Alive conversation - pages 107-119

The text of the programme “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. (Note, the abbreviations used in the text presenter Tatiana –  T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM; Zhanna – Zh; Volodya – V; Andrey – A).

06:20:30 - 07:06:00

T: Igor Mikhailovich, touching upon the topic of the world conspiracy, you have mentioned that there are priestly structures which have been dreaming of the 9th day for far more than just one century.

IM: What is the 9th day? The system’s dream of the 9th day - it asserts precisely the fact that if the Soul does not enter the human body as a vessel on the 8th day, the vessel will remain empty as it will no longer be able to enter on the 9th day. And the system will create and cultivate in this handicapped human what the system calls "god" - an immortal, materially manifested being which will be equal in force to God (meaning, it will be able to create other illusions and support this illusion endlessly) or let’s say, an anti-god.

T: Many people who are not well informed of this issue, can feel some doubts about the fact that there are secret organizations in the modern world which deal with the project of “The ninth day”. But for those who become interested in it, I can give a hint: take a look at who initialized and subsidized all over the world the studies on in vitro conception of a human and advanced science in this direction.

IM: A good hint.

T: ...Who was interested in this and why?

IM: Yes… The system always opposes itself to God. It makes people regard the system itself as God.

T: Well, this desire of the system is really seen through its slaves, when some people, realising all their uselessness as a slave, clearly demonstrate to others, strive for, dream and want to be viewed by other people as the ones they call and regard as gods. They often tell others that they have attained much in the Spiritual world and present themselves as practically an embodiment of God himself in the body. On the whole, a hubris. By the way, that is precisely what they called an arrogant person in Ancient Greece, the one who was full of pridefulness - a hubris.

Zh: Unfortunately, these hrubises...more precisely hrubises… hubrises one can meet even now.

T: Yes… After all, all this reveals the system’s face, which broadcasts through them, an aspiration of the system itself to become like God. That is, something petty and useless is trying to become like the Great Boundless one… And if we speak by using the examples from Christianity, then it is like obscurantists of simony in the desire to hold sway over The Holy Spirit.

IM: And this paradox -  it remains. Why? Because there is simply a fight for the survival of the system itself. After all, it creates such conditions for one’s own manipulation of itself.

T: But such day cannot come, can it?

IM: Well, in respect to whether the 9th day can come or not, I will repeat once again: everything here is material, the system exists only within six dimensions, in the seventh dimension,  it no longer exists. And above these six dimensions, there are 66 more dimensions, which will not allow this to happen.

To gain a figurative understanding at the level of consciousness, I will give an example of what this world is. Just imagine yourself a flower, any flower, it does not matter what kind, for instance, chamomile. Have you imagined chamomile? And now imagine that the chamomile has disappeared and a bird has appeared instead of it. Have you imagined? So, this world for the Spiritual world is like that chamomile, which you imagined and forgot at once - it is momentary and illusory. That is the meaning. But for people as Personalities, this world is nothing else than either a springboard for a jump into Life Eternal or a chasm to long-term torment. The choice is up to humans.

It is possible to choose here, of course. But in order to choose, it is necessary to know what you are choosing. And in order to know, one needs to have experience. And in order to have experience, one still has to work on oneself. The consciousness tells that it is not necessary to change anything inside oneself, one has simply to study, to know something about the external in three-dimensionality. Sometimes it tells what should be done, to repeat some meditations, exercises or something else, whatever you do. But without a profound work on oneself precisely from the position of understanding, of knowledge of all these processes, without searching the Spiritual World inside oneself, nothing will happen. You will not find the Spiritual World in the external. It is only possible to find the Spiritual World inside oneself because a path to it lies through the person. We have already spoken about it more than once in many programmes, well, and before us, many had spoken about it and repeatedly.

Until a person puts efforts into it, he will never be able to come closer to the Spiritual World. And the most difficult and the simplest thing - it is that, first of all, a person has to understand, realise and perceive himself as a Personality. He must find himself the one who he is. And he must see these artists in his consciousness, which distract him and make him do whatsoever, telling him: ”You will be distracted, how will you manage without us? You will fall down.” You will not fall down but, on the contrary, you will fly up. Until a person realises this and starts working on himself, he will not learn the most complicated and the simplest thing - to be happy, to be Alive, simply to be and not just to exist. 




To be happy, to be Alive,


simply to be and not just to exist.


IM: When people study the system a little bit, meaning, they really start to devote themselves to their own spiritual development... I don’t mean the modern approach to understanding of “the spiritual development” - this is to sit in a meditation or a prayer and wait for something to happen, but when a person gets up and goes, meaning, he heartily starts working on himself, when he really begins to study himself as a Personality, to study his own consciousness (that enemy inside himself, which distracts from the path to the Spiritual World  in every possible way)... As it was said: “If you have not studied the enemy - you will not be able to conquer it”.

T: Yes, as it was written in ancient times - the meaning of human existence here is precisely to gain a victory over oneself, to conquer the human’s enemy inside oneself.

IM: It may sound ironic, but it is so… When you become a Human and then that door which we talked about - it opens in front of you. And when a person aspires to come closer to this door in order to go out, he starts to observe. First of all, to study: “How does thought arise and how is it controlled?” And first, he comprehends that where he puts in the power of his own attention ( or, as they said in that same Zoroastrianism, where he directs the thought, or what he concentrates on), that is the state he gives rise to in himself. And what is concentration? It is an investment of attention. Meaning, we may play with words here, but the essence will not change because of it.

T: Meaning, the Personality perceives three-dimensionality and situations in it in the way the primary consciousness presents them to it. Figuratively speaking, this is when you, for example, work in the office and your unscrupulous accountant is constantly peeking in and distracting you with his talks but at the same time, he sneaks in some papers for you to sign. And basically, of course, he lies about what is actually going on in the industry. Moreover, every time in order for the next financing from you to be as much as possible, he tells you the situations so you would believe him, that it is supposedly your life, that all these are your problems, and not what he made up for his own benefit.

And in this allegory, an unscrupulous accountant  - this is precisely the primary consciousness, which surreptitiously works both for the Personality and for the secondary consciousness. But at that, it always pursues purely its own material interests. And financing is precisely the Personality’s attention.

IM: Basically, this is true. We focused our attention on something, meaning, we invested the power of our attention — we have paid for this show which our consciousness is playing out for us. And the actors in our heads began to stir. They begin to talk about this or that. But can a person himself call forth at least one word out of himself? No! And here once again, we are faced with the fact that since a person can not articulate a single word by himself, then who is the person? Is he the consciousness? No — he is the Personality. So, in reality, a human is a Personality. Consciousness can speak, communicate... If we remove our consciousness (if we turn it off), you and I won't be able to talk verbally like this. Why? Because Personality, as we have already said, — it does not interact with the three-dimensional world, but it does interact with the primary consciousness.

T: ...Yes, with the primary consciousness... And after all, the primary consciousness — it is like a combination of everything taken together. On the one hand, there are constant attacks on it by a swarm of obsessive thoughts coming from the secondary consciousness, various provocations for agitation of different emotional states...

Zh: Yes, and this is tracked well when you work on yourself. I can even say from personal experience that this wave of provocation that comes from the secondary consciousness, it is barely noticeable, but one can feel it.

T: Yes.

Zh: And when it slowly rolls in, you feel this alertness arising, such a subtle change of mood into something not quite good. In other words, some kind of agitation arises, sometimes with a touch of sadness, some kind of barely perceptible melancholy. It is ever so subtle, but recognizable. You know exactly, and you already understand that the system will now start simply to play a movie for you. And then, after this wave of provocation, the first dramatic picture will come on, meaning, some kind of clip-art picture, then a voice in the head (meaning, some thought comes). But without your attention, this thought is just lifeless; it is empty. And it sounds like something was recalled suddenly or "let's think about it, just because..."

T: Well, yes, these comparisons-equalizers from consciousness.

Zh: Yes. But at that moment, it is exactly you who chooses: to pay attention to it or not. Well, and depending on your choice, the situation then develops. For example, a familiar to you waft came from the secondary consciousness, then these pictures started from the primary consciousness, then thoughts, like, to be offended by something or not. And if you pay attention to this thought, meaning, you begin to activate pridefulness, start to either play with this thought or seriously consider or savor it, meaning, put all your attention into it, then already within a short time, you just feel like you've been beaten up with a stick, because you already resent the whole world, you are all so sad, all out of sorts, in self-pity, in blown-up pride. That is, emotions are already flying around, and the system is eating. And if the consciousness proposes "to be offended or not," and you choose: "No! To heck with it, this three-dimensionality with all these... both with the bookkeeper and with "the hrubises", and you just dive into this joy of the deepest feelings, then all the situations blow over as if they never happened. And you understand that these were just provocations of the system with its illusions, and nothing more. But most importantly, you defended your choice, defended the choice as a Personality, and did not act like a slave of consciousness.

IM: That's right.

T: Primary consciousness is, on the one hand, a swarm of thoughts and emotional states from the secondary consciousness. And on the other hand, it is everything that is related to the work of the primary consciousness itself: starting with pride and a whole array of destructive feelings and states coming from the Animal nature such as hatred, envy, enmity, to its interaction through the brain with the body (and this is all sorts of bodily sensations, its illnesses, emotions, everything that it hears and sees in a limited range in three-dimensionality)... And this kind of full-scale attack on the Personality from the direction of consciousness goes on. 

It turns out, what does one, let's say, "sleeping", unawakened Personality that is enslaved by the consciousness, know about three-dimensionality? Only that which the primary consciousness serves up to it: all this illusion of information, contrived situations, emotional states from the Animal nature. In essence, the deception by what one sees and hears.

For example, it is known that 90% of information from the three-dimensional world comes through the eyes. And so, consciousness tells the Personality that supposedly "you see this with your own eyes." But this is a lie! Because this is the consciousness perceiving through the body, through the optical system of the eyes. And what are eyes? It is this kind of monopolist, such monopoly supplier of visual information. So the eyes are not windows to the world, they are the window leaves of the brain, which, moreover, are under control of the primary consciousness.

After all, everything that we believe that "this is supposedly we who are seeing" is a lie. Eyes just perceive only the visible part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and even then in a very small range of view. And in addition, all of this gets transformed into electrical impulses and enters the primary consciousness already through the brain. And only after that, the primary consciousness gives the Personality a limited picture of the situation in three-dimensionality, and even then with its corrections and set priorities. Meaning, in its interpretation, highlighting some key for consciousness itself details, and omitting less interesting for it information.

Zh: And what is less interesting to the consciousness? As a rule, it is everything that does not give such an impressive picture for draining attention; it is everything that can free a person from enslavement by consciousness.

T: Yes, it is just a game of “The Broken Telephone”, when at one end, one thing was said but at the other end - it comes out with such distortions that it is even difficult to realise how it was initially...  Meaning that the primary consciousness, like a computer, is almost instantaneously working on a whole series of tasks, creating an illusion as it goes and claiming it as “the reality”. Let us say, the so-called reality, because even for the world of matter, for the system - a reality, for it, is physics of primary energies, it is a hunt for Allat powers. And the rest - it is just illusions created by the system itself as traps for the beast. So it just seems to us that we perceive the surrounding world, but in real fact, the Personality doesn’t have eyes.

IM: The Personality does not possess this phenomenon at all, it does not have that kind of eyes…

T: ...Yes, like the body has, because a Personality is a Spirit.

IM: Absolutely right.

Zh: Yes, the Personality has a completely different perception… Now you are recalling - how did you live before when consciousness was your only reality? Because it was just some kind of nightmare, and you thought that “life is really like this”. You lived as a paralyzed invalid with one-channel TV, which created in your existence an illusion of life, but not life itself. You lived the way many live right now. You lived by what this channel showed you, and it showed what it wanted. You lived by the state of illusion of eternal melodrama of your own short stories imposed by this channel.

But then, when I started to work on myself really seriously in practice, then I realised that this channel, it turns out, is not just one and that a whole channels’ operating console is in my hands. Well, the consciousness, of course, put in its comments even here, directing my attention, as usual, to empty things, like, “Look how magically you are switching your buttons.” But when I experienced this boundless freedom inside myself for the first time, the freedom of contact with the Spiritual world, then I realised that I am no longer interested in watching this TV of the system, where there are a lot of empty things, where everything is stereotypical, where bots are talking.

And who would wish to listen to dead and empty stuff when real Life is heard in you, when you feel its fullness, when you feel this endless joy, when happiness is in you?! When you are not a passive and depressed zombie which is shackled to the body of three-dimensionality, but when you are in boundless freedom, when you yourself become merged with real Life, with an enormous process of creation in Love. So, the perception by the Personality is a completely different perception… And thanks to it, you perceive by the deepest feelings this real Life, this all-encompassing Knowledge and it is not limited by either time or space.

IM: Yes.

T: I have also remembered one important, in my opinion, information which you, Igor Mikhailovich shared with us once, that a spiritually developed Personality perceives information about the three-dimensional world not only from the primary consciousness but it is also able to perceive information from the field structures of the unified field of consciousness sort of bypassing the primary consciousness. Meaning, those structures from the human construction which are directly connected with the brain structures such as the amygdaloid nucleus and others. They are described in detail in the book “AllatRa” by the name “side and Back Essences of a person”.

IM: Yes, that is right.

T: That is, if a Personality is free from the rule of consciousness,  it just knows the truth in full, no matter how this “accountant” - the primary consciousness is cunning or deceiving it.

Zh: Yes, and another interesting fact is that the Personality does not have such a function as the processing of information about the three-dimensional world, which consciousness and the field structures, which form it, has. After all, a Personality has many more possibilities than all this primitive set of consciousness put together. It has a holistic perception. It makes a choice. That is, speaking the language of associations of the three-dimensional world, it decides whether to put the power of one’s attention into one thing or another or not to put it in. And with three-dimensionality, a Personality simply has such (as Igor Mikhailovich once explained to us well in terms of associations) “two-channel connection in an “online” mode”- on the one hand - with the primary consciousness, on the other hand - with the field structures of the unified field of consciousness.

IM: That is absolutely right.

T: And I was also interested by the fact that if some abnormalities had happened with neurons of the brain, for example, due to the development of a disease or injury, meaning that this connection between the brain and the primary consciousness is partially disrupted for some reasons… If, for example, a person has partially lost memory or lost an ability to read, or something else, then it in no way prevents him as a Personality from developing spiritually and from further continuing his existence even while being in such a body. 

Zh: Yes, the spiritual development of the Personality in practice - these are processes in the mode “here and now”, these are unique processes of contact with the Spiritual world, it is a creation in the spiritual Love. And they are not connected with either three-dimensionality or matter as such. Because it is a different experience there, it is a different Life there.

A Personality initially has these abilities of a “two-channel connection”. Only when it is enslaved by consciousness, they are poorly developed, that is why the primary consciousness is able to constantly deceive a Personality with its pictures, its contrived things, fears and doubts. Even those people who practice magic (up to the 6th dimension) - they don’t understand all the mechanisms and subtleties of work of the system, which controls them… It is just that in these moments, the pridefulness hides the entire real situation from them. It seems to them that they are “so strong, so powerful”.

But, in real fact, they do not see the main action...They simply do not see that the more they develop these magic abilities in themselves, the more the blindness to global changes in themselves is increasing and the more the system trips them up and, during their lifetime, turns them into a subpersonality shackled by the power of their attention to the feeding channel for the system.

IM: Absolutely right.

T: By the way, Igor Mikhailovich, a question about spiritual vision. After all, a person in the state of spiritual enlightenment, a vision of some future events in three-dimensionality, he does not see the action as such, for example, like those same magicians see it (the ones who are limited to six-dimensionality).

IM: That is right. A person does not see an action; he sees the result.

T: Meaning, those who see the future, they are divided into two categories.

IM: Yes, it is a very uncommon phenomenon - the ones who have spiritual eyes, they see the whole picture. For them as the Personalities, it is hard to orient themselves where is yesterday and where is tomorrow, because for them, it is always today. And the ones who broadcast from Ariman, meaning from the devil, those see the events, for them, this happens as a deja vu.

T: Well, yes, meaning, they see the events but comprehend neither the essence of the process nor the cause or the consequence. They see only one piece of the puzzle of the event and only what the system shows them, but they do not see the whole picture. And in the end, it turns out, that those are right who see the whole picture and not the ones who dream by the moments without knowing where all this will lead. The whole consciousness is built on repeating the patterns, on magic from consciousness…

IM: Basically, this is so. The first thing that people encounter when acquiring their first spiritual experience (well, you went through this, you understand from your spiritual experience), is precisely these handouts from the system and they distract.

Zh: Well, yes, suddenly some magic abilities start to open for you on a small scale, some supernatural situations occur on their own and, in general, some magic devilry starts happening.

T: Yes. You are sitting, and you know that a particular person will come in now and will say certain things. And this happens. Or suddenly, for no reason, you take a phone in your hands and a name of the person who you haven’t seen for a long time comes to your mind. And you are sure that he is the one who will call right now. And at this moment - there’s a call. The main action takes place later, when consciousness emphasizes, it already opened a trap and is trying to force you into a snare, parading these emotions of admiration.

And already the artists in your head are trying to arouse your pridefulness, they yell: “Bravo! Look how you have advanced spiritually! Now, then, let’s consolidate these abilities. Choose any object or an action in three-dimensionality and insert all your attention there… into this three-dimensional image…” But if you are sober of illusions of the system, meaning your Personality is free, then you understand what is happening right now. Have you spiritually advanced? No.

IM: Absolutely right. You have simply become interesting to the system, and it endows you with some its qualities so you would get distracted and would get involved exactly with something that you shouldn’t, with something that doesn’t give rise to life but destroys it. This is nothing but a lethal virus.

Zh: Yes, and huge thanks for informing us in advance about these handouts from the system, and we already knew what to expect. Because if it were not for this knowledge and if we didn’t work on ourselves...

T: Yes, indeed, huge thanks! Since childhood, the system, through some impressions that were obtained from movies, fairy tales, and basically from people who surround you in the world, where a magic is openly hyped up, the system is already preparing you that if you have any super abilities, then you will be different from other people and will influence them. That is, again, for the system, everything boils down to the fact that you will rule and command. But, to put it more precisely, it is the system that will rule and command others through you, as through a zombie.

I mean, it throws you some magical handout, like a bone to a dog, and if a person is not armed with knowledge, with an understanding of what is really happening, he begins to search for this magic for the rest of his life. Moreover, his pride involves other people in this process as well.

The system goads one: "Go and tell it to the others, boast of your achievements... in three-dimensionality." At that, in one's thoughts, it already shows images of those people who will admire this, even how they will do it. Those who are certain to have envy for you, a desire to learn it themselves.

After all, the system won't lead a person to those who will condemn him for this action. No! Everything is planned out years in advance, and it even takes into account how you will boast to your future children, which you don't even know about right now, in fact, infecting the young generations with this virus. In other words, these handouts from the system are very well thought-out: the investments are small, but the profit is enormous.

But when you know this, it's very easy not to succumb to such tricks of the system. Even if something extraordinary happened, just do not invest the power of your attention into it, understand that this is just a "hello from the system".

Zh: Yes, this is an important point. Just get away from it, do not wish. Invest attention into multiplying the spiritual Love in yourself, into personal growth. That's the point. And this has nothing to do with either three-dimensionality or its images because this is something else, it's different.

IM: Absolutely right. In other words, the system tries to deflect a person, who has gotten on the spiritual path, with nothing other than magic. It begins to give him various abilities, like, extrasensory ones or something else. This doesn't happen for all people, of course, but it does for the majority. But many are hungry for exactly these abilities...

Let's take that same "AllatRa" book. The consciousness of many became interested in this not as the possibility of Knowledge acquisition, but as the possibility of acquiring magical abilities. For what? Again, to strengthen their power in this world, in the first place, over their loved ones. People want this. And when they did not receive it, the consciousness was not satisfied, because the first thing we say is to stay away from magic. And when a person strives for magic, then, naturally, this is not our thing.

"AllatRa" — it is not a religion, not even a set of laws or anything else. "AllatRa" — it is just a source of Knowledge where this door is located and how to get to it, no more and no less. And then the choice is up to a human. If you want to, you get up, go, open it, go inside and learn. But all the time, you are learning and doing something. If you don't do - nothing will happen.

T: Yes, Igor Mikhailovich, you quite rightly noted that everything starts with work on yourself, with studying your own consciousness. And then, when you begin to observe yourself in practice, you begin to understand that you didn't know yourself and did not even suspect how fused you were with consciousness, how much everything in the system works for the result. This whole game of talking in the head is built on control, on hidden motives in the pursuit of a prize. And for the system, the prize is the power of attention. And you honestly keep track of the voices and arguments in your thoughts and understand that someone in your head is imposing something on you, is telling you something, and through the prism of stereotypes at that.

I'll tell you now about myself... In the beginning, when I started to, just honestly for myself, keep track of all this (this plurality of thoughts which I had previously told about), in the beginning, it was even somehow a little frightening. But once again, this fear was coming from the consciousness. And moreover, this fear, this emotion was accompanied by the thought: "Maybe, you got schizophrenia? You already hear voices in your head..." And then it gets worse: the more diligently I tracked everything that came to mind and wrote it down, the more consciousness was frightening me with thoughts, and eliminating itself, of course, as a provoker of these thoughts, meaning, it was broadcasting in the first person: "How can I live this way? I mean, I will lose contact with this world. I will develop schizophrenia. Other people will laugh at me." Well, so I think: "Yeah, since it's scaring me this way, it means I'm definitely on the right track, and I need to figure it all out." And what defeats any fear? As you told us, Igor Mikhailovich, — Knowledge! I considered this a good opportunity to replenish my baggage of practical experience.

I looked up medical literature and, taking into account all this unique Knowledge about the Personality, about the primary and the secondary consciousnesses, the Knowledge that you, Igor Mikhailovich, told us back then, discovered for myself a very curious moment. That this tracking of the situation with the work of one's consciousness — it is not some sort of polymorphic mental disorder associated with disintegration of processes of thought and emotional reactions, which is what they call schizophrenia. And this is not even a multiple personality disorder, which is associated with a split or with a multiple "I". And to this day, scientists still can not find the cause of this phenomenon. But thanks to this Knowledge, which you have told us, everything becomes clear and obvious. Everything that is described in the medical literature, it is actually the problems of the body, the problems of the primary consciousness. Even though they use the term "personality", but again in the understanding of "I" from consciousness. And these problems are connected, first of all, with the fact that a person as a slave of the system, he is simply fused with consciousness, he is scared and believes absolutely everything that it suggests. And the first step that leads to the development of such pathological conditions as schizophrenia and similar mental disorders is excessive egocentrism, delusions of grandeur, a thirst for power and, of course, a desire for the supernatural. Meaning, real schizophrenia from consciousness — it is a desire by the consciousness for magic.

Zh: Yes, it is interesting that according to research, schizophrenia is a relatively rare disease and it manifests itself for the first time between 15 and 25 years of age, meaning, this is a period when the secondary consciousness with all its desires for magic starts to work more actively.

T: That is absolutely right. At that, the symptoms of schizophrenia resemble manifestation of a teenage crisis. By the way, there are studies where it says that not only anomalies of brain biochemistry or abnormalities in the brain anatomy are associated with an increased risk of developing schizophrenia, but also anomalies in the temporal lobes, hippocampus and amygdala.

Zh: Yes, and there is something to think about here, especially if one compares this with the information from the "AllatRa" book about the phenomenon of amygdalae, which are responsible for the ability to read information, and about how all this is related to the physical body of a person, to his energy structure and the work of the lateral Essences.

T: That is absolutely right, those who have read the "AllatRa" book will understand a lot now… I was surprised by one more point, why do I have a fear of such thoughts? After all, before getting acquainted with medical literature, I knew practically nothing about this disease. Consciousness, out of this word, has already made some imagined by it illusory action. And here, the real reason for this fear from the consciousness was revealed: "Other people will laugh at me." And these thoughts from the consciousness: "What will others think of me? What will relatives, friends, family, acquaintances consider me as? How will I appear to them in general?" These thoughts constantly arise in one’s head, not only on this matter but also on other matters. That is, consciousness forces people to live more so that other people think about them, so that they consider them as someone. Meaning, illusorily, simply to create some imaginary image in the eyes of people...

Zh: Yes, and what happens at this time with those to whom this illusory image is addressed? After all, the consciousness of another person will not even think in that direction, as your consciousness assumes, that you will be admired. Pridefulness begets pridefulness! And this will only beget envy and hatred of the other consciousness. It will pressure you with thoughts like: “That person did it like that intentionally and said that precisely to you in order to humiliate you, to show your worthlessness compared to him. Let me just answer him with that, which will surely hurt and offend him… And it will show him, will create my image, that I am not as bad compared to him as he thinks.”

Well, and this game of dummy will continue infinitely in the square field of the system until the lives of both end. When you in practice track it in yourself and understand all of this your own foolishness, then you simply ask yourself a question: “Is it worth it to feed the system then? Or, after all, should one give up one’s pridefulness and live inside oneself by Love, by the life of the Personality as a Spirit?”  Because then it does not matter at all what there, in three-dimensionality, the consciousness is attempting to whisper to you.

T: Yes, this is interesting… When you study yourself honestly, being beyond emotions, beyond patterns, desires from the consciousness, you realise that pridefulness and fear from the consciousness - these are simply the first guard on your path to the Truth.

IM: This is the first point, which causes fear in the consciousness in the first place and starts to distract them. This is the first guard. The worst thing that people get caught by - it is, of course, these abilities, magic. It distracts very much.

And later on, when a person has developed a bit, then it becomes even more interesting. Here, the system attempts to distract with something, preoccupy one at every step. But all this is happening as long as a person is walking towards the door. The moment he has opened the door - all these marvels, distractions disappear. The system is, in fact, very weak, because it has power only over the human body and his consciousness. But it can never possess that, which is called a Personality and let alone the soul. And it definitely can not influence in any way the Spiritual World. This is the truth.

Zh: Back in the day, the understandings thanks to your words, Igor Mikhailovich, helped a lot about the fact that one should keep 70% of attention on the Spiritual world and 30% on living in the material world, taking care of the body, performing some functions, tasks, working in three-dimensionality. But at that stage, this was really a very important tip, because there were different states and you got involved emotionally, and then your attention already shifted to some material things.

T: Yes, usual, habitual for the consciousness things. This is very important - to consciously understand where you put the power of your attention here and now.

IM: And regarding the redistribution of the power of attention. The power of attention - these are those same finances, those same resources, that same energy, whatever one might call it. But it is, in fact, significant.

If a person puts this power of attention which he has (it is like life energy, let’s call it this way, or his certain resource), he puts mostly into that which is definitely temporary and will die, then what will happen to him?

Zh: He will die together with it.

IM: Certainly. Whoever might tell whatever, it will be this way. But when a person puts the power of his attention into the Alive, into that which will exist forever, what will happen?

Zh: He himself becomes Alive.

IM: That is right. Meaning, depending on where you are striving for, on where you are going, there you will eventually come. Right?

Zh: Yes, the question is only in what you yourself will choose.

IM: It is very important here that people choose… I mean those who are longing for it. Again, not everyone needs it by far. In reality, Personality of any person, I have said it more than once, seeks the Spiritual World. In this is its essence. The meaning of a person’s existence here, first of all, is to gain true spiritual freedom. Meaning, to become a Spiritual Being, to gain that which every person should gain. It is why he is here.

But thanks to the existence of the consciousness, there are substitutions and so on, which keep the Personality of a person enslaved, and a person simply does not even know what he is capable of and why he is here. Well, let’s say, those same actors from the stage tell him: “You as a human being are obligated to achieve this and that in the material world. It is important. It is important to form an opinion about yourself. It is important to comprehend something” and so on. In this way, they draw practically 100% of Personality’s attention, that is, they draw all the “financing” over onto themselves.

A person, instead of building an Eternal Home,  builds some temporary buildings out of what gets soaked in any rain - “sand castles”, as it was said before, that any surf would knock down and wipe it all out. But again, this is person’s choice. A person has the right to choose, to be wrong, because this is the way it should be, it is fair. Who prevents him from listening to himself inside? No one.

Zh: He himself succumbs to consciousness' tricks.

IM: Yes. People, even having read “AllatRa” book, again, having read it but not cognized, start saying “The consciousness hinders me, that hinders me, everything hinders me.” But at that moment, their consciousness is speaking. Meaning, they are controlled, manipulated by the system. It is enough to simply realise that which is at least written in that same “AllatRa” book and nothing hinders a person anymore, he will come to the Spiritual World  through any religion. Isn’t this so? It is. Is this complicated? No. Is this possible? Absolutely. That is the point.

T: Yes, if one traces in thoughts, in people’s conversations, in historical literature, what in general, consciousness tells people regarding the spiritual knowledge, when a person comes across this. It says, that, supposedly: “This is not interesting. You should fix others and not yourself. You should fight against something, dominate, so that your opinion is the only right one”...  But if a person embarks on the spiritual path after all (it’s not important if he is alone or in some religious organization), if he follows it, in spite of the resistance of the consciousness, then it already starts to tell him “You should change the others, because you already know it all.” To the point of saying: “You should, in your service, kill your own kind in the name of God, enslave, conquer someone, expand your territories.” But when a person in practice works on himself, then he already understands that his enemy is not the people around him. But the enemy is inside himself, that the enemy - it is his consciousness as part of the system.

IM: The system is the system: eternal fighting and opposition. But all this is colourful, all this is illusory, all this attracts attention. It is like a flash of light in the darkness: it flashed and a person, whether he wants it or not, but his attention is attracted. But yet again, the darkness is not that darkness and the light is not that light.





Spiritual development of the Personality

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