesla was right, then a question will occur to people: why do we buy, pardon me, hydrocarbons instead of getting electricity, of which there is plenty around, for free? Well, therefore, this topic was closed for many years. But this didn’t soothe the inquisitive minds of other scientists who continued making attempts to rebuff that very Einstein who had said that as long as there is no experimental evidence of such a correlation, such correlation does not exist, this exists only in imagination of those who are asserting this, hinting at Bohr. Even after Einstein’s death, his followers continued to assert that as long as there is no experiment, it is impossible to prove this.

The most interesting thing is that in due time there appeared an Irish physicist John Bell who, being by and large a theoretical physicist, by means of profound mathematical analysis managed to prove the possibility of getting experimental evidence as such. That is, by construction of a machine that would create many pairs of entangled particles, it was possible to prove this interconnection. And this was already not philosophy, but a real experiment which could be carried out, and thus an end could be put to this philosophical dispute once and for all. This Irish physicist was little-known, but his book on this subject was published.

It happened so that a postgraduate student by the name of John Clauser, while trying to look into quantum mechanics, accidentally came across the works of exactly John Bell. He decided to build such a machine, to sort it out, first of all, for himself whether there is an interconnection or there’s no interconnection, and what quantum mechanics is – a real science or fiction, a pseudo-science.

He built such a machine and experimentally proved that Bohr had been completely right while Einstein had been mistaken: a supernatural connection between two entangled particles really exists. Well, despite his discovery, John Clauser, though just like many other modern physicists who have been studying quantum mechanics, has still failed to understand what kind of connection this is, and why entangled particles, regardless of distances at which they are dispersed, instantly react to changes in one or another particle, meaning, with no loss of time.

T: Yes, indeed, an answer to this question, which scientists have been trying to answer for already nearly a hundred years — this, of course, would be a serious breakthrough as for modern physics… Here, now there is such a situation in science, as the academician Landau, who in his time was Niels Bohr’s disciple, used to say with a touch humour that, “Generally speaking, everything is clear, but tricky questions, to which only Bohr can give answers, are possible.”

IM: And exactly here we come to the most interesting part. In actual fact, everything is simple, even very simple. For example, in the spring of 2015, the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report was released     in the ALLATRA IPM. In the form of a theory, this report clarified the structure of the Universe from the very first building blocks of the Universe, which in the report are actually called Po particles, up to the ezoosmic grid that determines space of the entire Universe and consists of cells. These cells consist of the so-called ezoosmic membranes. Well, basically, those of our viewers who are interested in familiarising themselves with the report in more detail, those will be able to do this easily, since it is freely available on the Internet, they will be able to explore themselves what Po particles are, what ezoosmic membranes are, and all the rest. Generally speaking, people will be able to grasp it after reading on the Internet.

But, going back to quantum mechanics, I will tell just in brief what relates to the report – it is the fact that all these supernatural connections between entangled particles are precisely determined by the function of an ezoosmic membrane. This very membrane exactly separates the visible world from the invisible one, meaning, it separates and connects the lower dimensions with the higher ones, time from timelessness, Infinity from a point.

T: That is, an understanding of what an ezoosmic membrane is, and how it functions – this is basically a key that opens the door to a completely new era for science.

IM: As of today, thank God, while communicating with outstanding physicists of our times, I am happy with the fact that they already have an understanding that this material world is located in six dimensions. This is an important point. Why? Because, indeed, the entire material world is located in six dimensions.

So, our habitual everyday life – this is the third dimension. But everything that we can imagine with our consciousness – it is contained only within six-dimensionality. Consciousness and all the magic that takes place, it exactly takes place at the level of the sixth dimension. In the seventh dimension, this already doesn’t exist, although the world continues to be material.

And here this is interesting, we have already talked about this more than once, but I think it is worth repeating again. In actual fact, the entire material world consists of 72 dimensions. But precisely the material world to which the power of the system applies (after all, the system regards itself and contrasts itself to God), it is limited to six dimensions. Whereas, all other dimensions precisely restrain and control so that the power of the system would not go beyond the limits of the six dimensions. Let’s say, like in any good laboratory, there are not one, but many systems that protect from undesirable consequences and create conditions for safe performance of experiments. The same applies to the Animal Mind system as a whole. Humanity that exists within this system – it is a Chance, it is origination of Life. Whereas, origination of life always takes place under certain extreme conditions. And again, everything begins with a fight or confrontation.    

T: That is, it’s important to understand that the system functions only up to the sixth dimension. In the seventh dimension, it does not rule. Whereas, the other 66 dimensions…

IM: …The other 66 dimensions are superstructures that control those several dimensions in which the system itself exists. And this entire control is maintained through the ezoosmic membrane, it’s an absolute control, it is those 66 dimensions that are located above the six.

For understanding, I would also like to clarify that in the ezoosmic membrane itself, there’s no concept of time. In the higher dimensions close to the Spiritual World, just like in the Spiritual World itself, there’s no concept of time at all. It is always now there. Whereas, in the three-dimensional world, in our habitual dimension, there’s no concept of “now”. While I’ve been articulating this word “now”, all of us, both myself and those who are participating in this conversation together with me, and our viewers, we have covered an enormous distance in space. That is, we as material objects, through the material world, through these ezoosmic membranes, through these cells across the ezoosmic grid, we have covered a truly enormous distance. And we don’t have such numerals to count the number of cells through which every particle of our organism and simultaneously every Po particle of our consciousness has passed. This is also worth thinking about. At that, in the higher dimensions, and especially in the Spiritual World, beyond the limits of the ezoosmic grid, there’s nothing like this there; there it is always now. Only here we have a concept of distance. There it is relative, there it is boundless. But at the same time, it is always possible to be where you are and where you are needed. Human consciousness won’t understand this, because other laws operate There, and humanity has yet to perceive at least the initial basics of these laws.

T: Indeed, while cognizing yourself, you are cognizing the true World, the real World – the Spiritual World, and not the computer simulation of this hologram of the three-dimensional world as created by consciousness.

IM: Yes. I’d like to say that in the report, actually, nothing new for humanity is described. Everything new is well-forgotten old. Everything that is described in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report was known to humanity as far back as 12 thousand years ago. As proof of this, I can say that tablets have been preserved until today, in which complex interactions of elementary particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. are represented. Moreover, they are represented precisely as it is described in the report. And in confirmation of the fact that this is not an empty theory, those who are interested, for all that, ought to familiarize themselves with the report and not to hasten to heed their consciousness which will start criticising right away, but to sort it out a little bit. This is worth the time spent.

T: 12 thousand years ago – this is quite an impressive period.

IM: The fact that many people may counter, “How can it be 12 thousand years ago? After all, according to modern doctrines, humanity only originated approximately 10 to 12 thousand years ago.” But I want to say that the world is much more ancient and complex than it is told to the present-day humanity by its scientists. Generally speaking, whoever is interested will look into these issues on one’s own and will read the report. Modern science, I don’t assert that it’s in an embryonic state in terms of its development, of course not, but the fact that it is at the intrauterine development stage – that’s for sure.

And only after the birth of science beyond the three-dimensional world, its true full-scale development will begin, if, of course, by that time humanity doesn’t destroy itself because of excessive pridefulness and spiritual impoverishment imposed on Personality by the system by means of its enslaving tool – consciousness. Well, this is already the choice of people themselves.

T: Yes… Igor Mikhailovich, and this knowledge which relates to physics, is it given for understanding of the Spiritual World?

IM: That very knowledge which deals with physics, other sciences or something else, I wouldn’t say that it is given for understanding of the Spiritual World. No. It only brings a person closer to understanding of the fact that there is something different, distinct. That something is behind this, just like that very quantum mechanics. It gives understanding that the world is not limited only to three-dimensionality. And those laws which we are accustomed to live by, I mean physical laws, these are just a manifested part which is studied within this three-dimensionality. But who has studied it? Again, consciousness by means of some devices which are located in this three-dimensionality.

At that, it is impossible to study higher dimensions, at least the fifth or sixth dimension, by means of any device. Why? Because there are no such devices. They must be there, be located there. For better understanding of this issue, perhaps, I will explain. Say, you are sitting on the first floor of a multi-story building in a tightly locked-up room and holding a mirror in your hand. Everything that you can see is a reflection of yourself or of something else, say, the walls located in this room. But in this mirror, you cannot see that which is located on the floor above. Meaning, this is the entire set of tools a person can operate with, while he is on this floor, inside this room.

T: Many people, alas, undervalue the role of physics…

IM: As long as a person is in this world, he needs to eat. It’s just trite, people need clothing, they need food. While that physics that was spoken of, that was mentioned in the report which came out in ALLATRA IPM, upon its development, it allows for a possibility of not destroying nature. It enables a person to allocate more time to the Spiritual World rather than worry about the daily bread. Why? Because it is precisely that physics which brings one to an understanding, knowledge, and the possibility of operating with the original bricks which will create atoms which will create molecules, and out of which it will be easy to manufacture everything you need, from, excuse me, shoes to the daily bread. You see, simply, from a house to a car. And it is not necessary for a person to spend a lot of time on work or something else.

But this is unacceptable in the modern world order, absolutely unacceptable. Why? Because a person must be kept under control and subordinated — the system stereotypically imposes all this. It always creates some people, let’s say, super-responsible ones who take upon themselves the function of managing other people for the sake of those same people: they know better, can do it better, and provide for other people’s lives. In such case, everyone must work and earn money. And money — it is like a system of tying a person to this material life. If you don’t have money, you don’t have any means to pay for electricity, for gas. It will be cold and dark at your premises. But again, even to acquire some kind of space to live in — you need money. To go outside, you have to get dressed — you need money. To avoid dying of hunger — you need money. Here’s an answer for you. So, that means what? That means, you have to go and earn. You find yourself in certain conditions of existence. That’s how the whole society is set up. And so, certain rules of the game line up. What is work (TN: rabota in Russian)? Do you know the root of this word?

T: Slave (TN: rab in Russian).

IM: Here is the answer. Meaning, a human being is bound, he or she has to co-exist with other people in the society and to live according to certain rules which exclude everything that’s called spiritual. The most that you will be given is religion or science. Well, entertain yourself, distract yourself. Here is the answer. Everything is very simple.

But when a person gets, for example, an opportunity to acquire everything he needs without leaving the premises, or to travel anywhere without spending anything, including time, he doesn’t need capital. How to control such a person? If a person will be under consciousness’ control with such capabilities — that’s scary. But again, this Knowledge as such... consciousness is against this Knowledge coming into the world. But I will explain, with development of this Knowledge, let’s take, for instance, that very quantum mechanics, people learn what supernatural connection is. Since there is a supernatural connection, that means, there is also another World — the World beyond the boundary of this world. That means, there is good, and there is bad. People start to realise — this is like that fruit of knowing the good and the evil. Do you understand? Meaning, if according to the biblical legend, people lived and knew only the good, then having taken a bite of this fruit — they learned what the evil is. And now, this Knowledge — it is like dewdrops which help the searching ones to cognize (again, only the ones who are searching) the fact that not only the evil exists, but there’s also the good. That there’s not just death, but there’s also Life. There’s not only the devil, but there is also God. And that it is not by this world that a person is limited in his existence.

T: … as the Personality.

IM: As the Personality, certainly, in the first place, and not as a slave of the system. If a person is far from the Spiritual World, then he is communicating with the system, I would even say, he is just a slave of the system. Only having cognized himself as a Personality, a person will be able to learn to control his consciousness from the perspective of precisely the Spiritual observer, from the perspective of the Personality. And only then will he stop being a slave of consciousness (as a part of the system), in other words, speaking the language of religion, will stop being a slave of the devil.

T: He will stop serving the system and will become a free Personality.

IM: Yes. For a Personality, there are no barriers to cognizing the Truth.



For a Personality, there are no barriers

to cognizing the Truth.


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