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The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the text presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).


Spiritual development of the Personality

in practice — it is creation

in spiritual Love.


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T: Igor Mikhailovich, when you first told us about the primary and secondary consciousness, this understanding helped a lot in practice during the day, in work on yourself, in a more in-depth understanding of how the mechanism of that same auto-training and meditation works and in general, how much spiritual practice differs from them. Although at the beginning of the programme we have already mentioned these tools, but could you elaborate on the understanding of the work with these tools in the light of knowledge about the primary and the secondary consciousnesses?

IM: Yes, of course. This is also an interesting point, if we analyze the tools that people use to cognize the Spiritual World. Let's start with the simple ones. Autogenic training... What is autogenic training and based on what does it function? After all, autogenic training in itself is exactly an awareness of oneself, the shifting of your "I" from the secondary consciousness to the primary consciousness and work with the primary consciousness at the level of the primary consciousness. That is why it is an important tool, and it has existed in all spiritual practices. Now we call it autogenic training in some transformed, altered form, thanks to Schultz, as we have already said. But it works at the level of the primary consciousness, that is why various changes in the body and the like happen.

Meditation - it is also working via the primary consciousness, but it is already observation of the secondary consciousness. If auto-training is simpler - we sort of turn off the secondary consciousness, do not pay attention to it, and work with the help of the primary consciousness with our body, that is, it is an understandable process, a simple and easy one. But meditation is a more difficult practice. We work with the help of the primary consciousness with the secondary consciousness, we are studying the system. Meaning, we, being practically in the system, going deeper, going out of it only a little, we begin to study it, but without harm to ourselves. We can already cognize more complex processes and can reach the level of the sixth dimension. This is what we have talked about: magic and everything else. All the highest magic remains at the level of the sixth dimension. The system itself simply can not go beyond the sixth dimension. And meditation in itself, whatever it is, it just remains a meditation. This is work at the level of the primary consciousness, just so this is clear. As it is said, you can not achieve salvation with it, but you can achieve peace.

The state of peace - it is... after death, when a person becomes a subpersonality, he is a sort of asleep, a sleeping subpersonality, there are no torments. But anyway, it is still a kind of death, because there is still self-identification. Well, it is like anabiosis of some kind. But what is the point of it if one can Live and Love? Why would one not exist?

Zh: Well, yes, and to use these meditative techniques to achieve this peace - it is simply a waste of powers, it is diligence out of ignorance. In fact, this is just the consciousness closing in on itself. But when consciousness closes in on itself, what will happen? After all, like begets like.

T: Yes. Awareness and understanding also resulted from what Igor Mikhailovich had already said at the beginning of the programme, that spiritual practice  - “it is the exit of the Personality beyond those limits within which consciousness can function." And much is said by this as help for someone who practices.

IM: Of course. Spiritual practice is performed already at the level of the Personality. This is exactly what develops the Personality. This is already the observation of the primary consciousness, of the secondary consciousness, of all their combinations, manifestations, it is self-awareness of oneself as of a part of the Spiritual World. It is the perception of the Spiritual World. Well, and as the ultimate goal - it is a merging with the Spiritual World or becoming a part of It. This is already the maturation of the Personality. Everything is simple.

Zh: Yes. At one time, for me it was an important understanding in practice, which you have once voiced, that the Personality does not contemplate the Spiritual world, it lives by it.

IM: Yes. The Personality does not contemplate that world, it lives by it. And the difference is huge. It perceives with the entire spectrum, the one that the consciousness does not have, that the human body does not have. Well, it's hard to explain it to people, it's better to experience it. They say: "What does a person experience when happiness comes?" - "Well, what do you mean what? Happiness". - "And what is happiness?" - "You know, you better experience it yourself."

Zh: Yes, happiness can not be temporary. And for yourself, in practice, you already understand that to live by happiness or to only temporarily experience it for short moments - the difference in this is huge.

T: That's right. At the initial stages of mastering the spiritual practice, it also happens that you feel good, but at the same it’s like you… are not there, as if you’ve disappeared, like emptiness. But at the same time, you feel so good, you feel deeply that you are in contact with something new, joyful, dear.

IM: But the question is: are you not there or has the consciousness fallen off? You see? Naturally, your actors have become silent, the theater disappeared, and life began. But this is not you, these are actors who are not there anymore or one of your earthly "I". You can call it by different names, but these are just words.

T: That is true, and this is simply an unforgettable feeling of freedom, freedom from the power of the consciousness... Igor Mikhailovich, there is another question that people ask in letters: about  prayer. What is prayer as a spiritual tool? And is it possible to achieve merging of the Personality with the Soul by means of prayer?

IM: What is prayer? Prayer, in fact, goes through many of these stages. Most often, prayer is performed to the dictation of the secondary consciousness. Can there be any use? No. But a deeper, more serious expression of prayerful states is performed at the level of the primary consciousness. This is what is called a meditation. Drawing such a parallel gives an understanding.

Any religion can lead to God, we have already talked about this, and talked more than once. There are no bad religions, there are people who are lost. Religion can not be bad. And the world can not be bad, people can be bad, because they listen to the consciousness that tells them... Again, consciousness does not offer bad things all the time. It sometimes also offers good things. Choose good, and it will be good. It is just that often, to achieve the desire, which was imposed on us by the secondary consciousness, exactly for this achievement we often act exactly badly. Well, but it's our choice, right? Again, what we choose is what we get.

So, is it possible to achieve the merging of the Personality with the Soul by means of prayer? Of course, it is. There is one the most complicated and the simplest prayer - Jesus’ prayer. (If you think deeply about how these stages go and look who and how described these states, who really performed it and who reached these states ... In fact, there were only few such people, and thousands and thousands of those who said that they have cognized something). Just as in spiritual practices, the principle is the same. There is a repetition of Jesus' prayer, aspiration and Love for Him, arising such that ... Again, what do we come to? We come to Love.

Real, true, sincere Love - this is Love for God. Naturally, if you start to endeavour, as they used to say, "to love God with all your heart" ... And Jesus' prayer leads to this, precisely to the revival of the inner perception through feelings of the World of God - this is Love and Gratitude towards Him. Nothing is there, there is Love and Gratitude. Everything else - it is an illusion in relation to the Spiritual World. And when this feeling arises, it is exactly a merging. Is it difficult? No, it's not difficult. Just like spiritual practices, are they difficult? No, they are not difficult.

And what is difficult? Living by the consciousness is difficult. It is it that tells that it is impossible. Why? Because for any, be it primary or be it secondary consciousness, the entry into the Spiritual World is closed. That is exactly why consciousness opposes. It is always against the Personality becoming what we call the Angels, because for consciousness - it is death.

There are at least two "I" in a person, although consciousness can create multitude of these "I”. This is known from the examples of the development of various diseases or special manipulations with a person, when on the basis of  primary consciousness it is possible to create as many of these "I" as you wish, even a dozen.

T: But the concept of "love"... Very often people mistake earthly love for true Love.

IM: Again, the concept of "love". Love as an earthly concept is most often dictated by the primary consciousness as a need for reproduction, meaning, for copying likes of a kind. The system is also greatly interested in this. Or it is dictated by the secondary consciousness as a desire to dominate, possess and so on. Then through the prism of consciousness love looks more colorful, but it is fleeting.

And true Love is Love only for God and Love for everyone in the Spiritual World.

Zh: Yes. Love for God and for everyone who is in the Spiritual World.

T: We already talked about this, that the system promotes through the consciousness of people that a person allegedly does not have freedom of choice, that he is supposedly a slave to God.

 Zh: Yes, but what does the system passes over in silence? The fact that freedom is only in the spiritual and that there is another perception of the Personality, a state that arises from contact with the Divine, thanks to the deepest perception through feelings, thanks to the immense Love for God. And there is no fear in this Love. Fear is imposed by the very system, through consciousness it forces people not to love God but to fear. And precisely to be afraid of Him as high and almighty but in the understanding of the system, in the understanding of power, but not as in reality - in the greatness and omnipotence of His infinite Love. The system does not know the reality of the Spiritual world, the reality of the real Life.

 T: Yes, because the lot of the system is perishable and mortal. And from here comes the substitution of spiritual fundamentals and understandings by the consciousness. After all, even the service to God consciousness turns into the lot of slaves... And that is interesting... because in ancient times the domain of a prince was called "the lot". But, in fact, it is really so that this three-dimensional world is the domain of the slaves of the prince of this world.

IM: You noticed it absolutely right. And here again there is a substitution coming from consciousness, and a very cruel one, that "all those who serve God are His slaves."

T: Because consciousness always stands against God. People often do not understand when the bots of consciousness speak in them, and where there is that inner sincere impulse to God, the impulse that comes from within. After all, if you have fear of God, if you as a slave are afraid of God then you do not love Him and He does not see you.

IM: Yes. The substitution coming from the consciousness that all those who serve God are His slaves. This is a misunderstanding of God. And such a poisonous content was allowed in the minds of people that a person must fear God. And this kills the very desire of the Personality to seek God. Why? When the immature Personality through the consciousness is dictated that it must fear God...

T: ... yes, then the attention of a person already focuses on fear instead of Love, meaning, draining the power of attention to the system happens. And this causes even greater fear instead of Love.

IM: That is right. And you can come to God only through Love, there is no other way. Only through the Truth, through cognition. Cognition can only come through Love.

T: Yes, and you need to multiply your Love every day. This is work. And people want for a person to bang… and instantly become a spiritually developed Personality.

IM: It is only in extremely exceptional cases that such gifts are given to certain Personalities. That aside a person must walk this path himself. He must choose to serve, based on the contract when people wanted to fight the devil in flesh, earning the Love of God. Again, it is not that God will love them, but the acquisition of the Love of God, to become this Love.

The most repulsive that was introduced by Ariman into religion is the fear of God. When you fear someone you cannot Love him, Love sincerely for real. You will be afraid of him. And if you fear God you will never come to Him.

God should be Loved. God is Love. When you are filled with Love, you are with God. Even the understanding of Love was substituted...

Therefore, a human cannot be a slave of God. A human becomes a slave of the devil when he lives by the material world and its values. That is true. In this case he is definitely foredoomed, his destiny. That is, the fate of a slave is predetermined. And if you consider the ordinary, simplified understanding, then a person can become a part of the Spiritual World, meaning, he returns to his family, that is in the human understanding. But he can not be a slave in his family. What kind of a family is this if I am a slave in it? Well, even coming from the directives of consciousness. And how can I love my family if I fear it?

T: That is right... Here is another about God's Love. Igor Mikhailovich, you have mentioned more than once in the programmes that true Love in the spiritual history of mankind was often associated with the flaming heat, with fiery Love.

IM: Why did people who actually in practice achieved a spiritual awakening, no matter what religion they professed, they mentioned fire? And this fire was always described in unusual colors. They called it "burning fire, but not singeing", called it "the purest fire" and the like. This concept of fire - is of what gives rise to Life, and here they mentioned it as primary forces or primary energy. Associatively, at the level of consciousness... Associatively, because a person who experienced this all at the level of feelings, and trying to explain it to others, he chooses an association of some power and what it resembles. Water cannot be - it flows. And what a person experiences and more understandable, especially in the first stages - he experiences this even at a physical level... Yes, you even know it yourself when this manifestation takes place, filling with the Spirit, then what does the body experience? It feels this heat like a fire burning inside. But it does not singe. It is joyful and blissful. It is pure. This association of this primary fire that is perceived by the consciousness... It was once called the power of Allat.

Z: Yes, and this unforgettable experience of the first contact with the Spiritual world, when for the first time you experience this enormous unearthly happiness, you feel this blissful heat of Love, which you haven’t known before, the real, inexhaustible Love. And this joy overwhelms you so much that even the body feels it. Because this heat, it is so... true, so sincere, it is expanding, it is so voluminous. The purity itself, it is purer than pure.

Subsequently, when you live by the Spiritual world, then this heat disappears in such a strong manifestation, but it goes to the depths and becomes your integral part. And there in the depths it is constantly present, constantly there, it is expanding you from within. And it does not matter whether it is day or night, as if you are wrapped up in it. It reappears in its entirety only when there is this significant strengthening or manifestation of the spiritual side here, meaning, when there is presence from the Spiritual World here.

T: Yes. It was also noticed from the practical experience that when you live by the Spiritual World, the feeling of loneliness simply disappears. Prior to this, there was a constant sense of loneliness coming from the consciousness, a feeling of separation in the physical world. Well, it would seem, even when you are in the circle of the closest people. But it was always there. Somehow, you were distracted by some pictures from the consciousness, somehow this state was smoothed out. But a particularly vivid understanding of this loneliness was at the very first stages of a practical work on yourself. It is a very strange feeling: it seems you are among people but as if in the desert.

But then in practice the understanding came that the feeling of loneliness is a state of consciousness, it is its function of separation, fragmentation, and it is built on the emotion of the primary consciousness. But you already choose the other, because you already know the other. You know the joy and fullness of Life, life by the Spirit, life by the Spiritual World, where you are one with the whole Spiritual world and with the spiritual manifestation here.

Z: Yes, I absolutely agree with you. And this joy is so overwhelming, this state is so pleasant when you are truly Alive, and you Live by it. And it is so strong and beautiful... Even the consciousness perceives this force of Allat. And what is also interesting, the understanding comes in practice, why the sign of Allat was drawn as the crescent specifically horned up. It is like a bowl. And when you experience this unforgettable first experience of contact with the Spiritual world, then you feel how the cup-shaped filling occurs just below the solar plexus. You fill like a cup, and in this cup there is the blessed fire, you will not name it otherwise. Consciousness understands that "this is a body, not a cup". But when you close your eyes, you feel completely different. This feeling... You feel this invisible cup. You understand that it emanates this heat of inexhaustible Love, true Love. And this Love is so sincere... You understand that it is true. In this Love... is God.

This feeling... a cup, a crescent, Allat... That is, as if inside of you there is a voluminous sign that radiates this boundless Love... Even consciousness notes it. And you understand why Allat is the cup that radiates this infinite Love. And from here, obviously, this sign originates - a sign of Allat, that is from the practical spiritual experience of people. And this is clearly not just a drawing. Now you understand this in practice. You know that this is a real spiritual experience. This is the experience of those who have become free throughout history. And, obviously, they marked it as the first experience of spiritual contact with the Endless World. This experience cannot be confused with anything, you will never forget it. It is always with you.

T: Yes well, the most valuable and important signs of antiquity are found everywhere. The sign of Allat (crescent horned upwards) after all is found practically on all continents on artifacts, on sacred objects of ancient peoples. And in many religions it is said of fire as the beginning of the world, meaning by this the divine powers of Allat. That is, everything starts from this, which is from this feeling of the inner heat of human Love for God...

IM: Quite right. And "this fire burning inside", this "manifestation, filling with the Spirit" – afterwards was called different names. But, after all, the name "Allat" is more correct. And this sign of Allat - the crescent horned upwards, it was everywhere.

T: Yes, there are many examples of this: from the rock paintings, which are tens of thousands of years old (about the origin of which nothing is known except the time of their creation), to the artifacts of different beliefs, cultures, civilizations, world religions, notably recent ones meaning dating five millennia back. It is clear that the consciousness, of course, has wiped much out, has perverted much, changed, let us say, to "its own discretion", more precisely, to the discretion of the system, and turned into ritual. But the very fact…



The video demonstrates a wide variety of artifacts with the signs of Allat and AllatRa, which are the cultural heritage of different eras, beliefs, religions and civilizations. The signs of Allat and AllatRa are found everywhere: in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and Oceania, North and South America.

T: Judging by the accumulated artefacts, the spiritual experience and practice is what the human of the Paleolithic era was striving for, and the human of the modern era strives for. And it doesn't matter where the human body is: in a cave marked with signs recording the spiritual experience of past generations, or in a temple filled with books of religious experience of people of the past. It is important, where actually the person was as a Personality: in the symbols of dead three-dimensionality listening to the interpretations of consciousness, or in the practice of Life by the Spirit? Simply put, what did he live by: consciousness or the Spirit?

And it is interesting that earlier it was easier for a person with regard to spiritual cognition than when the process of significant complication of primordial Knowledge through the prism of consciousness began. I will give a simple example. About seven thousand years ago in the east of Europe the well-known Cucuteni-Trypillian civilization flourished, which built the largest cities at that time. And it was a highly developed civilization, which existed peacefully for millennia. So, according to the found artifacts of this culture, the signs of Allat, AllatRa were one of the main ones. They were placed in ornaments, and in patterns of wall painting, on festive, on ritual dishes, on objects, in adornment...

IM: The sign of Allat - it was like a reminder of the acquisition of the Love of God, to become this... about the true fire, that is, as a descending fire that descends as the Spirit and fills you up, and what you must Live by.

T: Yes, and while studying this culture you understand that such a reminder was everywhere in society. In those very houses, it was painted in an honorable place, put on a stove that radiates heat, so that a human warms himself not only bodily, but also spiritually. Meaning, he constantly supported within himself this divine fire, the fire of Love for God. Signs AllatRa and Allat were put on the tops and roofs of houses. Meaning, they were everywhere. They served as a reminder of the main goal of a person's life: to become Alive from the dead. Judging by the symbols on artifacts and the peculiarities of existence of this civilization, it is clear that the spiritual Knowledge there was indeed practiced.

IM: Well it is natural, because the spiritual prevailed over the material, not as it is now.

 T: Yes. The sign of Allat, as mentioned in the book "AllatRa", in subsequent times also represented the primary energy, the divine forces. It was a symbol for practitioners, for those who have been enriching with spiritual experience.

 Z: Yes, and it was such a spiritual reminder of eternal Life here and now.

T: Yes. The sign of Allat served as a daily reminder, but it was not as an icon for the majority now... There really is a significant difference here: because today icons for most people are a reminder of a request, of assistance in three-dimensional life, begging God for something either for themselves or for their loved ones, requesting as to a higher authority.

 Z: Yes, unfortunately... And all this is built on emotions from consciousness: on hope, on fear. And earlier the very sign of Allat - it was a sign for people living in different parts of the world, as a reminder of primordial Knowledge, of multiplying their inner spiritual heat of Love for God, that is, a reminder of the spiritual development of the Personality. And mainly it was precisely the signs that conveyed the spiritual meaning and essence of knowledge that were understood in every corner of the world. And not as it is now: symbols of three-dimensionality, images with facial features that coincide with the external phenotypic features of local peoples. Meaning, there was no division of the primordial Knowledge, there was no division of it being the property of one or another people.

T: Yes. So when did the Trypillian culture fall into decay? When the militant cultures replaced it, that is, those generations who already lost Knowledge, and those who were controlled by the consciousness of the Animal mind. Those who with the help of consciousness as a slave of the system turned knowledge into magic, into religion, into scientific skepticism, those who created social hierarchies and developed control systems built on hope and fear.

IM: Absolutely right.

T: And still, despite such an interference by consciousness, people even then remembered about the Source, the Life giving one. And the same can also be observed not only from those artefacts and remains of the ancient civilizations which had existed before the Trypillian culture. This can also be observed from the echoes of primordial Knowledge which were embedded into the foundation of teachings of any given religion that have existed in the last five thousand years and have already been significantly worked over by the consciousness.

For example, in the Hindu philosophy as well as in Buddhism, to this day there is such a concept as “maya” which has several meanings. On the one hand, it is viewed as illusiveness of the perceived world. And in another meaning, it was connected to the world power which creates the changing nature but has God’s invariability itself. In essence, this is the attribute of the powers of Allat, those primary energies, out of which everything in this world is interwoven. And it is considered that when this power is used for divine purposes, then it brings a wonderful transformation, and it was associated with a divine woman, meaning, a goddess whose attribute was the sign of Allat. Well, and when this power is used by the demons, then “maya” already turns into deceit, into substitution, into a witching transformation. As we remember from the “AllatRa” book, the crescent signs are also known since ancient times, turned in a certain direction depending on their meaning, that is, indications at the field structures of the human construction: the lateral and the back Essences.

But the most interesting part is the mention and the meaning of the goddess’ protecting veil - this is illusiveness of the entire perceived world, which conceals under a seeming multitude its real essence - Brahman, meaning, the One, the higher God as the only reality.

Zh: Yes. In general, the Holy Mother with a protecting veil, an attribute of which is a semi-crescent with its horns pointing up, meaning, the sign of Allat - this is a fairly widespread image in cultures and beliefs of different peoples.

T. Absolutely right. And there’s already an understanding of what it meant in antiquity regardless of what side of the world one or another belief was espoused. So, for example, there is a goddess with a protecting veil or weaving a cloth in the beliefs of the Indians of Alaska - this is Atsintma goddess as well as in the beliefs of the ancient Slavic peoples - this is Mokosh goddess, and in the beliefs of ancient Arabs - this is Al-Lat goddess, and many others. This also exists in modern religions. In Christianity, there is such an expression: “to be under the protecting veil of Holy Mother”. 

Zh: Yes, there may be many different beliefs, that is, paths to the sacred door of the primordial Home, but an opening of the door, meaning, spiritual experience of practical contact, life by the Spiritual World - is one for everyone.

Because if we look from the perspective of spiritual experience, then what did past generations try to pass on associatively to the future ones? Precisely that fact that in practice, when concentration of attention on the Spiritual World with the help of the deepest feelings is happening, this very leaving into the one reality - the reality of God - is taking place.

IM: This is true.

T: When there is practice at spiritual cognition, then you understand the single grain of the truth, that grain which is embedded in spiritual teachings of different peoples. But without practice, the theory is dead...

It is noted correctly here that this is leaving for God’s reality, meaning, for the native to the person’s spiritual nature as a Personality, one’s path to one’s true Home. In Sanskrit, there is such a term as “alaya”, and it means literally “home”, “dwelling”, “primordial”. And one of key concepts in Buddhism - “alaya-jnana”, meaning some common “repository of inexpressible and indescribable knowledge of the One”. For the peoples of the East, for example, that same Turkey, the word “aya” means “holy”. The Arabs also have mentions about primordial Home. In the Islamic Encyclopedia, in the article about Islam’s main shrine - Kaaba - it talks about the fact that, according to a legend, one of the names of the primary shrine was al-Bayt al-’Atiq which meant “The Ancient Home”, “the primordial Home”. It is thought that it was established by Adam as the first shrine on Earth that was intended for worshipping God. Other peoples have similar mentions as well.   

Zh: Meaning, all these are echoes of the practitioners who somehow tried, using associations, to pass their practical spiritual experience to the next generations, that, which connected the Personality with the true Home, meaning, with the reality of God.

T: Yes, but consciousness has always played a nasty trick in this matter. Because when you read theory and then go through practice, then you realize that this is not at all what your consciousness implied by it.

I know it from my experience, that if I just had read separately all these definitions, as it was before, then the brain would simply refuse to understand anything. Because everything is so complicated by the human consciousness in ages, when that, which is presented as the truth, has actually been processed through the consciousness and written by a person in whom the consciousness dominated. And one can feel it. But now it’s already a different situation. And all the knowledge from different religions becomes simple and understandable thanks to that universal key of spiritual Knowledge, about which you, Igor Mikhailovich, have told. Once again I’m convinced that everything from the Spiritual world is simple and clear. And all that is coming from the consciousness, it's both complicated and confusing, and is inflated in imaginary philosophical terms beyond recognition. But thanks to those universal keys that you have given, among the husks of time in any religion it is possible to find the true grain.

IM: The truth is always simple and it always speaks for itself. These are interesting points. In general, a lot of things, especially in the character script, it is said about the spiritual, about the connection of the Personality with the Spiritual World. But, unfortunately, this knowledge is lost for today, and some of it is even interpreted as the exact opposite. Well, what can you do, consciousness is consciousness.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, we have now mentioned the Holy Mother, who today is the conductor of the divine powers of Allat for many people around the world. And it is no coincidence that since ancient times she was portrayed with the sign of Allat, with a veil. Today, a lot of people turn to her in their prayers as to a quick helper in the spiritual matters. But quite often due to inculturation, she is associated with earthly images, with bodily images, with images that are acceptable to one or another nation. But in fact, it's a tremendous God's power ...

Переводит Инна

IM: Yes, Holy Mother is often perceived and associated by people with a material image.

But again, everything holy is Spirit. And the Holy Mother is the Supreme Spirit. Why? There are many stories, well, let’s put it this way… What is Love? Love -- it is precisely the Holy Mother.

On this subject, there are interesting legends about the Allat sisters… Basically, I think, whoever wants to will find it himself. We shouldn’t mention this here so as not to put stress on certain people’s consciousness. Those who perceive by Spirit - of course, it would be interesting for them. But, unfortunately, many, who consider themselves to be true believers, live more by their consciousness to the dictation of the one who is controlling this consciousness. That’s why, in the modern world, unfortunately, we cannot even say many things. And this is the truth.

T: The Holy Mother - it is Spirit, there are people who feel the need within themselves to serve like Maria.

 IM: Touching on the questions of service, in general… Service - it can be different. But most often, people strive to serve from the consciousness in the hopes of getting some magic abilities on the path of service. This is what often pushes people to say “I want to serve, I’m ready.”

But true service - this is precisely that example, the example of Maria as an embodiment of Purity and Love, and complete devotion to the Spiritual World, introduction of those values in the material world and their dissemination regardless of wishes of the consciousness which resists all this every second. This is a difficult question, and to raise it in a public programme, especially Maria’s service… Well, what for?

T: For those who feel.

IM: Those who feel will understand. And for the others, just… to strengthen the demon in them.

Zh: But there are people who sincerely want to come to God… It’s understood that much has already been given. But still, this is such a time now - the time of Crossroads… Such events… Such darkness of consciousness is covering the world that it is difficult not to notice… But the most important thing  is that what’s happening now - it is that such a big impulse is coming from the Spiritual world and such a big inner Call which is hard not to hear. And very many feelings fill one up from inside because you hear this Call. And this Call is addressed to each Personality as a Spirit. It awakens Life, real Life, all that is the most valuable and the most important for a person.

But many still languish in slavery under consciousness’ narcosis. Even though much has already been given, and a lot has been said, and Knowledge has been given. But now, everything is on such a verge, and each person’s destiny depends only on his own choice…

IM: God loves everybody who loves Him. And He simply doesn’t know the one who doesn’t love Him. And this is the truth. If you want to be with God or you want to be loved by Him - just love Him. Everything is simple.

T: Really, everything is simple. I mean, it doesn’t matter what kind of past a person had, who he is, how he looks on the outside… A person shouldn’t be afraid of anything because Love - it is…

IM: Love - it is not fear. If you’re afraid of anyone, Ariman or God - well, nothing will work out for you. The fear from consciousness -  it lives there. And the body, it screeches when it is dying, but the Soul - it sings, if it has earned it. And the consciousness should screech because, for it, these are the last moments of existence when the Personality becomes free. This is normal.

Переводит Галина:

Zh: Yes, consciousness doesn’t give understanding of God. When there is belief, but there is no knowledge and there is no understanding, then what is happening? The very fact:”I believe, but I don’t know. I believe in Someone, whom I don’t know in the hope of receiving something material for myself.”  And, after all, they ask for everything material. It is a principle of the system’s work. So, do you love God or material goods?

But here one more question arises: “do you believe or do you know? Do you believe that after the death of your body you will resurrect in heaven? But if you believe - you hope. And if you hope, then you are doubting. And if you have any doubts then there is a fear in you, but there is no Love.

But if Love is in you, then there is already Life in you. You have no doubts, no fear, because you have Knowledge and experience, and you already have Life. You already live here and now. Knowledge and Love of the Spiritual world are in you. The point is that you don’t hope that after the death you will be rewarded, but you begin to Live here. If you start to Live - you will Live. Not having started to Live - you will not Live. 

T: Yes, and as it is said in the Bible:”For whatever a man shall sow, that also shall he reap. For he that sows to his own flesh, shall reap corruption from the flesh; but he that sows to the Spirit, from the Spirit shall reap eternal life.”

Zh: Yes, and in this lies the depth of understanding of what was said - “For whatever a man shall sow, that also shall he reap”. In fact, if you just hope to sow the field, then, when time comes to  harvest, you will come to field and will see it empty. There will not be anything except weeds of your hopes. And in order to reap, one should sow first, meaning, one should not hope, one should act.. 

Your hopes are empty without real actions. Belief is just hopes and fears. But experience - it is Life. For everything  Alive is the Alive. For everything dead is the dead. One should not dream and hope, one must Live. If you sow Love - you will find Love. Because...God really loves everyone, but just those who love Him.

T: This makes sense. People often act from consciousness, out of habit, based on their past.

But Love - it is something different… It is Life here and now beyond the patterns of the system.

IM: A habit - these are patterns of consciousness. If you live by consciousness - you will act out of habits. If you live by Love - you are already free of habits, you are free of everything. What is a habit? A habit is in consciousness, consciousness is a part of the system. Everything is simple.

T: Everything is indeed simple. And also, one should not cherish one’s own patterns, because it is consciousness, and there it may...keep thinking over the past and over the future...But you just and and that is all…

IM: The past, the future - it exists only in consciousness, but it doesn’t have the present. But a Personality has neither yesterday nor tomorrow. The Personality which lives by the Spiritual World in God’s Love - it has only now. And now is infinite. “Now” cannot become “yesterday” or “tomorrow”. It is now and it is eternal. But consciousness says:”Yesterday, I should have done it that way, but tomorrow I will do otherwise”, but it does not have now.

T: It is ridiculous to neglect the present in favour of the future.

IM: The future doesn’t have the present.


If you start to Live - you will Live.

Not having started to Live - you will not Live.

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