Alive conversation - pages 142-155

The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the text presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

08:34:48 - 09:20:40

V: The mechanism hasn’t worked, so it makes no sense to activate the same mechanism which doesn’t work. Once we have noticed this – that’s it, the system has no feed, a person does not give attention. He either has resolved the situation with humour, or has interacted with a person, they have resolved it. That’s all. Meaning, it has not managed to… Bang! – that’s it, the system has retreated.

When consciousness switches on, at some point it starts to toss in a little appraisal, “This one is not right, this one does it wrong. And that one seems stupid in general…” or something else. On the sly, it gently, insinuatingly creeps in like a snake in the grass. And thus it gradually redirects this vector.

A person has reached a deadlock and begins to fear, “What has happened? Why is there no joy?” A search for the guilty one begins. And this snowball overwhelms the person. But inside he is a Personality, inside he has a soul, inside he has feelings, and they haven’t disappeared anywhere. He should just give himself a clear directive, “Okay, stop. That’s it. I do have feelings. They haven’t disappeared anywhere. I am heading for the Spiritual World. There is always joy.” That is, one should give oneself a clear directive, “That’s it. I’m not listening to the voice in my head. I don’t judge anyone, I don’t aim anywhere except that I have a single vector – the vector towards the spiritual.” That’s it, and consciousness retreats, loosens its hold. For as long as a human body is living, for as long as we are here, we can change everything.

One of the indicators that a person is indeed moving along the spiritual path is a state of peace, a state of inner freedom. Here, first, relationships with all people are being restored, because you no longer need to dominate. You understand what consciousness is, you cease to manipulate people. Naturally, you understand when, for example, a certain manipulation is being directed towards you, too, but I am simply not interested in it. I simply go round this sharp corner, and the conflict is somehow smoothed over. That’s it. Everything is somehow resolved amicably.

A: In this respect, I also have a very interesting example. Once at a class, we agreed with the group participants to work through the pattern of manipulation. We agreed that nobody will give to another person, not just in one’s family, but to any person at all, any advice when he doesn’t ask for it, and everything that a person can do himself, he will be doing himself without asking another person to help him. Relationships changed cardinally…

T: And what, in your opinion, favours unification between people, well, based on your personal experience?

V: In my opinion, what favours unification between people – this is, first and foremost, people meet, they have some common interests. Interests in learning, interests in doing something together, some good work for the benefit of other people, in order to help somebody. When this state of peace comes, the state of being able to comfortably communicate with each other, this also gives a sense of unity. Well, people just shouldn’t listen to their consciousness.

A: Look, the situation is fractal. Just as consciousness endeavours to divide us in thoughts, in the same way, it endeavours to divide us already not in the head, but in communication, in groups. In what way? By that very scheme: divide and rule. Meaning, often, people who promote such ideas as, say, “go there, don’t go there, communicate with these people, don’t communicate with those people” – it is that they banally listen to their consciousness which installs those very programs aimed at division. Even if somebody dislikes something, or something doesn’t suit somebody… Yet, doesn’t suit whom? Something always doesn’t suit consciousness. That is, instead of simply coming and discussing some critical points and indeed exposing the thoughts from consciousness, people often listen to it and carry these ideas into the masses.

Well, let’s say, this will not harm a spiritually evolving person. Why? Because he will understand that this is the work of the system. It is simply that, just as the system operates inside him, trying to separate him from other people, in the same way the system operates in groups, trying to divide already groups of people who are going in the same direction. Precisely in the same way, as of today, the system has divided, as you know yourselves, both all religions and everything else. That is, when one grain of knowledge was sown, and now it, so to say, has given shoots supposedly “in various directions”, although all this is one.

They divide in exactly the same way… After all, the desire for power and, again, for secret power, leads to people promoting these ideas aimed at division. Therefore, there is nothing surprising here, this is a natural process, these are natural laws of the system. The only thing is that for spiritually evolving people this is unacceptable. Meaning, a spiritually evolving person, on the contrary, must strive for unity, for unification, for love, for brotherhood. After all, we have nothing to divide.

You have asked: what unites people? It’s my opinion, from my, let’s say, personal experience… People are united by one very important point – it’s the aspiration to survive. To survive not only in the material sense, but to survive spiritually. You see, we have encountered the strongest enemy which humanity has – it’s the Animal mind system. And we will be able to overcome this system only if we unite.

This very law is often used also by, let’s say, the powers that be, pitting peoples against each other. Why? They take the idea of an external enemy, orient a certain population that there’s an external enemy, and this unites people. This is a good quality when people rally against some aggression or danger. But the thing is that the aggressor is different, the danger is different. Meaning, the danger, in actual fact, as it turns out… 

V: …is inside every person.

A: Quite right, it is invisible. That is, they show the wrong enemy. They show that the enemy is as if in another person, in his individuality. Whereas, in actual fact, the enemy is within us, it is consciousness. And globally, the enemy is the system. If people unite in the aspiration to survive and cognize the Spiritual World, well, pardon me, ultimately, this means to gain neither more nor less than immortality… After all, it is easier to do this in a group. That way, the power increases tenfold.

This is just a process, a study of that very system. Say, we are sitting here, there are several of us, each having his or her own experience. Say, we have shared – we have already enriched one another with experience. Each of us already can, say, avoid going through some situation. Again, while performing spiritual practices in a group, we feel ourselves being filled. There is a difference when you are practicing alone, and when you are doing this in a group. It’s an enormous difference.

This very point, it is very important as of today. If people really understand what their goal is, it will be very easy for them to unite. Then, indeed, just as it is said in the books that when a person is studying the system, understands its laws, understands that there is immortality, understands that this world is an illusion, for him, life in this world becomes just an interesting, fascinating game, and he already, as it is said, is heading for freedom while free. Meaning, he is steadily developing, it is interesting for him, everything brings pleasure, joy to him. He has no problems, no enemies.

T: At that, how has your life changed after receiving the AllatRa Knowledge?

V: It changes the entire life completely. It is much more interesting, more comfortable to live this way, when you understand where you are moving to and why. It’s an understanding in general of the essence of processes that take place around one, an understanding of other people. When you understand a person even from the perspective of the acquired knowledge, already understand why the person is acting like this, what is manifesting in him right now. It is much easier to forgive him, to understand him, to interact in such a way that he would feel better. That is, to avoid conflicts, to understand completely everything that is taking place. To get to know one’s inner state. There is such an expression, “To live in Spirit.” This precisely means to live in joy, to live in happiness, in interaction with other people. It is much more interesting to live this way. Generally speaking, I can’t imagine how I could be living in conflicts, in some kind of quarrels. Well, what kind of life is that? It does not look like normal human life. Normal human life – it is when we do something together, interact in some way, ultimately, understand – there is the Spiritual World, there is this very deep inner perception of happiness, there is true life. This is precisely what a person acquires, and what I have personally understood for myself and have accepted such life as the natural one.

I understand that… well, this life of the material body will end, it will just pass away, and I will go on. All this gives me a life goal. Usually, when we observe in life, for some reason, people have lifeless eyes, especially elderly people. This is fear due to the lack of knowledge what will happen next…

Life, when you know that it will end… Afraid is the one who has no goal. What kind of life is this, when he knows that everything comes to an end?! He looks in a mirror, he is scared that he is changing. Wrinkles appear, some physical weariness emerges. He can no longer do what he did before. He starts being afraid of what is happening to him in general.

Fear of death overrides everything, it even overrides those years or months of life, which still remain for a person. He understands that life of the body is coming to an end, but he is scared because he doesn’t know what is next. But, exploring yourself and learning the ALLATRA science, you understand that life doesn’t end, in fact. Life is just beginning when the body ceases to exist. This Life must be discovered here.

A: There are no limits to learning. When you engage in spiritual practices, and, let’s say, you manage to tear yourself away from the body, you feel what this is when you are not attached to the body.

And when, later on, you come back as if into a suit that is too tight, that squeezes and suffocates you, and to this invisible slab over your head which is called “consciousness”, then you don’t have fear of transition. Because you understand that there all these things don’t exist there. That is, there are no these endless problems with the body there, no infinite confrontation with consciousness, and so on, and so forth.

V: There is freedom there.

A: Yes. Transition into the better is taking place. But again, one has to work on this. One has to gain personal experience, otherwise for a person, these will be just words… I will say about myself, that my life has changed, it is changing, and, as I understand, this is not the limit. Because, indeed, that way of life which I had before the AllatRa Knowledge, when I encountered it, and now – this… Everything is building up as Volodya has said, everything around the goal. Movement towards the goal – this is like movement of that very locomotive. While moving towards the goal, it draws all life circumstances and everything up to this goal. Why? Because, in actual fact, nothing prevents a person from developing spiritually.

For me, the uniqueness of the AllatRa book is that this book, if I may say so, it does not end. Meaning, it’s an infinite book, which contains much knowledge. Moreover, what attracts me personally is that it contains very good and deep energy, you know, as they say, between the lines. In other words, that which is laid out there between the lines, it makes my internal world unfold to the fullest extent possible. And I once already told about this, that one of the ways to be in spirit and to maintain myself in such, let’s say, an elevated spiritual state – it is reading the AllatRa book. That is, in addition to enrichment with knowledge for consciousness, meaning, with some facts, and so on and so forth, but you also tune quite well to that wave which is invisibly embedded there. As a matter of fact, this wave also exists both in the programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov and in the books by Anastasia Novykh.

But, most importantly, AllatRa for me is a key to Life, meaning, it’s a key with the help of which a person can indeed turn from an ordinary mortal creature into an immortal one. Absolutely all the keys are there. And I will tell you so, that as of today I’ve already lost count of how many times I have read it. That is, probably, the count is over twenty times, and I am reading it – and there’s something new every time. After all, as Igor Mikhailovich said in one of the programmes, that “it depends on which eyes you are looking with and which ears you are listening with”. Literally, as of today, I’ve come to an understanding that in this book, every letter is significant. That is, literally, some little emphasis, an ellipsis somewhere, open a boundless depth, some silent understanding of what lies behind this. This is certainly amazing. And I will tell you this way, that today I cannot live without this. That is, just as we feed the body, this is exactly what feeds the spirit. And, for all that, feeding the spirit, as we already understand today, is much more important than feeding the body.

V: Personal experience is what’s most valuable. Development of a Personality takes place only when the Personality takes active part in this, when there is this… And the Personality grows and evolves only when it gains experience through feelings, meaning, a person is being born spiritually.

A: I would like to add, I will tell about myself… I still have plenty of work on myself, and pridefulness is not dead yet. But, let’s say, it has already become very, very interesting. Say, if previously there were some misunderstandings, some hesitations, now already the process of polishing, accumulation of experience is simply going on. In other words, this is already really interesting. An understanding comes… again, we have talked with you about Allat. At a certain point, this also became a very deep understanding for me.

Unfortunately, our society is such that it is accustomed to appreciating material values, but is unaccustomed to appreciating spiritual values. Spiritual not in the sense of some works of art, icons, temples and some ritual buildings, but in the sense of spirituality, in the sense of these powers which indeed grant liberation to the Personality. After all, in actual fact, we are all here in order to learn to properly control our attention and to direct the powers of Allat where necessary, meaning, towards our spiritual liberation. Whereas, the system – it precisely does everything so that we spend this power on everything external. And a person stands on this edge, meaning, he is learning. Again, he has an experience of feelings states. When he’s in spirit and when he’s not in spirit – these are two different states. When you are in spirit, consciousness is silent, and you feel and understand that, except Love, nothing exists in this world. But when consciousness dominates in you, you, unfortunately, see, pardon me, only muck. Such contrasts give an understanding of what is what, and how one should work with this, why this happens, at which stages… And so, in such a way, somehow… little by little it is going on.

T: Thank you. In our turn, we would also like to share the experience of formation and development of our female group.

Zh: Yes, of course, and if to tell briefly, then… We have a purely female group. In the beginning, while the group was forming, then, clearly, various situations took place. Everybody certainly came with an open heart, but each person with her own aspiration. It turned out that consciousness of different people interpreted the desire to discover the spiritual together in different ways, because some wanted to learn some supernatural abilities, others wanted magic, for someone achievement of their own goals and implementation of desires in three-dimensionality was more important. Well, and some just couldn’t part with their pridefulness.

Although, certainly, it was pity that we had to part ways with those girls, since many of them had good potential. But there must be harmony in the group. Theory is theory. But if everyone strives for the same thing in practice – for spiritual work on oneself, for life within oneself by the Spiritual World, then the group is also like a single being. And, what’s most important, the results of each person mean strengthening of the potential of advancement of the group as a whole. But we still hope that for the girls whom we have parted with, for them everything will turn our fine, that they will achieve what they want on their own, and that eventually they will be able to overstep the illusions of their consciousness. 

And so, when there already formed a group of like-minded people for whom honesty, openness and, of course, the true desire to explore the spiritual path in practice prevailed, then the process of development of the group went on very fast. Practices started to go on totally differently. A collective experience emerged, and completely different questions began to arise, which were associated precisely with personal practical spiritual development. And to these specific questions, Igor Mikhailovich already gave specific answers. And much of what we learned at that time has been voiced in today’s programme. And this is very important for people, after all, it is a big spiritual help.

T: Yes, and already being at this stage, you understand mistakes, you understand the reasons why you previously got stuck at some stages. Well, and certainly the main reason is that you previously were not living by this in actual fact, that you did not work on yourself seriously, you didn’t apply in practice everything that had been said, everything that had been read, heard in the programmes with Igor Mikhailovich’s participation. You even understand how stupid were the questions which you might have wanted to ask Igor Mikhailovich then, the questions from consciousness. But at that time, they seemed important, meaningful to you, or rather not to you, but to your consciousness. And you didn’t know the Spirit in yourself yet. But now you understand that definitely, nobody will give spiritual answers to questions that come from consciousness. As we have confirmed for ourselves in practice: whichever is the question – so is the answer, from whom a question is coming – that’s the one Igor Mikhailovich responds to.

IM: Quite right.

Zh: Yes, now you simply work on yourself, you simply act out of the deepest feelings. You have no questions as before, from the mind, from consciousness. You just seek unity which ensues from the fact that you are in a continuous dialogue with God and in the fact that it is indeed happening every day. You don’t look for, say, a specially assigned time or, say, in fragments somehow – “to work on myself”, “not to work on myself”, or, say, “now I am doing this, later I won’t be doing this”. No. It’s a decision made once, only it is mature, it is a profound, inner decision. You simply remain faithful to yourself in this decision, you remain faithful to God. That is, you don’t betray yourself, you serve God, you serve the Spiritual World, here and now.

T: Absolutely right. And there’s no such thing as you serve today and don’t serve tomorrow. Well, what does this mean? That’s not a choice.

Zh: Yes. Now, you really understand the reasons and mistakes of the past compared to the present. For example, many of us previously attended Volodya’s classes, and Andrei’s classes, and also those of other people. But every time, there was a surge, there was some theoretical understanding, there were some initial practical attempts. But later on, there came a point of marking time. Such time-marking state sometimes lasted for years. Meaning, you seemed to be aspiring, you were holding on to these groups, to the leaders, as to a lifeline, but you felt that there was no advancement, that some stagnation was taking place. 

T: Yes. You moved from one group to another, trying to find a way out of this blind alley, hoping for something, but hoping in the external, that somebody will help you.

Zh: But it is only now that you understand why this was, in fact, happening. And this situation, in actual fact, fractally repeats itself in the world in various organisations, in groups, by and large, where people collectively aspire to follow the spiritual path, where consciousness, as an obstacle, stands in the way, like Igor Mikhailovich said. Therefore, we consider it necessary to examine this at greater length, let it be on particular examples, on the examples of our good friends, like-minded people, for example, Volodya and Andrei. What is obvious, what is felt now, at which stage they came to a standstill, and consequently this became a standstill for those who follow them, so that this experience would be nothing but helpful for them and for many other people.

Well, Volodya tells a lot of theoretical things. And for those who are starting on the path, it is important, it is interesting. One should indeed have great patience in order to answer all those numerous beginners’ questions, questions from consciousness, “Who am I? Why am I not making progress in mediation? And, here, I have such an everyday situation or in dealings with loved ones, what should I do?”, or “Well, they don’t understand me”, or “And how can I be happy?”, well, and many other questions. Therefore, we should do justice to Volodya’s courage. He hears everyone out, he patiently answers the questions from people’s consciousness. And as an initial, as a preliminary stage – this is good. But later on, you no longer understand why a year passes, two years, and you are still in the same place where you were. Well, you feel that the first breakthrough did take place, but there is no further growth. You hear the same examples as you heard before. You hear the same theory as you heard before. But somehow you don’t understand what you’re doing wrong, what’s the problem? Why are you standing still? Why is there no movement forward?

Volodya, as the group leader, tells a lot of theoretical things. But what does he live by in actual fact? After all, we are saying this not because the problem is with Volodya, this problem applies to many people… So, as for precisely practical experience, many people stop exactly at the aspiration for achieving a state of peace, a state of comfort, improvement of relationships with people, meaning, at the aspiration to resolve a conflict situation in three-dimensionality peacefully via tranquility. And they tell other people about this. After all, answering another person’s question, you first and foremost proclaim precisely that which you understand in yourself, what concerns you, how you would like to resolve this within yourself. That is, these people content themselves with an illusion of life. Therefore, many of their examples are no different from table talks. This is as if relatives have simply gathered at one table, and each person would recall something edifying from their life in three-dimensionality: who you were before, how you were resolving conflicts, and what feats you performed in three-dimensionality. Whereas, in the spiritual, and this is strongly felt, there is merely a desire to be like this, a theoretical intention from consciousness and a suggestion to yourself that you are following the spiritual path, that you are evolving.

But, in real fact, it is a stage of hovering between autogenic training and meditation. This is life by consciousness, this is doubts and fear inside. That is why there is a desire in meditation to achieve at least peace and balance. It is a constant inculcation just like in autogenic training, as Volodya has said today that, “One should give oneself a clear directive. Stop. That’s it. I do have feelings. They haven’t disappeared anywhere. I am heading for the Spiritual World. I don’t judge anyone, I don’t aim for anywhere except that I have a single vector – the vector towards the spiritual” After all, this is just auto-suggestion. And as for the initial stage of restraining one’s own consciousness, the stage of autogenic training - it is good. But, unfortunately, many stop at that. And consciousness continues to further roll the film, that is why people often think that they are working on the spiritual. But, in actual fact, these are just attempts to get rid of inner fears which their consciousness imposes on them. That’s why they are afraid to take the next step, because their consciousness, which opposes everything spiritual in a person, is being activated.

These are just hopes for life by spiritual reality, for life by spiritual joy, but it is not Life itself. It is shifting the responsibility onto someone who serves as a role model for you, the responsibility for you to be saved. “But salvation is everyone’s personal affair”, as Igor Mikhailovich once said to us.

That is why in theory these people also talk about life in a dialogue with God, about life by perception through feelings, and about life by Spirit, as well as about the fact that “it is normal, it is natural”, that one should “return to this state”, that “one should not let it go”. But in practice, this understanding is still from consciousness, this understanding still lives in three-dimensionality.

This is a stage when a person through altered state of consciousness just strives to reach that peace that Igor Mikhailovich was talking about, it is when “you are neither here nor there”. But what does prevent one from moving further? Fear. Fear from consciousness to lose something in three-dimensionality, fear of death, fear of losing some contrived by people themselves image from consciousness, fear to look somehow not right in front of other people, in front of loved ones, being afraid of the opinion… opinion of their consciousness. Meaning, fear of the external is taking place when it comes to the internal. But here you decide for yourself what you need more: external conformity with images of three-dimensionality, games with the masks of the system or in actual fact, Life by this inner freedom - freedom from fears and illusions, Life in practice, Life by the Spirit.

While Andrei has another situation, and this situation is common to many people. Here we can feel  the practical experience of work on oneself, that is why there are many sensible practical examples, the ones that are interesting both to hear and to keep in mind for one’s own practice. But what often appears in Andrei’s explanations? The fact that one can hear about a constant fight, about opposition to the Animal nature, about “replenishment with Allat powers”, “a fight for Allat powers”, about the fact that these powers are needed for spiritual growth of the Personality, that a person is able to feel them entering. All this is right, there is an understanding of the value of Allat powers. But it is just a certain stage, the stage when a person has got in touch with the invisible world, with all this... magic from consciousness. And at this stage, as Igor Mikhailovich said, is “hunting for Allat powers”. This is a stage of hovering between  meditation and spiritual practice. This is just one of the stages when a person gets stuck in this fight with his own Animal nature. And many encounter this.

It is just one of the tricks of consciousness: accumulation of powers and constant fight. But when a person fights, then there is no true Love in him. He just invests all his attention into this fight, rather than into multiplying his own spiritual Love. Although, in actual fact, everything is simple. When you live in multiplying God’s Love, then there is vigil and there is no exhausting fight.  You are multiplying this divine Love in yourself while immersing in the inner Source - the Source which is in you, the true, boundless one. You don’t seek in the external that which you have inside of you.

But what is also wonderful is the fact that Andrei speaks honestly, the way it is, what is happening to him, what kind of difficulties he encounters. He is not afraid of other people’s opinions, he in front of everyone tears the mask of consciousness, the mask of the system, off himself. He, of course, is still living by consciousness, but he is already striving to live by inner processes also. Why is this valuable? Because, for example, just imagine, that if now a member of the clergy, doesn’t matter of which religious organisation, would just come out in front of people and would honestly say  to his flock: ”I am sorry, but I don’t know, I am in doubt. I don’t know whether God exists or God doesn’t exist. But I truly hope, I truly believe in the fact that He exists. But I don’t know so far how to live by Spirit, to live by Truth, in freedom, in God’s Love. My demons prevent me from understanding this. I just have fear. I‘ve learned the theory, but I don’t have spiritual practice. But I am striving, I want… Well, let’s try together, let’s pray, let’s perform some rituals which our fathers and grandfathers performed in the hopes of getting into heaven, maybe something will work out for us, too…”What do you think consciousness would tell the flock about such a clergyman? Well, that is why members of the clergy wear the masks of “spiritual omniscience”.

And this problem is on a very large scale. Because clergymen of different religions, who truly strive for God, are getting stuck precisely in this exhausting fight with their own demons. Here, you just think of it: millions of clergymen behind whom there are billions of believers. This is how people live: some suffer in doubt under the masks of images while others play with false hopes, shifting the responsibility onto someone, believing in these empty images.

There is also another trick of consciousness, by which people get caught quite willingly. This is what became clear to us at the stage of formation of our group, when some of our girls visited a person who got stuck at extrasensory perception himself, meaning he got seized with thirst for secret power over people through magic, well, that’s precisely what lured some of the girls. But there, it was only theory and illusions, this was just a desire to seem rather than to be, these were just personal fears from consciousness, but no more than that.

T: Yes. Here, by the way, Igor Mikhailovich, we would be very grateful if you, perhaps a little later, would tell in more detail about the harmfulness of magic. It’s just that people misunderstand very many things in these matters, they don’t understand what they are doing in actual fact.

IM: Certainly…

Zh: Yes, it’s an important point… We would also like to note that during the period of our running back and forth and search among groups, we witnessed many times how in various groups people were simply choosing themselves who would lead the class that day. And some people were afraid of overstepping their fear, they were afraid of overstepping, possibly, to a certain extent, their laziness, they were simply afraid of taking responsibility upon themselves. Whereas, for others it was the opposite. But what jumped out at us was that it was not those people who had good progress in practices, who were chosen, not those who had something to share in terms of their recently acquired practical experience, but those were chosen who were acquainted with Volodya or somebody else. A special priority was given to the one who knew Igor Mikhailovich personally.

T: Yes, but as Igor Mikhailovich once told us, that “many people are at times near me, but this indicates nothing. Don’t create authorities for yourselves and don’t draw images, because nobody will pass your way for you.”

IM: Absolutely right.

Zh: Yes. And, actually, many people, after all, set hopes upon images from their consciousness, while consciousness is, at that time, amusing itself with secret hopes and pridefulness. Whereas, at such a time the person is not living by the spiritual, but only engages in it. Therefore, time passes, and these people have no results, because they still live to the dictation of consciousness. Thus, inside them, there live fear and doubts, misunderstanding of the Spiritual World in practice, and this is strongly felt. Let’s even take such examples known to us. No matter how people repeat from their mind what Igor Mikhailovich has said, and some even claim this knowledge as their own experience, all the same, it is felt that they broadcast not from the Spirit, but from consciousness, tell about things which they don’t live by in practice themselves. At this time, people who listen to them, if consciousness dominates in them too, then they create out of them images of those who these people are not in their essence. But this will continue until people learn to feel the truth.

There is a big difference when a person is broadcasting from the Spirit, and when he is simply conveying even important information, but from his consciousness. When words from consciousness are sounding, then a person seems to be saying important things, you are listening, he seems to be giving useful advice, but you understand that it is sort of superficial, sort of theoretical. That is, the content is interesting, the speaker’s words sound right, but they are empty and ordinary, there is no power behind them. And when broadcasting takes place from the Spirit, then people feel it right away, feel this very difference, they feel that there’s power in these words. Why does this happen?

Here, as Igor Mikhailovich has said, when consciousness starts being endowed with power from the Spirit, then the word gains weight. And then already a totally different question arises: what prevails in that person who is listening to this word? After all, if he is a slave of consciousness, if the Animal nature predominates in him, then, of course, this entire negativity from the Animal nature, from consciousness, rises inside him, and at the same time this thirst for possessing the same power of the word emerges. Meaning, a hunt for the powers of Allat begins. At that, consciousness starts thrashing about in questions, “Well, where is sorcery here? Well, where is magic here?” After all, consciousness understands nothing else. But all its thrashing takes place within the limits of three-dimensionality. That is, it searches, “Perhaps this is a timbre, perhaps this is a tempo, maybe some frequencies, well, and maybe some other influence?”

But when the Spiritual nature prevails in a person as a listener, then the Spirit is communicating with the Spirit. An invisible spiritual assistance is being rendered to those who really crave for being in connection with the Spiritual World, crave for Living in Spirit. And they don’t care about the way this will take place, because at this moment they are absorbed in the process itself, in that which the eye doesn’t see and the ear doesn’t hear. They are absorbed in spiritual Love, in “what God has prepared for those who love Him”.

T: Yes, and one should not build images in three-dimensionality. Because images stimulate either human pridefulness and activate this entire negativity of consciousness, that very envy, that very hatred, anger, appraisal, comparison. Or people deify this three-dimensional image, and consciousness already creates false hopes, it builds out of it a false support based on illusions, a support on the image. It endows it with those qualities which one or another person has never had. And that’s the kind of thoughts which consciousness throws in to a person, “If this person is benevolent towards me, then he will save me, and my spirituality near him will be higher than that of others.” Meaning, there is false hope and pridefulness, but nothing more.

And so, if a person is a slave of consciousness, then consciousness is simply rolling an illusory film of images for him, and ones invented by itself at that. The person lives by these images. Consciousness creates images of other people and endows them with such qualities that they don’t even possess. Consciousness creates images, makes one worship them, worship exactly images, not people, it sucks one into this quagmire of existence, where it will be very difficult for them to escape from, and even then, only if they are lucky. It is consciousness that needs some hierarchy, some elevation of one person over another. And it is exactly consciousness that dictates to a person so that he would shift the responsibility for his spiritual development to somebody else.

Say, a very good example in practice was shown by Igor Mikhailovich himself, an example of how one should destroy images created by consciousness, when in the “Unity” programme he said, “I am an ordinary man, an ordinary masseur. What nimbuses? There is nothing here, except calluses on my hands.”

And you know, this surprised my consciousness then, too. But now an understanding has already come that this was said so that human consciousness would not build images, so that it would not create broken crutches, false hopes in people. People must evolve spiritually themselves, not feed consciousness with hopes, but develop in themselves the deepest feelings of true Love in the Eternal, Boundless World instead of searching for some temporary supports in illusory and finite three-dimensionality.

Zh: Yes. Once Igor Mikhailovich gave an important understanding, “Look at a person not through consciousness, not by image, not by clothes, and not by words. Learn to feel. The Spiritual World does not lie. No matter who is speaking, what and how nicely he is saying it, but you feel how it is in reality. Approach your life responsibly.”

IM: Quite right.


VIDEO No. 11

The stay of a person in the subway as an association with life of a person in the three-dimensional world. While residing in it, a person should not forget that the period of stay in the material world - this is a temporary phenomenon. The most important thing is what you have enriched yourself with, how you have grown spiritually while being in the three-dimensional confined space where only directional signs serve as a reference point on the spiritual path. The choice remains with the person.

Signs in various subway locations along the person’s route.

“Here and now”. “What do people not see?” “ALLATRA sign”. “Matter is secondary”. “Just Love”. “New knowledge in the “PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS” report. “The Truth is one for everyone”. “Who are you?!” “Remember. The system is a liar. Three-dimensionality is an illusion”. “Live by the truth of the Spiritual World”. “AllatRa. Good begets Good!” “The book ‘AllatRa’”. “Spiritual Love is the foundation of Life Eternal”. “Love lives in you”. Scenes from the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive”, Igor Mikhailovich says, “When the Personality cognizes that which it must cognize, it becomes liberated of these illusions…”. “Exit beyond the limits of the system.” “True freedom is inside of you”. “Live by the Spirit. It is easy.” Scenes from the video of Allatrushka song “Good is here and now, look…”.
“Uniting the world together”. “The real happiness is to Love, to be Grateful, to Live by the Spirit. GOODNESS.” “It is impossible to study the system while being inside of it.” “Figure yourself out, and you will understand who you actually are. Anastasia Novykh”. “Just don’t serve the system. Live.” “The Spiritual world is real.” “The three-dimensional world is an illusion.” “Do not wait. Move forward.”

“Be honest at least with yourself.” “There is no fear in Love.” “Study how your consciousness operates.” “Don’t be the system’s slave.” “Important! Consciousness is a part of the system.” “Freedom is attained through labour.” “Live by the inner deepest feelings.” “A thought is a part of the material world.” “Leave doubts behind.”

“Dear friends! You are using public transportation. Let’s show Humaneness and kind attentive attitude towards each other. Good begets Good!” “Switch your mental evil words to kind words, instead of envy - be sincerely happy for another person’s success. Instead of empty evil gossip, better go and DO GOOD to other people, simply, quietly and selflessly. Anastasia Novykh.”

An excerpt from the programme “Life”, Igor Mikhailovich Danilov says, “It is incredibly difficult to describe that world by means of these tools (words and the like). It is much easier to let a person feel. But this is possible only when he wants it.” “There is always a way out.” “Who are you? A human is much more than just a body, thoughts, and emotions.” “How to defeat oneself. Practice and experience from spiritual history.” “Studying the system from outside. Primary and secondary consciousness. Experience and practice.” “How can a Personality liberate itself from slavery of consciousness.” “Life of a Personality beyond the limits of three-dimensionality.” “How a Personality lives by the Spiritual World.”

“‘AllatRa’ - the book that changes the world! For the first time, a picture of a human soul. What happens to a person after the death of his physical body? How to find an inner support and stay steady in the face of troubles of the external world? How to control negative thoughts and emotions. Defeat yourself!”

“ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement”


  5. UNITY

“Everything good starts with, in the first place, purity of one’s own thoughts. Anastasia Novykh.” “Good is where You are.” “ALLATRA SCIENCE. ‘As it is said, when you hold in your hands the universal keys (knowledge about the foundations of elementary particles), then you can open any door (to micro- and macro-world)’. PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS.”

“You yourself make the choice: to Live or to exist.”


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